Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Let us consider the year 1531, in the magnificent city of Cuzco, high in the Andes, 500 miles inland from where the pacific laps the South American shore.  There the previous year Pizarro, the Spaniard, had landed, enticed the Inca king Atahualpa into his camp, slaughtered his retinue, and held him for ransom.

The price of the king's liberty was a room full of gold.  The treasures poured in, hundreds of llama trains were on their way laden with golden temple vessels.  But the Spaniards grew impatient, strangled Atahualpa, and the llama trains turned back.  Treasures which are still hunted, but seldom found, were hidden in caves, buried in secret spots, thrown into the river; anywhere that would deprive the invaders of their spoil.

The Incas, themselves, were an invading ruling class, who after long struggle had gained dominion over a population of ten million.  Like the ruling caste in other lands, they looked to the wisdom of the priests for guidance.  These priests were custodians of the Stellar Wisdom gained from the Pre-Incas, the older superseded people who left distinctive relics and characteristic walls of stone that yet may be found in various places in the mountains.

The Stellar Wisdom held that gold was the metal of the sun, and that the sun was ruler of the king.  Thus to the populace, as is taught in Japan today, the royal family was descended from the sun.

As the sun is astrologically supreme, in the capital city, Cuzco, the most magnificent temple was dedicated to it.  The roof was of precious woods plated with gold.  A six-inch freize of gold ran outside around the building.  The doors opened to the east, and at the far end above the altar was a golden disc with human countenance shaped and graved to represent the sun, and studded with precious stones.  It was so located that, at the equinoxes, the rays of the rising sun falling on its polished surface gave a reproduction in the temple of the brilliant source of light.

Around this central edifice where homage was paid to Inti, signifying both sun and light, were smaller astrological temples.  Most important of these was one dedicated to the moon, consort of the sun.  Instead of gold, its great disc was of silver.  Its ornaments and decorations also were of this lunar metal.

Still further bespeaking precise astrological knowledge, around the sacred city of the sun were placed twelve great stone columns, on each of which successively the sun was deemed to rest.

Even the Incas, the ruling class, were privileged to gain only a portion of the Stellar Knowledge.  A priesthood dedicated to the light, and having rigid requirements for initiation, were the custodians of this Pre-Inca wisdom, and held many another precious secret.

Not too distant from the temple of the sun stood a magnificent structure which housed the temple virgins.  They were high-born girls, selected for their beauty and dedicated to temple service, and like the vestal virgins of ancient Rome, next to the king were the most sacred persons in the land.

This was the setting when the predatory conquistadors, having slain the Inca king, and thus instead of hastening, had turned back the flood of gold, marched into Cuzco.  Each mail clad soldier ripped gold from the temple walls.  The great disc of precious metal which served to mirror the equinoctial rising sun became the stake for which the soldiers brawled and gambled.

Then, when each had gathered to himself such gold as he could reach, he grabbed a lovely treasure of the flesh.  The virgins of the sun were roughly seized, were hunted when they fled, and made the prey of the bestial soldier crew.

Not all, however, suffered such degrading fate.  One hundred of them vanished, not all the Spanish search could find a trace of them.  They were there, they had gone; and for four hundred years that disappearance was a mystery.

Not only the knowledge of the stars and the spiritual teachings of the constellations, but many another precious secret, was in the custody of the Stellar Priests.  Cuzco had not always been the empire's capital.  Seven hundred years before, still earlier Peruvians had built a most amazing citadel.  Finally abandoned in favor of Cuzco when certain perils had passed, for 200 years it had been forgotten to all except the Stellar Priests, who kept it in repair for secret refuge.

It was to this white-granite city, over secret trails, that the priests led the 100 fleeing virgins.  They gained the 14,000 foot crest of the Continental Divide, and then, for some distance, descended the tropical Urubamba canyon toward the Amazon.  Here was a city of 400 hewn-stone houses.  The temple was built of irregular, dissimilar, many joined stones of gigantic size fitted with Pre-Inca nicety.  One block in it is 14 feet long and 8 feet high.

Manchu Picchu, as the city is called, is an incredible place.  It is built on a spur, with precipitous sides dropping 2,000 feet all around except for a narrow strip of rock connecting it with the main mountain range.  Across this narrow strip was built a stone wall, by which soldiers could protect its only approach.  It was the best spot in all the Andes from which to repel invasion.  Built 700 years before the fleeing virgins reached its then deserted houses, outside the wall were small terraced gardens which gave food supply, and limited the old time population to about 9,000.

