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The planet Uranus (higher octave of Mercury) is an intellectual planet.  Described as a convertible planet, it exerts either a congenial or uncongenial influence according to the aspects it forms with other planets.  Uranus is electromagnetic, alternately attracting and repelling.  In human anatomy he rules the electromagnetic body, hence, is the source of personal magnetism and in the influence over the mind he rules the group of mental factors signifying the Individualistic Urges, comprising independence, originality, inventiveness, and unconventionality.  He represents disruption, a radical turn of mind and has a strong influence over things of the astral region, hence, is clairvoyant and intuitive...the inspirational ESP planet.  People and countries with a strong Uranus are independent, penetrative, original, scientific, unconventional and are attracted to the occult in nature...that which is hidden, desiring to ascertain the truth of reality from the truth of appearances.

Aries is a Cardinal sign comparable to burning gas, therefore, not to be confined...belonging to the element fire, hence, is energetic...belonging to the first degree of emanation, it is not influenced by precedent or environment.  As a masculine sign, it is assertive and expresses the pioneer spirit.  Thus, planets originating from the sign Aries are keyed to its particular vibratory rate, as the zodiacal signs are the sounding boards that determine the precise resonance and quality of planetary vibrations.

With Uranus in Aries we can look forward to general upheaval in the realm of pioneering action, innovative inventions, and with people and countries that will challenge the status quo, according to house placement and aspects as it transits a person's or nation's horoscope.

On an individual level, people and countries throughout the world with Cardinal sign planetary positions - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn - will feel the affects and Individualistic Urges of Uranus for the next seven years...both the good and the bad...there will be no indifference.

CANADA has Uranus conjoined Sun in Cancer in the 4th house square Neptune in the 12th, a people in tune with their inner selves with a tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses and at times, causes them to reach for unrealizable goals.  Sun/Uranus acts as the reconciler of energies between Mars opposing Jupiter, making a nurturing country/people with untapped genius.  The current transit of Uranus is as the last in that it still influences the 12th house and activity behind closed doors, the difference being secret organizations will be more active until Uranus crosses Canada's Ascendant in April 2015.

The People's Republic of CHINA has Uranus in its 5th house square the Sun in the 8th house, bestowing upon them a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot with regard to shared resources, financial organizations and they have done in their purchases of USA treasuries, that now prove to be nearly worthless.  Uranus inconjunct the Moon in Aquarius describes inner conflict between individuality and conformity, people who are learning to break with social conditioning to achieve emotional freedom.  The current transit of China continues its journey through their 2nd house of wealth until it crosses into its 3rd house in 2017.  The financial state of the nation will be caught short when Uranus transits opposite natal Sun in the Spring of 2012.

RUSSIA has Uranus conjoined North Node and Neptune in Capricorn in the 5th house, trine Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd house, suggesting the accumulation of wealth.  A Uranus/North Node conjunction in Capricorn, sign of tradition, speaks to the seeding of astrology in Russia and its future use in guiding the country to great heights. The Uranus/Neptune combo is a mixed blessing in that strange new influences affect the consciousness of the Russian influence of revolutionary ideals that suggests a need for tippy-toe action, dipping just a toe into the new waters of change rather than plunging in all at once.  In mid-April 2011, the current transit of Uranus will move it into the country's 9th house, sparking a focus on international events involving shipping and aviation along with some surprises of a religious nature.  Philosophies undergoing change.

The Republic of INDIA has Uranus retrograde in the 3rd house in Cancer, square the Ascendant, describing disruptive relationships with neighboring countries.  At the end of March 2012, as Uranus crosses India's Ascendant, the people will be subject to tremendous change as they are forced to transform old patterns of life.

ISRAEL has Uranus in Gemini in the 9th house opposing a retrograde Jupiter in the 3rd house of neighboring countries.  It is an aspect of sudden losses and sudden gains and of tremendous strain in relations with neighbors, due in most part from the tendency of Jupiter to expand the country's boundaries into the territories of their neighbors.  Mars in Leo reconciles the opposition and so the natural flow of planetary energies is towards aggression and war, not necessarily used only upon their neighboring countries, as evidenced by their sudden and brutal attack in international waters on the US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, done with full knowledge that this was an American ship.  The murder of 34 young Americans stands unaddressed to this day.  Currently Uranus in Aries transiting Israel's 6th house will continue their on-going crisis except now the action moves to a more aggressive stance with regard to military movements.  Uranus will form a square to natal Venus in Cancer in the 9th house from June 2011 and thereafter; a grave financial situation develops in July as Uranus makes its station on the 4th degree of Aries...the beginnings of withdrawal of financial largess from other nations.

The USA has natal Uranus in Gemini opposing the Ascendant, bringing about upsetting close encounters with other countries, the first being its fight for independence from the British...then having won freedom, the establishment of a Republic based on occult truth...nowadays being corrupted by those with an agenda.  It is the trine of Uranus to the Midheaven that has brought the genius of its placement in Gemini to the world's notice in scientific fields, electronics, engineering and computers, the aspect blessing the nation's ability to express its  individuality.  The current transit of Uranus will soon cross the 4th house cusp of the natal chart, bringing with it strange weather with regard to tornadoes and hurricanes, and land upheavals (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions), in addition to a change in the living conditions of its people.  Financial disaster lies dead ahead when transiting Uranus forms a square to natal Venus in May 2011, upheaving the currency via foreign's where those holding our treasuries pull the rug out...but not without assistance.  My fellow Americans, this is your government and we are here to help...destroy your currency, ruin your ability to make a living, force you to the ground into a prone position...until you eat dirt.  And so it is that a country and its people that were blessed by God beyond any other nation on the planet will now suffer the painful losses and setbacks that can be laid to their first and crucial mistake: turning their backs on their occult foundations as pictured on the floor of the Library of Congress.  For those who have never visited this edifice, the marble floor of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., is graced in beauty with the twelve signs of the zodiac and speaks to the wisdom of those who founded The United States of America, once upon a time long, long ago known as the Land of the Free. 

     First, the cold friction of expiring sense
Without enchantment, offering no promise
     But bitter tastelessness of shadow fruit
     As body and soul begin to fall asunder.
Second, the conscious impotence of rage
     At human folly, and the laceration
     Of laughter at what ceases to amuse.
And last, the rending pain of re-enactment
     Of all that you have done, and been; the shame
     Of motives late revealed, and the awareness
Of things ill done and done to others' harm
     Which once you took for exercise of virtue.
T.S. Eliot

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