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"And the Lord set a mark upon Cain lest anyone finding him should kill him."  Genesis, Chap. IV

At this stage it is necessary to explain several matters of great importance in forming a true conception of astral law.  The reader must not suppose that the planets are the primary causes of the fortunes and misfortunes which fall to the lot of mankind generally.  This is by no means the case; for the primary cause has its origin within the soul sphere of our parents.  The sexual relationship between man and woman has its laws, its harmonies and discords.  It is man's duty to investigate, learn these laws, and follow them, especially so when we bear in mind the fact that there is neither morality nor sentiment in the cold inflexible justice of Nature.  "Unto every violation of the law there is meted out a penalty."  If the attributes of a thief are conceived, a thief will ultimately be born into the world.  It matters not what the circumstances or position in life may be, that individual so conceived will be a thief in his heart, and will commit thefts upon some plane or other.  Remember, there is no real difference, except in magnitude, between the man who legally by some commercial sharp practice steals a railroad; and the one who, to support his position in life and before the world, lives above his income to the detriment of his creditors; or the poor devil who, under the influence of criminal temptations, robs a bank or steals your watch.  All three, when viewed in their true light, are natural born thieves, and each equally deserving, if justice were impartial, of the same term of penance in the house of correction.  The false glamour and artificial conventionalities of modern society, however, praise and bow down in adoration to the gifted railroad thief; they pity and condole as unfortunate the man who, by living above  his honest income, terminates his career in bankruptcy; but they, with neither pity nor mercy, hurry off to the jail and the treadmill the poor wretch who steals a watch or robs a bank of a few paltry dollars when, as a rule, it is this one who is most deserving of our sympathy.  Ignorance and a neglected childhood may have intensified the evil influences of his conception and birth to an inconceivable extent, and he might, if the world would only let him, become a better and wiser man.  It is equally in accordance with the same immutable laws that every species of crime is born into the world.  When inflamed passions and cruel thoughts are latent within us, and remain uncontrolled by the higher self during the conjugal union, we must not be surprised if a child with a similar nature is conceived.  When such is the case, there is no benevolent God to graciously interfere and prevent a criminal from being launched upon society.

Man has the privilege and possesses the possibilities of choosing the good, and preventing the conception of evil.  Therefore if he, either from choice or ignorance, prefers to risk all the natural consequences, Mother Nature, who is no respecter of persons, will write murderer across the brow of the unborn infant in characters as indelible as the mark she inflicted upon Cain.

When the embryonic potentialities of a human soul are launched forth into the matrix they remain there, slowly evolving their organic powers, and are imprisoned within the womb until their magnetic as well as their physical, period of gestation is completed.  Nor is it possible for a child to be born and live until the astral influx corresponds exactly to the external polarity of the soul.  Only when the heavens are harmonious can that which we term good become manifest upon the earth.  Under the opposite condition of the heavens, evil, so called by comparison, becomes externalized.

From the foregoing it will be seen that we are, to a very great extent, what the ignorance or wisdom of our ancestors have made us.  As the world progresses, mankind obtains more knowledge.  Thus do the rising generations become wiser than their parents.  This mental evolution moves forward until the intellectuality of the race becomes exhausted; then, for a time, mankind remains stationary, and at length declines from the summit of its genius to relapse into an ignorant barbarism; when, having regained a supply of latent mental force, the race once more advances, ultimately, to attain unto a still greater perfection than before.  Thus do intellectual forces correspond in their apparent motion to the motions of the planets, becoming alternately direct, swift, stationary and retrograde.  Men,, like planets, have their times of germination, growth, maturity and decay, and races are no exception to this universal law of change.  They move in greater cycles only.  Their climax of civilization corresponds to the flowering season of the vegetable kingdom; then they run to seed and decay.  But in the same racial soil is treasured up the precious seed from the flowers, which, lying dormant, awaits the necessary magnetic and spiritual conditions for its glorious unfoldment.

The stars and planets are the magnetic instruments of the seven creative principles.  They influence externally, by their attractive sympathies and repulsive antipathies, the cosmic life forces and physical organisms of precisely the same objects, which, in the realm of spirit, are controlled by their celestial progenitors.  By this we mean that the various physical orbs, calls planets, stars, etc., act as so many magnetic centers.  They are magnetic by solar induction.  The sun, itself, is not magnetic, but positively electric.  This mighty electric force acts upon the planets precisely the same as an electric current acts upon a piece of soft iron.  When a piece of iron is charged with electricity it becomes at once a magnet, its power depending first upon its mass and secondly upon the strength or intensity of the electric current.  Shut off the current and the iron ceases to be a magnet.  Remove the sun from our system and the planets will immediately lose their peculiar physical influence.  Modern science, we know, would contradict this assertion, but Occult science proclaims it to be an absolute fact.

The Light of Egypt, Vol. 1
by Thomas H. Burgoyne

 - to be continued -

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Gentle Readers, for some reason I am unable to publish your comments...whenever I make the attempt the screen goes nutzoid.  Therefore, whenever a question is asked I shall respond in this manner.  Blessings.

Q:  "so should one have food and money/cash on hand?"

A:  In this order for survival purposes one must have:

1.  Food for a year, two years all the better.

2.  Books on survival, especially those with medical/herbal knowledge...along with a good supply of essential oils (in particular those that prevent/ease viruses) and dried medicinal herbs.  Definitely have a Bible among those books.

3.  Silver coins such as American Silver Eagles and/or what is known as "junk" silver.

4.  Gold coins such as American Gold Eagles or Buffaloes, Canadian Maple Leaves or Krugerrands...if one can afford them.

5.  Money/cash on hand...enough to pay your bills for at least three months.


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DATA:  November 3, 2013 @ 7:51 A.M., EST - Washington, D.C.

A Good News/Bad News horoscope.  The Good News is that the Eclipse does not make any challenging aspects.  The Bad News is that it falls into the 12th house in the sign Scorpio, with a retrograde Mercury, Saturn and the North Node for a total of five planetary bodies located therein.  The 12th house governs the subconscious mind, secrets, behind-the-scenes activities, recovery, confinement or retreat.  Meh.