At the very apex of the place is a stone sun dial three feet in diameter, with a square hub a foot high in the center.  This ancient astronomical instrument was called Intihuatana---Inti, meaning sun, and huatana, meaning tied---"The place where the sun is tied."  Those who built the city and used this observatory were well versed in stellar lore.

Here, untouched by the outside world, the 100 fleeing temple virgins lived out their span of lives.  Their graves reveal the story.  One by one, as the hand of age laid heavily upon them, they died, still inviolate virgins to the sun, leaving no issue.  Those surviving performed the last rites until, after scores of years, the last one passed on, with none left to bury her.

The Stellar Priests likewise lived out their span of years in this lost city of the mountains.  And when they died, they too were gathered to their fathers, taking with them the knowledge of their caste, the priceless Stellar Wisdom.

Only by an archaeological accident was the city ever found.  In 1911, nearly four hundred years after the virgins fled the embrace of the mail clad Spanish soldiers, to be seen no more, Manchu Picchu, the impregnable city of white-granite houses where the sun is tied, was discovered by Professor Hiram Bingham of Yale.

Astrological Lore of All Ages
  - Elbert Benjamine -

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The planet Uranus turned retrograde in apparent motion on Friday, July 13, 2012 at 8* Aries 32.5' in the first decanate of the zodiac, traced in the sky by the constellation Triangulum - the Divine Fire.

Uranus represents the archetypes within human consciousness of deconditioning, liberation, individuation and freedom.  In the sign Aries, the influence is the instinct to become an independent entity which, by its very nature, creates a perpetual identity crisis, the result of which is rebellion in order to live life differently from the prevailing status quo.  The condition of retrograde motion quickens evolutionary growth as it removes conditions of the past in order to be refilled with new dynamics.  This process is intensified by a restlessness against any sense of restriction, leading to an almost divine discontent.  This acceleration will remain in effect until Uranus turns direct in motion on December 13, 2012. 

From now until then, intense pressures will build within us all creating tremendous stress, especially for nations that have transiting Uranus in angular houses in their in the 4th house of the USA, where Americans are starting to face a certain kind of oppression from the terrorists in charge with regard to gun ownership, as one of the weapons of Uranus is a gun.  As Uranus is a key trigger to war, this could be the final straw that gives birth to revolution.  The nation's people as a whole are ruled by the Moon and also symbolized by Jupiter as ruler of the Sagittarian 1st house.  Jupiter - the greater benefic - is conjoined Venus - the lesser benefic - at the birth of the country, both of them trine (good fortune) natal Moon.  Those in power, on the other hand, are hampered with Saturn square Sun, an aspect of much suffering.  Which is to say should it come down to the few in power against the many gun-owning citizens, the power-mongers aren't going to fare well. 

The Key-phrase of Aries is "I Am."  Its influence causes a viewing of things from the standpoint of individual survival and expression; in its symbolical aspect, Aries represents the Sacrifice.  Flocks and herds bring forth their young during the portion of the year that the sun occupies this sign.  Additionally, the Ram also symbolizes the spring and the commencement of a New Year, when life, light and love are to be bestowed upon the sons and daughters of earth in consequence of the sun having once more gained the victory over the realms of winter and death.  The symbol of the slain Lamb upon the equinoctial cross is another type of Aries.  Functioning upon the intellectual plane, Aries signifies the martial spirit of destructiveness and aggression.  It is the active will under the guidance of the executive forces of the brain and denotes an energy that will never really submit to the control of others. 

Once again referring to the constellation Triangulum...Universal symbolism is a language which does not change with age because it is based on human experience.  The three sides of the constellated triangle express two energies of different polarity, i.e., with a different type of motion, united, and the result of that union.  Thus the trine of heaven reveals that the interaction of two forces, the diverse pull of polarity, has a potency in either of two directions:  It may either build up or tear down, be devoted to creation and construction or turned into channels which disrupt and destroy.

This start of the starry circle has explanation at the commencement of the Bible:  "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

Until there was the stress of two forces, strains pulling the ether in diverse direction, existence was without form and void; and as light is a particular motion in the ether, there was darkness everywhere.  Interaction, or polarity, generates movement; in fact, no movement, physical, mental or spiritual, ever takes place apart from the union of positive and negative potencies.  Whether visible or not, when heaven and earth, positive and negative, ether and matter are present, there is action, which, as it is chiefly wave-like and not understood as to its exact nature, is well described as the Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters; the third side of the universal triangle.

Triangulation is the measurement of angles.  The importance of the trinity at the beginning of everything has been recognized by all the great religions of the world:  Father, Son and Holy Ghost of Christendom;  Brahma, Vishnu and Siva of the Hindus;  Osiris, Isis and Horus of ancient Egypt.

