Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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DATA:  March 8, 2012 @ 4:41 A.M. EST - Washington, D.C.

Aquarius Rises, co-ruler Saturn retrograding into the 8th house of Big Money...Federal Reserve...Shared resources...Debt...Purging and Purifying opposing Venus, planet ruling currency in Taurus, the sign ruling wealth...and a sense of values.  Venus is a planet of peace, the opposition suggesting a blast of cold air toward that ideal.  Saturn symbolizes the attitude of a nation towards law, order, old practices and the old guard in politics.  It is in Libra, the sign ruling War, the retrograde motion signifying that the time has come for the nation to reassess how it has descended into activities that murder innocent people in other nations via war in order to confiscate their resources.

Uranus is the other ruler of Aquarius, posited in the 2nd house of the wealth of the nation, casting focus thereon that is ubber negative, as Uranus is in square aspect to Pluto.  Look for sudden and unexpected monetary events to make the news as Uranus ushers in economic change that will create upheavals, rebellions and extreme behavior as the citizens deal with change detrimental to their well-being.  Uranus is connected to terrorism, war, and new technology.  When the people rebel, ask yourself just WHO are the actual terrorists should advanced weaponry be used against them?

Neptune, which rules oil, biochemical agents, scandals, confusion, deception and a society's "blind spot" has position in the 1st house sextile the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.  We can't give away financial assets that we don't have fast enough.

The Moon in Virgo falls into the 7th house of war and foreign affairs, on a degree that describes a passionate hunter pointing his gun at the living beings of his choice...having huge influence on 8th house matters (death) with Virgo (earth) on the cusp.  The  reason behind the activity: a craving for wealth, as Mercury - ruler of Virgo - is in Aries in the 2nd house of wealth, which disposits the Moon, revealing secrets of a monetary nature behind the curtain.

Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, meaning that each planet is in the sign the other rules, so that there is a cross-link or interdependency.  Thus, thoughts and plans (Mercury) of war (Mars) depend upon one another and describe the energies that are operating...what the event is all about within the atmosphere that surrounds environment, shown by the signs Aries and Virgo.  Aries is impetuous, intemperate and violent coupled with Virgo, which is cold and negative.  Aries is said to rule Palestine and Syria...Virgo is said to rule Jerusalem.  Plans of War.

Lust is ruled by both Pluto and Mars.  In the 7th house of this chart, Mars describes an enemy/ally filled with the lust for war,
yet as described by the apparent retrograde motion of the planet... impotent...despite its trine to Pluto and its hooks into the USA congress.  Mars is retrograde until late in the evening of April 13, 2012...the country that commences war on a retrograde Mars will live to regret it and this enemy/ally is trying its best to make that country the United States

Mercury in applying square to an 11th house Pluto on the 12th house cusp speaks to corporate power struggles based on lust (Pluto) involving a bought-and-paid for congress (11th house) who aren't above some form of coercion, betrayals of trust and misuse of information (Mercury).   Some of these traitors may expect to be exposed in the near future as Pluto makes its 12th house presence known, clearing away old, hidden garbage...about 533 pieces of detritus.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


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DATA:  February 21, 2012 @ 5:36 P.M. - Washington, D.C.

This New Moon takes place in the 7th house of allies, open enemies and war in the sign Pisces, conjoined Neptune and opposing the Ascendant...expose, expose, expose involving not only things of war but also of international finance (Pisces on the 8th house cusp).

Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, belongs to the element water, hence is passive.  It is a mutable sign, comparable to water, mirroring like a lake in its environment, moved by every motion near it.  Belonging to the third degree of emanation, it tends to become all things to all people.  It is a feminine sign, listless and negative.

So we observe that our open enemy/ally, with whom America has co-dependency (waning trine to a retrograde Saturn), who are intent upon war, have lost touch with reality and are temporarily unclear of their direction.  With Neptune opposing the Ascendant, Americans can expect this open enemy/ally to tender erroneous information to advance their own cause, which in this case involves making war on another country.  We can expect the unexpected for which we will not be prepared, as said open enemy/ally is likely to use underhanded tactics.  Deception will be the name of their game...and with Mercury, ruler of the 10th house, in the 7th, collusion with those in the USA government.  U.S.S. Liberty, anyone?

