Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The Village of Buchanan, NY was created on June 19, 1928; it houses the most dangerous nuclear plant in the country.

Indian Point #3 Nuclear Reactor in Buchanan, NY, a village on the Hudson River, has the highest risk of earthquake damage in the country according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, according to Bill Dedman of MSNBC in a recent story.  

Doing some research of my own I found the following...scroll down to page 3:

A line of seismic activity comes within two miles of the Indian Point nuclear power plant (about 24 miles north of NYC).  Due to another fault line near the plant, findings suggest Indian Point is at an intersection of faults.

The Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011 @ 13* Capricorn 39' opposed natal Mercury/Pluto, the latter ruling earthquakes and things nuclear and the danger of decay.  The SuperMoon of March 19, 2011 @ 28* Virgo 48' pulls natal Sun @ 28* Gemini 08' into its trajectory, forming a Mutable T-Square indicative of an inconsistent course of action for the village.  The heavy tension may result in challenges for the village during the next two weeks; however, the effects of the January Eclipse will last for six months or more; the sensitive Sun area will be triggered in June and July when transiting Sun, Mercury and Venus conjoin it and in late July and early August when transiting Mars conjoins natal Sun.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to be dense, but is this mean it will go offline and impact the grid or are we talking about a bigger radiation leak containment problem type scenario?

TY very much.

Moggy said...

I am merely pointing out which nuclear reactors here in the USA are more dangerous than others and have no educational background to state what may or may not happen in the event of an earthquake.

Sherrie Questioning All said...

You are amazing.

The media is now talking about Indian Point saying it is the nuclear plant most at risk in the U.S.!

You were ahead of the game!

Russell Moris said...

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