Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A cycle as used in Mundane Astrology is a chart erected at a given locality for the moment a planet crosses the celestial equator from south declination to north declination.  This Uranus Cycle began in March of 1969, bringing matters to pass via radical politics.  In the chart under study, Uranus is posited in its 12th house, indicating that the things Uranus would operate through to bring about the most important events during the cycle about to close are economic bondage.

Uranus is the planet of extremes and of unexpected happenings.  He loves the new and the unusual, and hesitates not at all to discard the tried and trusted methods in favor of more original plans…or if some new plan has been in operation, and has not proven entirely satisfactory, he influences the pendulum of public opinion to swing far in the other direction, and a demand arises that there should be a return to methods so old as to have been considered obsolete.

There are two sets of things Uranus dislikes.  He dislikes the usual things, and he dislikes things as they are.  Whatever now exists, if it has been in existence some time, he wants changed, and is ready with something new and original to take its place.

Uranus is the planet of rugged individualism, abhorring restraint of any kind.  He likes to be a law unto himself and to feel that he is the equal of any man.  He is, therefore, the planet of liberty, and his influence in slavery as an issue was even more pronounced than that of Neptune, as he favors direct action marked by violence.  Against economic oppression he feels equally rebellious, inciting to unrest, dissatisfaction and disruption.

Ruler of Aquarius, the sign of altruism, he is ever active to better the condition of the working man.  Nor is he gentle in making his demands for different conditions.  His influence is to be witnessed in most of the exposures of graft and corruption and in practically every effort that has been made by strikes, by forming unions, or by other means to shorten the hours, increase the pay, and make better living conditions for those who toil.

His is the method of direct action, applying whatever pressure and resorting to whatever violence is necessary to attain his ends.  He is thus the planet of revolution and radical behavior.  When, therefore, in a given city or country, a cycle chart brings a strong influence from Uranus to bear upon events, radical activities are brought to the attention, efforts are made to expose existing corruption, and important changes are advocated.

In the current Uranus Cycle three planets in the 12th house indicate that hidden enemies of the U.S. will be strongly influenced by radical ideas during the length of the cycle, and that crime and relief are matters which will become of paramount importance, as will the necessity of the people to throw off economic bondage.  Unfortunately for the United States, this has not come to pass.

Currently, Uranus has transited to oppose natal Jupiter; although the chart has been set for conditions in the USA, the cycle affects the world, the only change being the area (house) in which Uranus is placed.  And so we see much of the world attempting to suddenly release themselves from restrictions that have limited their lives.  Truly, the planetary energies are a blessing in disguise, for nothing will ever be the same for those people brave enough to throw off the chains that bind them.

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