Scorpio, pictured among the constellations by a scorpion, is the eighth sign of the zodiac.  It belongs to the element water, hence has strong emotions and is domestically inclined.  It is a fixed sign, comparable to water crystallized through great pressure rather than through lowered temperature, and therefore capable of exerting tremendous force, boiling the moment it finds an avenue of escape.  At once unyielding, yet it is capable of exerting immense pressure upon its environment.

Scorpio, ruled by the planet Pluto is associated with the masses, gangsters, mortuaries, refuse, toxins, venereal epidemics, nuclear energy...among other things.  The energy of Pluto is coercive and uprooting and along with the 12th house is purging.

A Scorpio Lunation generally covers money lost or gained through the resources of others.  Income tax, social security, retirement funds, workers' compensation, mortgage payments and insurance settlements.  Set in Washington, D.C., and the 12th house, the government will be involved in said activities to the great loss of those Americans known as producers.  Today or tomorrow these producers will come to realize the necessity of going Galt as the only way to starve the communist beast.

The closest aspect of the Eclipse is an almost exact sextile to the planet Mars.  Expect something new and different for the country that has not before been encountered.  Expect it from the administration and that it has a connection to the food supply and to the military, including the militarized police.  And if you follow the money you will come to understand that with the Ascendant ruler Pluto posited in the 2nd house in sextile aspect to the Lunation and trine to Mars, that the puppet masters are the bankers whose allegiance is to the New World Order.

The North Node placement gifts us with a way out of what is about to come crashing down around our heads; it suggests the need to let go of our concerns about money, security and possessions, it suggests being willing to risk the sacrifice of our current level of comfort in order to obtain a higher state of power and vitality.  Finally it suggests getting back into nature, going with the flow and to take within ourselves the deep pleasure of the unconscious gifts of magic, insight and deep peace.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves…freely, his sly whispers…heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Cicero         

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DATA:  October 18, 2013 @ 7:39 P.M. - Washington, D.C.

The Lunar Eclipse falls in Aries, a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, representing aggressive power associated with war, accidents, and weaponry signified by the military, by the police and by agitators.  A 12th house Lunation, the focus is on behind-the-scenes activities having to do with bondage, crime, and welfare and that with the Sun in the 6th house, such things are connected to public health and to the nation's food supply.  The crime of Obamacare - incorrectly dubbed the Affordable Health Care Act - falls heavily upon the American public.

Mars as depositor to the Moon is in opposition to Neptune, signifying debilitating circumstances, promising devious action from those in positions of particular, the legislative branches, as Neptune occupies the 11th house...and Neptune rules blackmail.  Both the Senate and the House are shameless in their behavior towards those who put them in office and their legislation falls heavily upon the American public. 

Jupiter is the planet of default.  In Cancer it is a wee bit beyond the 5° orb of being in square to both Moon and Sun, yet suggests the danger of default is tremendous, especially in light of Pluto's placement in the 8th house, squared by an almost exact Uranus.

An Aries Lunation lends a tendency for people  to be argumentative and aggressive and to make impulsive and snap decisions.  This is the time to indulge in soothing herbal teas to ease any hidden tensions and to keep impulsive urges under control.  Try Lemon Balm to lift depression and to relax nerves...or Chamomile to help in reducing stress. Spend your time working on projects that require a good deal of energy as energy expended in positive avenues leaves nothing left for negative release.

In the chart of the United States of America, the Lunation falls into the 4th house, forming the Apex of a Cardinal T-Square involving a 2nd house Pluto in Capricorn and an 8th house retrograde Mercury in Cancer.  The meaning is that the foundations are crumbling due to financial irregularities spawned by the members of the Federal Reserve (bankers) in a deliberate attempt to destroy America...and given permission by the House and Senate members, traitors all.  Survival should be uppermost in everyone's mind for time is running out.  Protect yourselves. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Moon October 2013 - USA

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DATA:  October 4, 2013 @ 8:36 P.M. - Washington, D.C.

It's all about money and how it is being taken away from those who produce:   The 3rd decanate of Taurus (revenue) rises, ruler Venus in Scorpio (debt, taxes, insurance, entitlements, welfare) opposing the Ascendant and sub-ruler Saturn (deficit, rationing, depression) in Scorpio while the most dynamic aspect is a Cardinal T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn at the Apex in the 8th house of the treasury, national debt and the banking industry.  The planetary energy of this T-Square will manifest in the 2nd house of the nation's financial state.

A Libra Lunation represents interaction with others that often causes interference with your personal plans.  The lunation falls into the 6th house of service workers, public servants, armed forces and public health (Obamacare).  Although Congress itself is an 11th house matter, congress people are public servants, although they consider themselves a cut above the general public, therefore, they allow themselves (and all muslims) to be exempt from this disaster they have foisted upon the Americans for whom they work.  Speaking of Congress, a retrograde Neptune rules this disgrace to the nation, an indication of their continuing impotency.

The closest aspect of the lunation is an opposition to a 12th house retrograde Uranus in Aries...expect severe changes in weather conditions and news of earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and airplane crashes over the course of the next few weeks.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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DATA:  September 22, 2013 @ 4:45 P.M., Washington, D.C.

The chart cast for the Vernal (Spring) Equinox always bears chief rule for the ensuing year; succeeding ingresses are subsidiary to the first-named.  From the chart of the Vernal Equinox posted on March 6, 2013, we found the focal point to be oppression of the people.

The following interpretation is for the Autumn Equinox chart cast for Washington, D.C., for 2013 depicting situations to be faced by the population of the USA during the course of the next few months.

Aquarius rises, indicating the general state of the nation, its ruler Uranus retrograde in intercepted Aries in the 2nd house of the nation's wealth and the apex of a Cardinal T-Square involving Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.   Consequently, the nation, it's wealth and purchasing power have suffered from highly inefficient handling.  Expect sudden and radical disruption of the current status quo as aggressive reform is to be imposed.  Protect your assets.

An 8th house Sun signifies financial and resource exchange with others (shared resources), such as with the banking in a law that states once you deposit monies in a bank it is no longer your property, it is the property of the bankers.  This is also the house of the Federal Reserve, debt, credit, big money and transformation...the house of purging and purifying.  You may not be prepared to be purged of your remaining assets, choosing instead to refuse to let go of what is all depends upon your own sense of individuality and self-determination.