Creation involves a trinity, as does destruction.  It is only when the union of contending or divergent factions is properly directed that we attain true progress.  The pioneer spirit of Aries is expressed in this decanate in all its fiery fullness.  Zeal and enthusiasm abound.  The Aries-decanate of Aries, sub-ruled by Mars, the aggressive lord of war, ever seeks new worlds to conquer.  That which is old and worn must eventually give place for the sound and new; yet if accomplished too swiftly or completely, there will not be sufficient power for recovery.

When the thoughts are permitted to soar untrammeled upward, even as the triangle points to heaven, under this influence are born harbingers of better things.  But when the lower martial power gains sway, the avenging agents of death and destruction manifest.

I take the meaning of retrograding Uranus at this point in time to be a warning to humanity that it is on the clock, not only at the 11th hour but dangerously close to midnight.  Dawn precedes sunrise and what you expect will be your destiny...tic toc.

Revolution, n.  In politics, an abrupt change in the form of
misgovernment.     Ambrose Bierce

Reference:  CCZain - Spiritual Astrology

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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DATA:  July 19, 2012 @ 00:25 A.M. EDT - Washington, D.C.

The Cancer New Moon at the 27th degree falls into the 4th house (real estate, weather), square the Ascendant and square Saturn (limitation, rationing) in the 6th house (the nation's food supply).  Time will be well spent in dehydrating all the fruits and vegetables available to you this summer and in stocking up on various grains and legumes.

Mars opposes retrograde Uranus, both of them squared by 9th house retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at the Apex of this dynamic T-square configuration.  Pluto is also the Apex of a Yod (Finger of God), inconjunct Jupiter in Gemini, ruler of the 8th house of the banking industry in the 2nd house of the financial state of the nation and inconjunct retrograde Mercury in Leo in the 5th house (stock market, investments).  When its destructive side manifests, as it does under affliction, Pluto rules gangsters and racketeers, which fairly well describes both those in places of power in the banking industry and in the stock market...we daily witness high crimes of theft for which no one goes to jail.

Of the 27th degree of Cancer, the position of the New Moon, astrologer Martin Goldsmith writes:

"Barbarians on horseback swoop down on a wilderness fort, a violent lightning storm following close behind them."

I think this description depicts both individuals who are barbarian (untamed "forces of nature") and due to its 4th house placement, it also depicts the type weather that will be experienced over the summer.  Batten down the hatches.

Pluto is extremely powerful in this chart...he rules the economy, debt, corporate welfare and weather modification.  He is the planet representing tyranny when under affliction and is posited in the 9th house - Courts, international events, religion, immigration...and most importantly, the Constitution, which is being shredded by the psychopaths in power...while those who have sworn to uphold the Constitution look the other way.

The empty-leg of the T-square and the activation point of the Yod that will witness the result of the power of tyrannical Pluto is the 3rd house.  Watch what happens during the course of this summer at USA borders.  Time grows mighty short for those who plan to leave the country.

I would like to write some happy fluff due to the sextile between Jupiter/Venus and Mercury except their energies are being controlled and siphoned off by Pluto...who is also siphoning off the energies of Uranus and Mars...that's five planets, folks, that will be doing the dirty deeds of the psychopaths against us and against our country.  Mars is afflicted in the house of the nation's food supply, controlled by Pluto.  Do not delay in taking the necessary steps to survive.

As banking is part of the Yod configuration, there is the possibility that ATM machines will not be operative in the near future.  This is not a given, however, prudence will move you further down the preparation road than not.  As will cash in hand, rather than in the hands of thieves...if you get my meaning.

A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves.   Grover Cleveland

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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On the morning of June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court (9th house) upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a 6th house matter as it pertains to public health and an 8th house matter as it pertains to tax, and the 12th house and the planet Jupiter as it pertains to welfare).

On this day progressed Sun, representing the basic identity and conscious purpose of Americans and co-ruler of the 9th house, was square natal Uranus, the planet of freedom, representing our unique individuality in the 6th house of public health.  Sun/Uranus in a challenging aspect fraught with tension results in upsets and surprises.  In this case, the Supremes acted irrationally, the outcome of this unconstitutional decision being the death of our health freedoms.

Neptune, natural ruler of the 12th house of public welfare, formed an inconjunct aspect with natal Moon - the people - creating a situation that defies logic or reason, being foisted upon the American public.  The Moon rules Cancer, on the 8th house cusp...the area noted for death and taxes.  The future will bring death panels to all seeking healthcare as bureaucrats shall henceforth decide whether your healthcare will be rationed.  The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, contains provisions that are intended to be funded by a variety of taxes.  We will pay more and receive is the way of the New World Order.