Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Moon March

The lunation (Moon conjunct Sun) occurs in the 8th house, along with Mercury and Uranus.  On a mundane level it is all about finances and highlights the treasury; national debt; the banking industry and other financial organizations; financial affairs with the nation's allies or enemies; and the nation's mortality rates.  On a spiritual level it speaks to psychological evolution and confrontation, of purging and purifying, of plunging deeply into our individual hidden power that lies beneath the surface.

In Pisces (lunation chart) we can expect 8th house mundane matters to be surrounded by an air of deception; issues are clouded and not as they appear.  An outing of financial secrets is likely and may put a congressperson or two on the hot seat.  (Lunation square 11th house cusp).  Spiritually, it is a call to be all you can be.


Sherrie Questioning All said...

Your information is so valuable - I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG!

Sandra said...

Thank you for the charts- I have missed getting them- glad that they are available again