The Moon in Taurus opposing Venus and Saturn in Scorpio describes a financial situation lacking in discipline, inclined towards extravagance while reeling from poverty.  Toss in the square of both planets to Mars (Fixed T-Square) and the result is refusal to accept modification of plans due to any external pressure.  When the smoke clears, Moon sextile Jupiter, ruler of the 11th house of the legislative branches, may bestow a balance of give and take.  Not a surprise as the U.S. fiscal year begins on October 1st and the circus, meanwhile, is in high gear.  The clowns once again perform their annual act.  Of the legislative branch it must be said that hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

Sun square Pluto equates to secrecy, control and a ruthlessness that  describes the modus operandi of the nation's leader.   Keep an eye on October 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2013, as Pluto in Capricorn in the 11th house also holds sway over 12th house matters.  A scheme is afoot, possibly sabotage, that involves foreigners.

“Betrayal is common for men with no conscience.”
---Toba Beta

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


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DATA:  September 5, 2013 @ 7:37 A.M. - Washington, D.C.

The September New Moon occurs in the sign Virgo and falls into the 12th house of hidden enemies, spies, plagues and epidemics, correctional institutions and hospitals, secret societies in a nation, self-destruction, scandals, criminal organizations, and things occurring behind closed doors.  This is the natural house of Neptune who is itself residing in the natural 6th house of Virgo, in retrograde condition.  It does not bode well for our armed forces, especially that Neptune is inconjunct Mars in Leo...and it does not bode well for our supply of oil that comes from the mid-east.  Perhaps the sextile of Neptune to retrograde Pluto in the 4th house will cause exploration at home base.  Pluto certainly cries out for reform...perhaps the Plutocrats in power will undergo psycho-therapy to turn their thoughts from destroying the world...I can dream, can't I?  The activity for the next few weeks will be about starting something new concerning the matters as outlined above.

A Virgo lunation centers on service workers, police and firefighters, armed forces and military movements, public health/public illness, and the working class in general and their physical well-being.  Of prominence these next weeks will be all things connected to them.

The closest aspect involving the New Moon is a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house.  A two-edged sword this...either the administration experiences a lucky trend and behind the scenes protection OR the psychopath in charge will suffer scandal, legal disputes and trouble with distant matters.  

Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd house describes the financial state of the nation, its purchasing power and resources of the nation.  In a word:  poverty.   Mars is applying to a square of Saturn suggesting blockage in getting ahead with all things military and a nail in the coffin for successful military action should U.S. soldiers be forced into battle.  This is a time when contact with enemies should be minimized.

On September 9th transiting Mars in Leo from the 11th house of congress (who have granted themselves 239 vacation days in 2013) will reach exact square to Saturn.  Interesting, is it not, that that is the day when congress reconvenes and will be faced with granting permission to Obama to commence war on Syria?
Will the Mars-in-Leo energy impel them to attempt to make a huge statement, disregarding any consequences? These impotent do-nothing-except-feather-their-own-nests disgraces would be well served to wear Depends, because on this day they will be confronting their fears...big time.  Look for a great deal of posturing as ego conflicts get underway.  With a battle between Saturn and Mars, my bet is on Saturn...blockage.  This does not necessarily mean the U.S. will refrain from commencing war, only that the lunatic in charge would rather have some backing from the congressional parasites.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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DATA:  August 20, 2013 @ 9:46 P.M. EDT - Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the Full Moon is to enhance, change, alter, or provide additional insight into the activity instigated at the time of the New Moon, previously discussed on August 7th.

An Aquarius Full Moon indicates intangible things not perceptible to the touch.  Aquarius rules large-scale events, universal in scope, unconventional and departing from the norm.  The activity of the Moon in Aquarius is subject to change without notice:  erratic, disruptive, and political.  The major theme is to expect the unexpected; plans can change just as abruptly as they were made.  Be on the alert for possible breakdown of electrical circuits and electrical appliances, such as computers, x-ray equipment, radio, television, video equipment...and or all electrical appliances.  "Acts of God" (hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, floods and electrical storms) are governed by Aquarius.

Uranus retrograde hugs the Aries Ascendant from the 12th house and squares 4th house Jupiter in Cancer.  Weather may become dangerous.  There may be unforeseen circumstances having to do with business and commerce, suggesting great care with personal resources, as there may be surprise expenses.

Closest aspect:  Moon in the 11th house opposition Mercury conjunct Sun in Leo in the 5th house.  Mercury is the type of energy that will prevail for the trend ahead.  Everything to do with communications, accidents involving transportation, and petty annoyances will drive the average American to distraction.

Suggestion for overcoming the negatives:  be as an oyster with a grain of sand, allow the irritating annoyances to become a pearl within your soul.

USA horoscope:  Of importance to note:  The Full Moon conjoins the USA natal 3rd house Moon and has influence not only over all 3rd house matters (communications, transportation, internet, telephone system, media) but also over the nation's treasury, national debt, financial organizations such as the banking industry, the nation's mortality rates, and financial affairs with the nation's 7th house allies or enemies due to the Moon ruling the Cancerian 8th house cusp.  (Thank you, Nancy.)  All these areas will come to the notice of the public.

In a Mundane chart of a country, the Moon rules people in general and their mental attitudes that arise mostly from the unconscious mind and from the impressions received from environment which have not been carefully pigeon-holed.  The feelings about certain things, the unreasoned mental processes, the hunches, intuitions and capacities for absorbing certain kinds of information which, rather than the expression of opinions formed through words and sentences that chiefly constitute the mentality, are expressions of the thought-cells mapped by the Moon.

These type thought-cells govern the negative, low-frequency energies of the electromagnetic body.  Their degree of activity, and their harmony, are important in determining the strength of the physical constitution and therefore the health.  Consequently, everyone's mental attitude, their everyday affairs, relations with the female sex and the general public are going to be brought to the fore...use the energy to seek practical information, this is not the time to attempt untried theories.  Folks with planets at late degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus will be especially affected.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


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DATA:  August 6, 2013 @ 5:52 PM EDT - Washington, D.C.

