Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is an event chart of the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan on March 12, 2011.

The SUN in Pisces occupies the 8th house - the natural house of Scorpio - indicating danger, death, damages and destruction on a large scale.

The MOON is in Gemini, ruling the unfortunate 12th house (Cancer on the cusp), squared by Mars in Pisces, revealing quick responses to the disaster.  Moon is part of a Grand Trine in Air signs, involving a retrograde Saturn in Libra and Venus in Aquarius...thus the people are able to remain detached from the horror that surrounds them...about all the luck they will be able to manifest, especially that Saturn lies in the Via Combust Way (15* Libra - 15* Scorpio) rendering any assistance in the trine as ineffectual.

The ASCENDANT is on the 27th degree of Leo, of which astrologer Martin Goldsmith writes:  "After a life-changing event, the sun rises upon a world that looks totally different."  The Ascendant conjoins the Fixed Star Alphard, lending the influence of sudden death by poison or drowning...and also conjoins the Fixed Star Al Jabhah, indicative of violence, danger and loss.

Neither of the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) are angular indicating a lack of protection in the matter.

The Moon's last aspect is a square to the Sun; the country will face many difficulties, obstacles and setbacks.

As Mars co-rules the end-of-the-matter 4th house, this does not bode well for the final outcome of this event.  Pluto, the other 4th house ruler, will be squared by progressed Mercury in less than two years, unleashing some yet unknown plutonian hazard.


Sherrie Questioning All said...

Moggy that is so distressing to read! I am so sadden by what happened and now man is going to make it worse for the people. But what upsets me even more is our Earth is going to suffer and animals. This is just so upsetting! I still hope for them to get control. Especially since it would not be a normal meltdown the nuclear plant uses MOX fuel. I researched that and posted about it on my blog.

I just want to cry and I feel helpless in doing anything. The only thing I can do as you are doing is getting information out.

I believe we need to SEND LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL IN JAPAN! those people are suffering so terribly! Now.... question is.... how terribly is the Earth going to suffer in what was a localized horrible disaster can now become a world wide disaster! Very distressing!


Moggy said...

All Reiki practioners have been requested to send healing to can't get much more light and love than that..with any luck, perhaps we can make a difference.

As to the Earth suffering, she has been in agony for years with the nuclear bomb testings that have been plunged into her belly. How many people of Earth have sent healing her way in all these years?