Mercury in Pisces, as mentioned, is opposition a retrograde Mars, and speaks to this previously mentioned entity or entities as being highly agitated, prone to impulsive actions and filled with a fair amount of hostility. 

Jupiter is in Taurus in the 9th house of international events, sextile the New Moon/Neptune and trine the Ascendant, acting as reconciler to the energies.  With Taurus on the 10th house cusp it appears that a foreign nation seeks to become prominent in the on-going drama.  Among countries, Taurus is said to rule Persia (Iran), Asia Minor (Iraq, Syria, Israel) and southern Russia.

Neptune, co-ruler of America's open enemy/ally, is 5* 47' from a square to the Midheaven, an aspect given to an illusion of making oneself a victim in order to gain others' sympathy...also known as negative aggression, characteristic of Neptune.  Consequently, Americans may expect subversive behavior - an Act of Deception - in order for this enemy/ally to gain their objectives.

A great man in his pride
Confronting murderous men
Casts derision upon
Supersession of breath;
He knows death to the bone -
Man has created death.
 - William Butler Yeats -

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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DATA:  February 21, 2012 @ 10:30 P.M. GMT - Paris, France

The New Moon in intercepted (energy locked up) in Pisces conjoined Neptune falls into the 12th house of France's horoscope.  Pisces and the 12th house symbolize a form of bondage.  That which is being bound are the heart and soul of the nation (Sun and Moon) due to chaotic conditions (Neptune).

Pisces and Virgo are the intercepted signs, the theme of which are chaos and order, the axis describing the manner in which daily necessities of life are undertaken.  An imbalance is seen with four planets in the 6th house.  As astrologer Clare Martin notes:  "If this spectrum polarises on the Virgo side, then there will be a strong need for control over the daily routines of life, in an effort to keep chaos at bay. And yet, if the qualities of Pisces are not integrated, they will emerge from the unconscious and the Virgo individual will feel increasingly overwhelmed, and will tend to attract more and more disruption into their lives and feel more and more out of control."

And that is exactly what is happening to the country.  France has neglected to attain balance of this 12th/6th house axis to ensure wholeness and are about to suffer a curtailment of liberty (12th house).

The planet immediately prior to the New Moon is Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house and so the current problems hark back to a desire to escape responsibility to themselves to the degree that they have sabotaged themselves.  The planet immediately following the New Moon is Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house; the future brings the possibility of corrections to be made, probably by young people.  I don't see this as a positive considering the transit of Mercury's opposition to a retrograde Mars...the young may very well be social misfits bent on aggression.

Cancer (Moon) and Capricorn (Saturn) each hold two house cusps - 4th and 5th, 10th and 11th - thus we are looking at Moon/Saturn issues revolving around security, domestic matters, the birth-rate (4th)...taking chances and speculating (5th) as opposed to private and commercial enterprise (10th) and circumstantial developments due to the trend of affairs (11th).  The issues have led to a disruptive effect on France's relationships with other countries that will now bear unwanted fruit with a 12th house New Moon in Pisces. 

Transiting Uranus, also traveling through the 12th house, opposes natal Venus (currency), ruler of the 2nd house of wealth and the 7th house of foreign affairs.  Uranus triggers the Mars/Pluto Mars is posited in the 2nd house the breakdown of wealth appears on the horizon for France and will surely affect their allies, including banks in the United States, due to debt problems and indirect exposure to Europe's sovereign debt via credit default swaps.  There is no doubt in my mind that the rumbles will reach across the ocean, sooner rather than later.  If you haven't already done so, the time has arrived to immediately devise a strategy to safeguard your assets.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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MARS CYCLE CHART with transits for March 1, 2012

Because the planet for which a Cycle Chart is erected determines the things which exert the influence, the effects of which are shown by the positions of the various planets in the chart, the aspects made by this ruler of the Cycle are unusually important as they represent trains of thoughts leading directly from the influencing condition to groups of people in the departments of national life indicated by the house positions of the aspected planets, and of the type indicated by these aspected planets, i.e., the aspects of the planet for which the Cycle Chart is erected indicate the types of people and the departments of national affairs most readily influenced by the energies which come under the cycle's rule.  A Mars Cycle lasts for two years.