The August New Moon occurs in the sign Leo and falls into the 7th house of allies, public enemies and foreign affairs.  The activity will be about starting something new concerning foreign affairs.

A Leo lunation speaks to not taking unnecessary risks with investments.  Of prominence these next weeks will be all places where entertainment or recreation is carried on...sports arenas, amusement parks...and headlines containing news of children.

The closest aspect involving the New Moon is a trine to retrograde Uranus in Aries in the 3rd house, setting the theme for the weeks ahead...earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, airplane crashes, severe changes in weather conditions.  All 3rd house matters (upsetting) to the fore:  communications (internet, post office, telephone)...trains, planes, buses, automobiles, short, everything to do with transportation.

Of importance:  the 7th house conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Cancer opposing 1st house Pluto in Capricorn.  We can expect from this energy military campaigns (Syria?), intense power struggles, and an absence of neutrality...there is no room for compromise.  Toss Uranus in the mix as the Apex of a T-Square and the result is sudden and radical disruption of the current status quo.

In the USA chart the lunation falls into the 8th house placing focus on financial affairs with the nation's 7th house allies and/or enemies, on the U.S. Treasury, shared resources, national debt, credit and the corrupt Federal Reserve.

Transiting Jupiter, ruler of embassies, occupies the 7th house in opposition to transiting Pluto = fanatical justice with regard to foreign embassies...not a surprise that Washington announced on August 2nd it would close an unspecified number of embassies around the world on Sunday due to security concerns.

Transiting retrograde Uranus is still in orb of square to natal Sun; he who occupies the white house continues the stupendous error of his ways, further damaging the country.  The tally will be obvious by April, 2014 when Uranus in direct motion reaches exact square.

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death.
  -  Macbeth  -

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STELLAR DIAGNOSIS - One thought explained by the rays which represent the energies of a planet descending to the part of the body mapped by a planet in the chart of birth or to objects in the environment ruled by that planet, is that all the planets derive the energies which they transmit to life on the earth from the sun.  It is the same conception set forth in B. of L. lesson No. 41, page 78, thus:

"The planets revolving about the sun in elliptical paths cut the energy field of the sun.  This is not an electromagnetic field only, but also an astral energy field and a spiritual energy field.  And the planets cutting this huge energy field in turn become transformers and transmitters of energy.  That is, each being of different chemical composition and different density of material, they each are adapted to picking up energies and stepping them down to certain frequencies and radiating these into space."

That these energies radiated by the planets have a profound influence upon things of the earth is shown by the rays extending to those things on earth.  Those extending to portions of the human anatomy indicate that the planetary energies chiefly affect those portions of the human body mapped by a given planet in the birth-chart.  That is, if Mars is in Sagittarius in the birth-chart, the energy from Mars is chiefly received in the thighs.  Thus did Akhenaten, in his art, set forth the doctrine that any condition of life could be diagnosed by astrological means.  Over and over, in art some of which persists to the present day, he emphasized the paramount importance of STELLAR DIAGNOSIS.

While diseases of the physical body - as explained in detail in the book, BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR TREATMENT - were thus diagnosed, these were not set completely apart from other conditions in human life.  Every event and condition which came into the individual's life, whether affecting his health, his purse, his domestic relations, his honor, or his morality, had Birth-Chart Constants which indicated when these predispositions, under the influence of planetary energy, would be more apt to develop into the event or condition the probability or possibility of which was thus astrologically foreshown.

An extensive and rapidly growing list of such Birth-Chart Constants and Progressed Constants is given in the three books, HOW TO SELECT A VOCATION, WHEN AND WHAT EVENTS WILL HAPPEN and BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR TRETMENT.

(Note:  The three books above mentioned have been combined into two volumes known as RESEARCH CYCLOPEDIA).

STELLAR HEALING - Diagnosis, however, as Akhenaten well realized, no matter through what means correctly made, of itself gives no help to humanity.  Diagnosis merely indicates what condition exists and why it is present.

For the individual to benefit in any manner from diagnosis, he must know what to do to change the condition and then do the thing which will make the indicated change.  There is no better recognized symbol of doing something than the human hand.  And to indicate that through doing specific things mankind could, and should, exercise control over its life, and overcome its affliction, Akhenaten placed miniature human hands at the ends of the various planetary rays.  These hands referred to a specific method of treatment of disease, and also in a larger sense to whatever activities enabled the individual to acquire a more complete control over his own life.

The sun, from which the planetary rays were pictured as extending to the earth, not only portrayed the source of the energy which the planets transmitted, but was also the symbol of the whole inner-plane environment.  Light which comes from the sun is immaterial.  Only that which has rest mass can be considered material, and photons, which are the bundles of energy of which light is composed, have no rest mass.  Yet even the most unobservant cannot have failed to notice, from the difference in the behavior of vegetation in the presence and absence of light, that this immaterial energy has a profound influence over life on the earth.

Aten, or light, to Akhenaten and his followers, not only represented the intelligence of the supreme, all-pervading Deity, but also the whole inner-plane environment.  Intuitively he grasped 3300 years ago what we have only of late years come to recognize, that the inner-plane and any of its forces can only contact the physical plane through energies which have approximately the velocity of light.

Light now is classified as one small band in the electromagnetic spectrum which at one end embraces the Hertzian waves which are from 5,000 miles to 1/32 inch long, through infra red waves, visible light, ultra violent waves, up through X-rays to the gamma waves at the other end.  There are about 60,000 waves of visible light to the inch, about 100,000 gamma rays in the length of one wave of visible light; but all these electromagnetic waves have one thing in common:  they all have in free space the same velocity as light.  Thus even as the velocity of light is taken as the one thing which remains constant in modern physics, and as energies having this velocity are the only means of communicating between inner-plane and outer-plane, so did Akhenaten use light to indicate the influence of inner-plane forces and the all-pervading intelligence of the Supreme Being, which could be contacted only through moving the consciousness to higher levels of the inner-plane.

