Wednesday, August 15, 2012


DATA:  August 17, 2012 @ 11:56 A.M. EDT - Washington, D.C.

A Leo New Moon in the 10th house of government sextile the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the 12th house sets the theme for the next four weeks, suggesting the planning and laying of foundations of a new enterprise to take place in secret.  The Mars energy may bring the entrance of something new and different never before encountered in the country having to do with military.  The Saturn energy will have the government attempting to suppress scandal and we may witness sudden retirements of political and/or military figures.

In the 3rd decanate of Leo - a decanate of ambition - this New Moon warns that the love of power and rulership combined with the quality of leadership  bestows a determination to rise in life regardless of obstacles and when this tendency is carried to extremes, such people will sacrifice their associates and even integrity itself, in order to increase their power.  Politically, the 10th house rules those currently at the helm of the country.

The 1st degree of Scorpio Rising is indicative of power struggles that will force people to come to grips with something they would rather avoid; getting their minds around the full parameters of a situation.  Co-ruler Mars in Libra is in its detriment, hovering near the Ascendant, hampered in its capacity to act; co-ruler Pluto is retrograde in the 3rd house and part of a Cardinal T-Square involving Uranus at Apex and Venus, resolving in 12th house issues, describing those issues as treacherous, subversive acts.

Scorpio is natural ruler of the 8th house and brings to our attention public monies, bankruptcy and losses.  The 8th house of this chart has 29* Taurus on the cusp, a degree signifying a crisis is at hand, Taurus ruling money and one's value system, both of which appear to be in free-fall.  There is an expression:  "you can take that to the bank" except that is the last place an intelligent person would place their assets.

As a nation we have, by magnetic attraction, drawn to us leaders who reflect our values...or at least, values of the majority.  Do you still wonder why illegals are permitted to remain in the country?  They are criminals bereft of ethics willing to break our laws and so become part of the majority, eventually lowering the vibratory rate that draws those of like thought.  To live in a world with an elevated moral system requires that we look into ourselves, rout out our personal negatives, and become in our individual lives what we wish in our national lives.  Like the 100th monkey, it only necessitates a small percentage of people for lift-off.  We must continue to keep working on ourselves for it is the only way to achieve an upward movement in consciousness...a/k/a ascension, a process wherein you live in and transcend the world simultaneously.

Until then, we are relegated to watching the continued degradation of what used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave...with a congress that prostitutes itself for the sake of money and power.  

House of the Rising Sun

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Saturn, the planet known as the bill collector and disciplinarian, will enter Scorpio, the sign known for debts, on October 6, 2012 and remain there until December 23, 2014.  The world already knows it is awash in monetary debt...but how many realize there is a debt of another kind, one of more importance to the bill collector?

"Thou has entered the immeasurable regions.  I am the Dweller of the Threshold.  What wouldst thou with me? *** Dost thou fear me?  Am I not thy beloved?  Is it not for me that thou has rendered up the delights of thy race?  Wouldst thou be wise?  Mine is the wisdom of the countless ages.  Kiss me, my mortal lover."

"In the external we remember Saturn as an old man, and as a skeleton with a scythe - as Time, in fact.  But see, O immortal soul, the real Saturn, as the Angel of Life, having from time gathered the experiences which crown him with light, holding the rod of power; the Christ born in the manger of Capricorn, the Goat - life born of death; the conqueror of evil.  He throws off the mask of age, and divine youth beams on us.  He doffs the mantle of rags, and royal splendors clothe him.  He lifts the hood, and behold the crown.  He raises the crutch, and lo! the rod of power.  He drops the scythe of death for the jewel of eternal life."

                                      'Om Mani Padme Um'

From The Light of Egypt by Thomas H. Burgoyne

SCORPIO.  All energy wherever manifest is the result of the interaction of positive and negative potencies.  Mental action and spiritual aspiration, as well as physical movement, are dependent upon desire; upon the utilization of energies on a higher vibratory level which if permitted to express on the Scorpion plane would manifest as cruelty and lust.

In the ancient past the scorpion was selected to symbolize a particular section of the sky because of the intensity, the power, the cruelty and the vileness of the destructive side of sex, as depicted in the oldest seals and boundary stones of Mesopotamia and to be seen on the Arkansas Astrological Stone.  As you may recall reading, once the nuptial union and fertilization of scorpions has taken place, the female tears the male from limb to limb and devours him completely.  This is the negative side of Scorpio.

The higher side of Scorpio is represented by the Eagle and in symbolizing the four quadrants of heaven, it is the Eagle that has been selected to represent the Scorpio quadrant.  That is, the four fixed signs of the zodiac, as representing the entire celestial circle, are always pictured as a Man, a Bull, a Lion and an Eagle.

In its upward soaring flight the Eagle appears to ascend until completely out of sight and thus came to be considered the universal symbol of the highest spirituality.  Therefore, the ancients sought to convey the idea that the Scorpion represented the lowest and most vile; while in the Eagle they saw the symbol of those most exalted spiritual heights to which it was possible for humans to attain.

The energy of Scorpio is either creative or destructive, light or darkness, and can express in any field.  Whether it takes the upward trend, carrying its user on the back of the Eagle into rarer atmospheres, or sinks him in the mire of grossness and dissipation, depends upon his Desires.  It is desire that gives the trend which the energy must take, and the energy carries him along wherever it goes.  If Desire is in the direction of refinement, charged with aspiration to something better, progress is assured.  If it is toward the sensual it pulls him down.

Desires become surcharged with emotion and emotion tunes the nerves and etheric body in on invisible energies of a similar vibratory rate.  We have the choice of drawing into ourselves (according to our moods) the finest energies that vivify the spaces or the grossest forces from the putrid border spheres.

Saturn transiting Scorpio represents a battleground, the primary purpose being to gain self-understanding and self-mastery through constant crises.  The object is to overcome personal negatives to allow the light of consciousness to manifest (transformation and resurrection into higher consciousness).  The clues as how to accomplish same were set forth in the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" many, many years ago.

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