Mars is the most energetic of all the planets.  It indicates the creative energy in operation.  When it is harmoniously directed it relates to all constructive activity in which force, quick action, or even violence is involved.  Manufacturing and industrial progress, therefore, are typical of Mars.  Those who guard the nation - the military - and those who guard the more immediate security of the population - policemen and other law-enforcement officers - are under his rule, and aspects to Mars tend to bring to pass events in which they are active.

The energy of Mars is so powerful that when it meets resistance there are destructive activities.  Explosions, banditry, burglary and other violent defiance of the law, as well as acts of violence and combat in general, come under his jurisdiction.  Intoxicants, being violent in their affect; drunkenness, gambling, houses of ill repute, assault, military activities and war are typical expressions of Mars.  In summary, Mars rules aggression, war, and strife.  As Mars is angular (7th house) thoughts of this nature are uppermost in the minds of men.

In this Mars Cycle Chart, Mars in the 7th is also the ruler of the 8th (treasury, national debt, banking industry, financial affairs with the nation's 7th house allies/ is also the house of death and resources of others).  There are two noteworthy aspects...Mars is conjoined Uranus, therefore rash actions and sudden, surprising behavior may be expected from allies/enemies.  It is square Pluto depicting a period of intense power struggles that may subject the country to violent attack.  These negative expressions are connected to the 8th house matters outlined above.  War is prosperous for those factions that instigate it...follow the money.

Mars is retrograding in the 12th house of criminal activities  inconjunct natal Sun in the 7th house of allies, foreign countries and war = possible false flag sabotage between certain sects in the USA and certain sects of a so-called ally.  If I had to pin the tail on the donkey, that faux ally would be Israel, as her transits are replete with false flag activity.

Mars will be retrograde until late in the day, April 13, 2012.  If a nation takes aggressive action against another during a Mars retrograde period to start a war or a campaign, the aggressor will be defeated with great loss of life, material, and prestige. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Addendum:  I've just discovered that the kick-off was at 6:30 P.M. EST, not at 4 P.M., and would ask that you ignore the comments made to the posted chart above, with the exception of the majority of planets being on the West side of the chart, representing the New York Giants.  The 6:30 P.M. chart still appears to me that the Giants win it.  The time as I type is 8:09 P.M.

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Data:  February 5, 2012 @ 4 P.M. EST - Indianapolis, Indiana

Home Team:  New England Patriots
Opposing Team:  New York Giants

The New England Patriots (Home Team) are indicated by the 1st house; the New York Giants are indicated by the 7th house, revealing the personal prowess of both teams.

The Moon rules the New England Patriots as Cancer Rises...the Moon's aspects are sextile retrograde Mars, trine Venus, and square Saturn.

Their 10th house has Aries on the cusp, co-ruler a retrograde Mars, with co-ruler Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th in sextile to Neptune.

Saturn rules the New York Giants...its aspects are square Moon, and inconjunct Venus and Uranus.

Their 10th house is achieved by turning the chart so that it becomes Libra on the cusp with Saturn posited therein and co-ruler Venus in their 3rd house...both planets being on their own territory, so to speak.

This is going to be one very close game and very exciting to boot.  However, the Patriots are hampered with a retrograde 10th house ruler, which will take a toll on their honor.  With seven planets West I'll stick my neck out and call the winner:

The New York Giants.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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On June 5, 1967, the government of Israel commenced the Six-Day War against Arab nations.  On June 8, 1967, at 2 p.m. LMT, approximately 17 miles off the Gaza coast and in international waters, the USS Liberty, a United States Navy technical research ship, was attacked by Israeli fighter aircraft, despite a report made to Israeli naval Headquarters and to the Israeli navy intelligence directorate that the ship observed was "a US Navy cargo type ship."