He devised methods by which, as explained in Brotherhood of Light Course XVI, the electromagnetic energies of the healer could be used to gather up and transmit to the patient such planetary energies as were necessary temporarily to change the character, or thought-structure, of the patient.  And he developed the science of Mental Alchemy by which, as explained for specific difficulties in the books, STELLAR DIETETICS, WHEN AND WHAT EVENTS WILL HAPPEN, and BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR TREATMENT, the healer or the patient himself could effectively use the power of thought to change the character, or thought structure, in such a manner as to enable it the better to overcome afflictions or gain such results as were desired in any selected department of life.

The Role of Physical Environment -  But he did not overlook the fact that whenever any physical change is to be brought about, the physical condition thus to be changed offers a certain resistance.  That resistance to change, such as any event or alteration in the condition of life implies, varies - as is illustrated by diagrams in the book, PROGRESSED ASPECTS OF STANDARD ASTROLOGY - according to factors which are not shown in the birth-chart and progressed aspects of the individual.  But however small or large that resistance may be, the energies of his character, or thought-cell structure, must be of sufficient intensity and volume to overcome that resistance before physical changes affecting his life take place.

Other objects and other people are affected by planetary energies.  But the manner in which they are affected is not completely shown in the chart of the person who is influenced by these other objects and people.  Not only do the planetary energies affect his thought structure, but his contacts with objects and other people also affect it.  Yet neither the special trends given the thought-cell activity by these factors of the external environment nor the influence exerted at a particular time by the physical environment can be completely ascertained from the birth-chart and progressed aspects of the individual affected.  They can only be adequately ascertained by a competent analysis of the physical environment both past and present.

Thus both in Diagnosis and in Healing, Akhenaten gave about equal weight to the influence of the planets and the influence of physical environment.  He did not feel that a condition of the physical body, for instance, coincident with lack of proper foods could be corrected merely by proper thinking.  Nor did he believe that proper foods, without a change in thinking, would bring health.  Nor in any other department of life did he believe that attention should be given only to the factors of one plane; but that the power of inner-plane energies, such as those of thoughts and the planets, and the resistances of the physical plane, such as those exercised by people and objects, both should be given about equal consideration.  His healing, which embraced improving any condition in the life as desired, called for intelligent action to be taken to change both the trend of expression of the thought structure, or soul, and equally intelligent action to be taken to secure the proper physical environment to facilitate the work of the soul in bring the desired condition or event into the life.

The Interaction of the Soul With Both Planes - I will try to give his conception of the manner in which events and conditions are brought into an individual's life in my own words, and in terms of the factors which extensive CASE HISTORY STUDIES OF ENVIRONMENT AND CONDITIONING AS AFFECTING EVENTS ATTRACTED BY PROGRESSED ASPECTS indicate to be effective.

An individual is born.  Within not too rigid limits the positions of the signs and planets in the birth-chart map, due consideration being paid to his evolutionary level, the activity and harmony or discord of each of the ten thought-cell families and with which departments of life they are chiefly associated.

The general trends of the character at birth can only express through the physical conditions by which the youngster finds himself surrounded.  The Mars energies will express in a Mars way, and the Saturn energies will express in a Saturn way, and they will express through the departments of life mapped by the houses ruled by the planet in the chart of birth; but the specific channels through which they are thus permitted to express Conditions them to express more readily through similar channels again.  Thus the outlet which has already been found for the expression of a harmony or a discord has a determining influence upon how a similar harmony or a similar discord will again try to express when at any time it is given accessory energy in the future.

Yet no matter how strongly certain thought-cells have been Conditioned to express through a specific type of physical event, and no matter how many accessory energy they receive from progressed aspects, they cannot express as that specific event if the physical environment does not afford opportunity for it.  If the physical environment offers too much resistance to the specific event toward which there has been consistent Conditioning in the past, the energy, seeking the line of least resistance, will express through some other specific event characteristic of the planets involved in the progressed aspect and the houses in the birth-chart they rule.

When a progressed aspect is present the thought-cells within the soul receive additional energy as indicated by it.  This gives them, in proportion to the power of the progressed aspect, greater activity than they normally possess.  It is inevitable that thought-cell activity of the kind indicated by the planets involved by stimulated y a progressed aspect.  But there is nothing inevitable about what will transpire as the result of this energy added to given thought-cells.  That depends upon the character as mapped by the birth-chart, the conditioning its thought-cells have had since birth, the resistance or assistance given a specific expression through thoughts deliberately directed according to mental alchemy, the type of energy the thought-cells receive from other progressed aspects acting as Rallying Forces, and the resistance offered by environment to certain events and the facility afforded by it to other events.

 A progressed aspect of considerable power may pass by with no other event than a different trend in the thinking, or a different trend to the emotions, accompanied by adequate glandular response.  If the conditioning and physical environment offer sufficient resistance to any event characteristic of the planets involved in a progressed aspect, the progressed aspect may come and go, and only affect the thought processes or the emotions.  For it is only when the physical environment is weak enough in comparison to the pressure exerted on it by the thought-cells of the soul - a pressure which scientists now term the Psycho-kinetic Effect - operating from the inner plane, that it yields to them and a physical event occurs.  The importance of the physical event depends not upon the power of the progressed aspect, but upon the relative strength of the thought-cell activity it stimulates and the relative weakness of the physical environment to resist that activity.

An event which is primarily attracted due to the activity of a certain group of thought-cells bears the characteristic marks of the planetary energy which is responsible for the thought-cell stimulation.  but if there are several progressed aspects operative during a given period, and the resistance of physical environment to the expression of one type of event is great, and the resistance to another type indicated by another progressed aspect which is present is small, the total energy of several progressed aspects may express chiefly through an event which is characteristic of the one planet to whose influence the resistance is small.

The specific event which is attracted by a given progressed aspect is not determined by the birth-chart and progressed aspects alone.  The event will bear the characteristics of the planet chiefly responsible for it, and it will affect one of the departments of life mapped in the birth-chart by a house ruled by one of the planets making the progressed aspect.  But which one of these houses, and which specific event of several that may affect the department of life ruled by any one of these houses, is determined very largely, not by the progressed aspect, but by the way the individual has been Conditioned previously and by the facilities offered by the physical environment for the thought-cell activity to express through one specific event in the category rather than through another.

