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Surprising though this may be to some, astrology begat medicine.  It was the Sumerians (2900 - 1800 B.C.) who invented astrology, and demonstrated that astrology produced the most sophisticated astronomical knowledge ever seen to that date.  In the early 1920s, the 660 medical tablets from the Sumerian Library of Asshurbanipal were published by Cambell Thompson.

The practice of modern American medicine is described as allopathic medicine, a system divorced from prevention that looks upon disease as the enemy and the human body as a machine.  Such self-styled 'healers' in their capacity as mechanics prefer invasive treatments, drugs and surgery as their approach in their overview that the whole is the same as its parts.  The result of their unnatural approach:  Doctors in the United States are the third leading cause of death. 

The only way to avoid a looming train wreck from unnecessary surgery, medication errors in hospitals, infections in hospitals, and miscellaneous errors is to assume responsibility for your own health and welfare.  How many surgeries, how many diseases suffered could be prevented if you had knowledge of your physical body, such as what specific nutritional aids would be required in a given year of your life to achieve or maintain excellent health?

One of the adjuncts to achieving and maintaining a healthy body is the knowledge of our horoscope, its planetary patterns and rulerships of those planets, especially when the planets are activated by progressions and transits.  By understanding what nutrients will tend to become lacking in our bodies when a specific natal planet is being given energy via a progression or a transit we hold the key to health and healing.  The chart above as an example:

SUN in Aries inconjunct the higher-octave planet Neptune in Scorpio; SUN square Saturn in Capricorn.  This chart reflects the predisposition to Sinus Trouble.  Birth-charts constants for Sinus Trouble:  An upper-octave planet prominent, Saturn or Jupiter afflicted, and commonly a planet in either Aries or Scorpio.

On March 15, 2001 at 5:23 p.m. EST I received a call from the person under study, who said he had been treating with doctors and suffering for 12 years without resolution.  As revealed by him, his diet lacked nutrients and included nutrient-destroying non-foods.  A Horary chart done for time and place of the call reveals the following:

Virgo Rises, describing caller as upset due to a distressing condition.  Ruler Mercury in 6th house Aquarius places a focus on health and the working environment...he is a cabinet maker.  Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius, Saturn rules cabinet makers.  Mercury is separating from conjunction to Uranus and a square to 9th house Saturn in Taurus.  There are no easy aspects involving Mercury.  Part of his healing protocol:

MERCURY PHYSICAL DIET:  Calcium, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin D or sunlight.  MERCURY MENTAL DIET:  Analyze all situations before proceeding; concentrate on whatever is at hand.  Visualize yourself surrounded by the color purple, especially when feeling restless or nervous.

MOON, co-ruler querent in 4th house Sagittarius was last over Mars, suggesting an infection.  Moon is besieged between Mars and Pluto in very close conjunction describing this  person as under duress and restraint.  Moon rules mucus, Mars and Pluto are the planets ruling Aries and Scorpio, ergo, Sinus Trouble.  Part of his healing protocol:

PHYSICAL DIET:  Alkalize the blood stream and correct the hypersensitivity with previously mentioned Calcium, Vits. B-1 and D.  As Jupiter is prominent and afflicting Mercury, sulphur is needed in the form of MSM and care needed with sugar and fat.  For the mucus, Sage tea and/or Mullein tea to decrease secretions of sinuses, lungs, throat and mucus membranes; Echinacea tincture to bring the infection under control, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Tea Tree Oil for nightly vaporizer use until the condition abated.

The last aspect made by the Moon was a sextile to Mercury, promising a good outcome. Three weeks later I received a call informing me that his condition was vastly improved, that he would continue the protocol, and that he was hopeful for the first time in 12 years.  Horary chart:

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