As written at the USS Liberty Memorial website:

"At 1400 hours, USS Liberty's crew observed three surface radar contacts closing with their position at high speed.  A few moments later, the bridge radar crew observed high speed aircraft passing over the surface returns on the same heading.  Within a few short moments, and without any warning, Israeli fighter aircraft launched a rocket attack on USS Liberty.  The aircraft made repeated firing passes, attacking USS Liberty with rockets and their internal cannons.  After the first flight of fighter aircraft had exhausted their ordnance, subsequent flights of Israeli fighter aircraft continued to prosecute the attack with rockets, cannon fire, and napalm.  During the air attack, USS Liberty's crew had difficulty contact Sixth Fleet to request assistance due to intense communications jamming."

Continuing from the USS Liberty Memorial site:

“Eight men were killed or died of injuries received during the air attack: two killed or mortally wounded on the
bridge, two killed at machine gun 51, one killed at machine gun 52, one died from wounds received on the
main deck starboard side, and two died of wounds received on the 01 level portside. Throughout the topside
area, 75 men had been wounded by shrapnel and shock of exploding rockets.”

"After the Israeli fighter aircraft completed their attacks, three Israeli torpedo boats arrived and began a surface attack about 35 minutes after the start of the air attack. The torpedo boats launched a total of five torpedoes, one of which struck the side of USS Liberty, opposite the ship’s research spaces. 20 Twenty-six Americans, in addition to the eight who had been killed in the earlier air attacks, were killed as a result of this explosion.

Following their torpedo attack, the torpedo boats moved up and down the length of the ship (both the port and starboard sides), continuing their attack, raking the ship with cannon and machine gun fire.21 In Malta, crewmen were later assigned the task of counting all of the holes in the ship that were the size of a man’s hand or larger. They found a total of 861 such holes, in addition to “thousands” of .50 caliber machine gun holes.

Survivors report that the torpedo boat crews swept the decks of USS Liberty with
continuous machine gun fire, targeting communications equipment and any crewmembers who ventured above decks. one in the Israeli government or military has received so much as a reprimand for their involvement in the attack.."

Thirty-four Americans were killed and 174 were wounded.  The murders were covered up by the USA sitting president, LB Johnson.  See the USS Liberty Memorial website for further information:


In the USA chart, transiting Neptune occupies the 12th house of sabotage in sextile to its natal Neptune in the 9th house of international events that include sea and air activities.  Transiting Uranus in the 9th house is square natal Mars in the 7th house of open enemies/allies, denoting the danger to USA servicemen involved in international matters, as Uranus originates in the 6th house of military.  Uranus, planet of surprise...Mars, planet of attack.

In the chart of Israel, transiting Neptune - planet of false flags - opposes natal Sun...while transiting Mercury - planet of communications - squares natal 12th house Neptune, revealing subversive activity and secret intelligence in connection with modes of communication. 

Murder is a Pluto and/or Mars matter.  In the Israeli horoscope Mars rules the 7th house with Aries on the cusp.  On the day in question Mars is transiting the 12th house, forming a sextile to natal Saturn, thus a behind-the-scenes (12th house) activity is given opportunity (sextile) with the knowledge of the Israeli government (Saturn in 10th), who chose not to differentiate between open enemies and allies (7th house) and deliberately set out to commit a heinous crime against the country who had supported them - physically, emotionally and financially - from their beginnings.  For what evil purpose?

Evil is a term that describes activity that is morally bad, intrinsically corrupt, wantonly destructive, inhumane, selfish, or wicked...evil describes thoughts and acts to bring about death or some form of cause great harm.

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."    Albert Einstein

Liars await around every corner
Coming in all shapes and sizes
Peddling deceit
Twisting truth
Dodging what truth demands

Rather than give in to reality
they cling to ego's shadows
hiding under layer upon layer of lies
Though they pray for light
only darkness comes

The liar jeopardizes our integrity
befalls our character
sucks out our dignity
rubs away our goodness, and
ultimately robs us of who we are

There is hope
You can fight back
against the people of the lie
Not by changing them, but
by honoring the truth inside yourself

 - PEOPLE OF THE LIE by M. Scott Peck, M.D. -