When both harmonious progressed aspects and discordant progressed aspects are operative at the same time, they may express through different events which are characteristic of each.  But if the Conditioning and the consequent thinking favor one event which is either harmonious or discordant, and the physical environment also favors the same event, the chief event of the period may bear only the characteristic of the harmony, or the discord, as the case may be.  That is, the chief event when both harmonious and discordant progressed aspects are present, may be either harmonious or discordant, depending upon Conditioning and physical environment.

The precise timings of the events - see Diagram 6 in the book, PROGRESSED ASPECTS OF STANDARD ASTROLOGY  (Note:  this is in Volume I) - which are attracted coincident with progressed aspects are also affected by variations in the resistance offered by physical environment during the period they are operative.

According to the conceptions of Akhenaten, which have now been verified by a vast amount of statistical analysis by The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department, the specific event which takes place, whether an individual can succeed in a given undertaking, how important the event is, and how fortunate or unfortunate, are all determined not by the birth-chart and progressed aspects alone, but by these in relation to previous Conditioning by physical environment and in relation to the resistance at the time offered by physical environment to events of a specific nature, importance, and harmony or discord.

In his healing, consequently, he worked to modify both the activity and the desires of the thought-cells, and the resistance of physical environment to the conditions he desired to bring about; devoting his energies thus to alterations in physical environment as well as to alterations within the soul.

He taught that Stellar Healing was equally applicable to any undesirable condition in the life, and that the essentials of such healing were always the same:  an alteration of the thought-structure or the energy possessed by certain thought-cells within it, combined with an alteration of the physical environment which would facilitate the work the modified thought-cells must do to attract the desired event or condition.  He taught that man should control his life and destiny to the end of Contributing His Utmost to Universal Welfare, and that the degree of success he attains in this depends upon the degree to which he energizes and modifies in the desired direction the thought-cells within his soul, and the degree to which he is able to select physical environmental conditions which will afford facility for these modified thought-cells to bring to pass the conditions and events he desires.

- fini -

Give me Thy Hands - Holding Thy Spirit
That I may receive It and live by It
It is my desire that I may hear Thy voice
That my body be rejuvenated with life
Through Love of Thee.

Give me Thy Hands - Holding Thy Spirit
That I may receive it, live by it
And Give Life Unto others.
Prayer of Akhenaten
Egyptian Initiate
Brotherhood of Light

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Written in 1945 by Elbert Benjamine


Through the efforts of Arthur Weigall, who served brilliantly for so many years as Inspector General of Antiquities in Egypt, historians are now able to reconstruct in detail the circumstances surrounding the life of Egypt's most spiritual ruler, Akhenaten.

His last works, published just before he died from the curses placed by the Priests of the Shadow to protect the tomb of the one who had restored them to power, through a careful comparison of all discoveries, for the first time have given a complete series of precise dates and events in Egypt's past.

As Lord Carnarvon was the first, so Mr. Weigall was the twentieth among those closely associated with the opening of the tomb of King Tutankhamen to meet an unusual and untimely death.  When the tomb was opened in 1923 Weigall was in vigorous health.  He immediately fell ill, and early in 1934 passed to the next plane at the age of fifty-three, suffering from a lingering and mysterious malady.

The list of events with precise datings which he worked out lend value to many interesting occurrences which heretofore have rested solely upon tradition.  And by uniting tradition to what is now historical record, we are able to get a clear picture of the struggle by which, at one period spiritual ideas of the most exalted order gained national acceptance.

Since the sinking of Atlantis and Mu there at all times have been those on earth who were familiar with the ancient spiritual wisdom; but the only time when the light shone full strength in Egypt and The Religion of the Stars was adopted by the nation as a whole, was during the reign and due to the efforts of our brother, Akhenaten.

As the world has now entered a cycle, or astral stream, of similar quality but of far greater power, drastic events are transpiring which, due allowance being made for environmental circumstances, are somewhat parallel to those which happened in his day.  We may therefore scan that past with considerable profit.  And while tradition should not be neglected, yet in the interest of clear analysis it should ever be thus labeled, and not confused with recorded fact.  Consequently, in what follows that which is tradition will be thus designated, and that which is of historical record, and all quotations used, will be from the works of Arthur Weigall.

History records that at the time of the early Sumerian kings in Chaldea the first dynasty of Lower Egypt was established, dated according to the Turin MS., 5,507 B.C.

At this time no suitable calendar was in use and the Egyptian system of writing had not been evolved.  Fifty kings were to reign before Menes, who commonly is considered the first historical ruler because, seven years after he came to the throne he established a calendar by which succeeding events could be, and were, recorded.

Menes,  who thus established the First Dynasty, came to the throne 3,407 B.C.

A dynasty usually consisted of a series of rulers who were close blood kin.  When the country was conquered by an invader, or some event such as a revolution permitted a new family to take charge, this commonly established a new dynasty.

In the First Dynasty there were 8 kings, in the Second Dynasty 9 kings, in the Third Dynasty 6 kings.  The Third Dynasty is interesting to us because the second king, Tosortho, 2868 - 2850 B.C., was revered as a philosopher, proverb maker, physician, scribe and architect.  At Sakkara he built what is known as the Step Pyramid, a rough square 351 by 393 feet, of six monstrous steps totaling nearly 200 feet in height, the largest stone edifice up to that time.

Then came the sixth king of the Third Dynasty, Snofru, 2813 - 2790 B.C., who built a stone pyramid just southwest of Memphis which, still 326 feet high and 700 feet at base is almost as large as the Great Pyramid.  Many traditions exist as to the influence of initiates in the life of Snofru.

He also built a second pyramid.  And immediately following him there commenced the Fourth Dynasty, although there seems to be no adequate political or hereditary reason why Khufu, who succeeded him, should be considered of a different dynasty.

Khufu, whom the Greeks called Cheops, was thus the first king of the Fourth Dynasty.  He ruled 2789 - 2767 B.C., the dynasty as a whoe, comprising seven kings, 2789 - 2716 B.C., being probably contemporaneous with the founding of the empire of Sargon the Great in Chaldea.

