Friday, March 25, 2011


This is a chart of the March 11th earthquake that struck Japan, not in relation to the country itself, as set forth in my post of that day, but an examination of the event itself as it was reflected from the heavens.

An Event will be of the nature of the house the Sun is in and based on something ruled by the house where Leo is found.  The Activity in the Event is of the nature of the house the Moon is in, and based on something ruled by the house where Cancer is found.

The Sun is found in Pisces in the 8th house, indicating injury and death, damages and destruction on a large scale.  Leo is the sign on the cusps of the 1st and 2nd a natural chart Leo is found on the 5th house, so we look to the 5th house for clues.

The 5th house of the Event chart has Sagittarius on the cusp, ruler Jupiter in Aries in the 9th house opposed by retrograde Saturn in Libra in the 3rd house and squared by Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th house.  Pluto forms the Apex of a Cardinal T-Square in a house of crisis, the empty leg where the result will manifest being the 12th house of sorrows based on an act of sabotage.  In Mundane Astrology, Jupiter signifies travel to foreign countries, foreign relations, people of high status...and the moral traditions of a nation, the honor of a country.  Jupiter emanates from the sign Aries, which rules England and Germany.

The Moon's preceding conjunction - the planet the Moon last passed over prior to the Event - was to Jupiter, therefore, had something to do with the Event itself.  The fact that Jupiter is badly aspected speaks to a situation that was troublesome and costly with regard to international events (9th house).  Note the dual rulership of the Sun on both 1st and 2nd houses, the 2nd being a house of finance that rules a nation's resources, its treasury, hence, the gross national product. 

The Moon is in Gemini in the 10th house and specifies the activity in the event to be impersonal, having to do with information and deliveries (Gemini), originating from those in power (10th house).  The Moon rules Cancer on the 12th house cusp and so the activity in the Event has been subversive and unnatural.

The Nodes of the Moon are in Sagittarius/Gemini squared (another T-Square formed) by Uranus, a key trigger to war, symbolizing terrorists...a planet ruling weapons of an electromagnetic nature.  Uranus is placed in Pisces, governing the oceans, water, water pursuits and those engaged in them.  Shortly preceding the Event, the Moon formed a sextile to Uranus, acting as a catalyst for this Mutable T-Square and releasing tremendous electromagnetic energies.  From what I have read it appears that an electromagnetic weapon could not induce an earthquake...yet such a weapon could create a resonant frequency that would cause an earthquake to manifest.  Or so states a publication entitled, "HAARP Research and Applications."

There are those who contend the extreme weather conditions and earthquakes are solely due to X level solar flares and related proton bursts on the sun.  I have no reason to doubt the scientists who state this.  On the other hand, what is preventing those in power who know in advance when the sun will produce solar flares from using their electromagnetic weapons simultaneously with the solar flares so as to create a resonant frequency that would cause an earthquake to manifest?  Let us examine why they might do so.

Aries is on the cusp of the 10th house - those in power - ruler Mars in Pisces in the 8th house.  It is a financial house governing the resources of others and such things as borrowed money...BIG money.  In addition, Taurus is intercepted in the 10th house, its ruler Venus having something to say in the matter.  She is in Aquarius in the 7th house and acts as a reconciler to the Saturn/Jupiter opposition, meaning the energies of the opposition naturally flow in her direction.  The 7th house is all about foreign affairs, allies, open enemies...and war.  In Mundane Astrology, Venus represents money, treaties, banks, commodities...Aquarius, circulation disorders.  Thus, money and its circulation must be considered.

The last aspect the Moon makes is a square to 9th house Uranus in Pisces.  On the plus side Uranus will expose that which the power mongers wish to remain hidden.  On the down side the world must overcome the Uranian effects of radiation, for an afflicted Uranus attracts unfortunate influences on our lives. 

On a mental plane the planet that antidotes Uranus is Jupiter, ruling our religious urges...thus the heavens grant us the remedy for this disaster to the sentient being known as Earth and to those who live upon place reliance on spiritual powers to cause things to work out as they turn our thoughts from the distressing condition to the highest type of spirituality we are able to contact.
Silently one by one, through
the infinite meadows of heaven
Blossomed the lovely stars, the
forget-me-nots of the Angels.


Sherrie Questioning All said...

WOW - Powerful!

Thank you!

I will keep my faith in the higher powers of God and all in trusting this will somehow get better.

I have been praying as never before! I am asking God for a miracle and for all the angels of the Universe to comfort the Japanese people and to stop what is happening at the nuclear plant.

I will also say - I have been told by my guardian angels to ask people to store water. I will not get into everything but I will say I have been having visions and dreams and angels have literally taken my hand to show me things of what is and what will be. I will beg everyone to please store water! I have been given that insight and it needs to be stored inside not outside.

People can take that for what it is worth, believe me or don't - but I am doing my duty. I was shown 5 days ago what is really happening - I was told why things are continuing as they are at the nuclear plant.

I have cried as I have never cried before. Everyday tears come to my eyes. But I also believe if we all come together in pray we can make a difference.

I am asking EVERYONE to PRAY! Pray for Japan and Pray for the Earth!


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to summarize this reading?
I appreciate all the readings. Could be me today not grasping much as hard to stay grounded but not sure what is being said.

Moggy said...

Briefly: evil stalks the men and women of Earth under the pretense of natural events and to overcome it we must raise our vibratory frequencies.

Anonymous said...

thanks I can and will do that

Anonymous said...

But I also believe if we all come together in pray we can make a difference.

I am asking EVERYONE to PRAY! Pray for Japan and Pray for the Earth! end quote

not to be to cynical here , but Pompeii and its inhabitants were found many in positions of prayer as the ash crowded out their lives .

some time we can be to focused on the events finding every detail.

In a truly spiritual centered life We take no thought for tomorrow,

The events being created are an outpicturing of our own thoughts and actions and emotions.

by impersonalization of these events we can go to the center of the world being . And the outer mundane world is desolved.

In truth the only suffering is our mind believing it is real. as we focus on the problem the more it is turned it to a pile of salt as we retreat back into the world .

for the real solution to the problem for each individual according to all spiritual writings ( not religious writings) is to resist not evil and it will fly from you .

the notion that a mass prayer will some how save the world is hyperbole at it highest form of misunderstanding ,

The eternal is not subject to pleading , But is always in control. We need be one with our center to be one with the infinate,

No Prayer is required.. Just an understanding that GOD is all.. This eternal doing is always doing ,

the mess we see with our eyes and ears is only the degree of our own victim status and a participant in the on going search for meaning,

Budda said it best ,, there is no such thing as war, suffering, evil.. but it be a construct of our own imagination. We have bought into the dream of human endevior,

by chasing after this dream by fighting it is a process to make it more real,

Be Still and know that "I" am God ,

Prayer is the silent understanding that all is well. and what is happening in the world is the human mind excepting a false premise.