Khufu, or Cheops, employed 100,000 men, during the three months of the year that the population otherwise would have been idle due to their farms being flooded by the Nile.  It took him three years to build the road over which to haul the stone, and twenty more years to build the Great Pyramid.  The stones were ferried across the river during high water.  The pyramid, which is still one of the greatest wonders of the world, was originally 481 feet high, with a base of 451 feet, and covers 13 acres.

Now for a moment let us turn from recorded history to tradition:

Tradition has it that when the darkness settled over Atlantis and Mul colonists were sent to what later became the sever centers of ancient civilization, and took with them records having to do with the ancient stellar religion.  In Egypt there was quarried out, near the town of Ynu, a secret vault in the rock, closed by an immense movable block of sandstone.  The knowledge of this Chamber of the Rolls and the Library of Tahuti, which embraced records from Atlantis, was reserved to initiates.

Such initiates then, even as today, were ever alert to place true spiritual knowledge before as wide a number of people as possible.  But even as today, what thus could be placed before them depended upon the willingness and ability of the people to accept such exalted doctrines.
Even in Atlantis and Mu there was a continuous struggle upon the part of graft, greed, corruption and the inversive side of Pluto to suppress true wisdom and to pervert the spiritual to the end that what we call priestly and political racketeers might dominate and exploit the people in every possible way.  And before their destruction the light had vanished from these two ancient lands.

Of Egypt's seven thousand years of history, with the single exception of a decade under the reigh of Akhenaten, the general public had no more knowledge of the true meaning of spirituality, of the real nature of existence after death, of the wider significance and purpose of life, than do the people of the world today.  Then, as now, and as at all times, there were some individuals who had received the light, and even among the general public some who had a clearer conception of the spiritual side of things than others.  But then, as now, there was the constant effort to keep the people in ignorance and servility.

The rulers of Egypt always were approached by the initiates and given such knowledge of the wisdom religion as they were willing to receive.  Some of them, such as Tosortho, Snofru and Khufu went far along the path of true initiation.

But so powerful had the priestly group become that, with the exception of Akhenaten, they felt that opposition to them in religious matters would mean a revolution and loss of the throne.  Even as in the past powerful financial groups have been the real rulers of the U.S. and many other countries, so in Egypt, in so far as religion and its material spoils system were concerned, the priestly group, with their vast holdings of property, and ability to sway the multitude through superstition, were too powerful to unseat.

Yet Tosortho and Snofru availed themselves of the knowledge of initiates who had access to the Library of Tahuti.

Khufu, or Cheops, when he came to the throne, being a very ambitious man, had a great desire to do something which would glorify his name above that of any past or future ruler of Egypt.  And following the example of preceding rulers, he decided to build a pyramidal monument for himself.  But he wished this pyramid to excel any that later might be constructed.  So he sent for an initiate named Didi, who was famed for his learning, and asked his help.

It had been customary for the initiates of Atlantis and Mu, not in the form of a pyramid, but in their various temples, to incorporate measurements and relations which they found to exist as correspondences throughout Nature.  That is, in the very masonry of their edifices they had incorporated The Religion of the Stars.  And these measurements and correspondences, as well as other wisdom, wee on the rolls in the Library of Tahuti.

The initiate Didi, employed by Khufu, therefore presented plans for the pyramid which should in its structure embrace the relations between the various phases of Nature, the measurements and as many other correspondences as possible, as recorded in the Library of Tahuti, so that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh should express in stone The Religion of the Stars.

Because the Great Pyramid - which is the only pyramid to contain such measurements and correspondences - is an accurate portrayal of stellar cycles and influences, both past and future, like the Bible it has come to be used as a basis of prophecy.  When the premise is correct, that is, when based upon accurate and reliable knowledge of astrological influences, either the Great Pyramid or the Bible can be used to calculate the nature and date of future events.  But because of the many who have written books on the subject few have had the required detailed knowledge of astrology to take a proper starting point, or accurately to trace stellar correspondences, almost every variety of drivel possible has been written in relation to Bible prophecy and Pyramid prophecy.

That we are at the end of one dispensation and the commencement of another (the Plutonian Period of the Aquarian Age) the stars point out clearly.  But that all the horrible things prophesied are going to come to pass, even though the whole world is undergoing upheaval and radical change, is not foretold in Bible or Pyramid, but is the result of hysteria and a fear complex in the minds of those who, feeling the impact of the new astral energy-stream, place upon the inevitable transition of adaptation to the new period and the vast and sanguine struggle involved in making the adaptation, an interpretation which is but the expression of their own inward anxiety.

The Brotherhood of Light - The Church of Light has set itself the task of making it impossible for any person in the world to be ignorant of the fundamental doctrines of The Religion of the Stars.  Let us see whether its traditions coincide with the historical findings of Weigall.  In the Declaration of Principles of The Brotherhood of Light (now incorporated as The Church of Light) published in May, 1915, nearly a score of years before Weigall made his study of ancient dates, occurs this passage:

"According to our traditions, in the year 2,440 B.C., a group separated from the Theocracy of Egypt, and throughout all subsequent times, as a secret order, the name of which translated into English means, The Brotherhood of Light, has been perpetuated."

History records the building of other pyramids than those mentioned, that the Fifth Dynasty, 2715 - 2588 B.C., embraced 9 kings and that the Sixth Dynasty, 2587 - 2459 B.C., embraced 6 kings.  The last of this line of kings was Menthesuph, who reigned only one year; after which a period of anarchy ensued lasting 6 years.

After 6 years of anarchy, which we may well believe was fomented by priestly racketeers striving to dominate the land, Neterkere, the founder of the Seventh Dynasty, came to the throne.  But in the year 2452 B.C., he was murdered by the exploiting group and his sister, Nitokris, given his place.  After reigning 12 years Nitokris committed suicide.

Weigall quotes Heroditus in regard to the suicide of Nitokris, which preceded the separation of The Brotherhood of Light from a Theocracy which had become irreparably corrupt and bent on keeping the people in superstition that they might profit thereby.

It seems that the nobles who comprised the political group - which we may be sure were incited by the Priests of the Shadow, as these constantly strove to dominate the policies of the throne - having murdered her brother and placed her on the throne, commenced to exert undue pressure upon Queen Nitokris.  Perhaps she had the enlightenment of the people at heart.  At all events she arrived at a point where she realized she could no longer resist the demands of this iniquitous group.

She therefore had a building erected near the river on a low-lying site which was well below the level of the Nile floods, and she had a fine hall built as a cellar beneath it, such as those now to be seen in the temple of Denderah, but larger.

Secretly she had a tunnel made which should bring the floodwater directly to the building.  Then she gave a royal banquet to which she invited all these treacherous nobles.  As soon as they were in the crypt enjoying themselves, she went above, closed the trap door, turned on the water, and drowned the lot.  Having accomplished this, and knowing, we may believe, the power of the priestly racketeers who had used the nobles for their own ends, she committed suicide by shutting herself in a room filled with charcoal fumes.

No wonder The Brotherhood of Light, in order to persist, became a secret organization.  The priests of Amen grew to be the strongest group in Egypt.  They had vast holdings, levied immense financial tribute, and had built at Karnak and Luxor stupendous temples.  The with characteristic cunning of the Lower-Pluto forces, they taught the nobles that to give their daughters to be Brides of Amen was an honor.

These Brides of Amen, recruited from among the most attractive maidens of the land, were dedicated to temple service.  That is, they were prostitutes who catered to the services of those who had money; but the money they received for their prostitution was made holy by giving it to the priests.  When they grew too old to be attractive, and thus failed to yield a good revenue to the temple, the priests arranged for them marriage with rich merchants.  The merchants were given to understand that this prostitution, because it was to benefit the god Amen, was rather an asset than a detriment to their brides.

Such doctrines are everywhere characteristic of the inversive side of Pluto, and we find similar institutions in India today.  This is but one of a hundred subtle ways by which an inversive priesthood compel people to do their bidding.

To conserve space, let us now skip the intervening dynasties down to the Eighteenth, which was founded by Ahmouse I in 1580 B.C.,, over 1,300 years after the building of the great pyramids, and some 2,000 years after Menes founded the first recorded dynasty.  At this time Amen was the presiding god at Thebes, which had become the capital.  Then as rules came Amenhotep I, followed by Thutmosis I, Thutmosis II, Queen Hatshepsut, Thutmosis III, and Thutmosis IV, who was the grandfather of Akhenaten.  Thutmosis IV ascended the throne in 1,420 B.C., and Akhenaten's other grandfather, Yuaa, who was not a priest of Amen, but of Min, and who was an initiate, was born about 1,470 B.C.

Probably due to this initiate, Yuaa, even before Akhenaten came to the throne, the wife of Amenhotep III, Queen Tiy, mother of Akhenaten and daughter of Yuaa, had endeavored to suppress the power and iniquities of the dark priests of Amen.  The organization of Amen had its headquarters at Karnak.  Led by the hand of Tiy, who was called the Great Queen, Amenhotep III came to be known as the Magnificent.

When Amenhotep III died, in the 36th year of his reign, Queen Tiy assumed control in behalf of her 13 year old boy, Amenhotep IV.  And subsequent events inicate that he was given opportunity to gain the wisdom of his grandfather, Yuaa, the initiate.

Amenhotep IV who thus ascended the throne in 1,375 B.C., through the death of his father, was born 1,388 B.C.  He early realized how completely his people were dominated by the shadow of the Lower-Pluto priests, and he determined to free them from such inversive influences.  At that time Amenism, with its magical rites, its many gods, its complicated ritual, and its host of corrupt priests, was the official religion of Egypt.  As Ra, the sun-god, was universally venerated by the public, these cunning priests of Amen, ever alert to political advantage, joined the name of Ra to Amen, so that the chief deity of the time was often referred to as Amen-Ra.

The king, surrounded by these priests, remained in the orthodox faith of Amen, as signified by the name he inherited, Amenhotep, until he was nineteen years of age.

At that time he contact the same spiritual source from which now emanates The Brotherhood of Light lessons.  This led him to perceive that the orthodox religion of Amen kept the minds of the people confused as to reality, steeped in fear, servile to the priests, and shut from them the knowledge which would lead to true spirituality, progress and happiness.

Ra, as worshipped in his time, was the disc of the sun.  But behind that disc he perceived an all-pervading spiritual intelligence, of which the physical sun is only the symbol.  And it became his ambition to establish a non-materialistic religion of Life, Light and Love, free from the graven images, incantations, and curses which encumbered Amenism.

When the king became one of the Brethren of the Light, he determined to spread the gospel of The Religion of the Stars, even as The Church of Light has determined to spread it to the world of today.  But having allied himself with the Legions of Light, he could no longer bear the name of Amen, a name denoting orthodoxy and its spiritual darkness.

Already at 16 or 17 years of age, in spite of the priests, he had introduced Stellar Art.  At 19 he decided the time was ripe to make his convictions clear to all.  He therefore renounced the name Amenhotep, with its implication of obedience to Amen.  And, in choosing a name to take the place of the one discarded, he joined the words which expressed his religion of Life, Light and Love.  Aten means light.  To indicate to his subjects that he was a Brother of the Light, he called himself Akhenaten, meaning Living in the Light.

Having changed his name, he commenced a vigorous campaign to establish the religion of Atenism (Light), and to eradicate the worship of the numerous gods and elementals of Amenism.  He taught his people there was a single, supreme, all-pervading, spiritual Deity, symbolized by Aten, or Light.

The vast material resources of Amen, with huge temples at Karnak, and their dominion at Thebes, with their spies at every hand, soon convinced the young king that he could not combat the Lower-Pluto forces amid surroundings so permeated with their accomplices and magic.  He decided, therefore, to move the capital and to collect about him in it only those who were willing to live constructively, willing to learn the truths of Nature, and who were willing to defy the power of the Amen priesthood.

He was only 19 when, having made this decision, he sailed down the river from Thebes to a point which was suitable for his purpose, some 160 miles above modern Cairo, and there founded the City of the Horizon.  After two years of feverish work a city there had arisen which, for beauty and art, perhaps has had no parallel in history.  Here at the age of 21 he took up his residence amid the many who, perceiving his wisdom and spiritual greatness, had joined forces with him.

From this new city, which was magnetized to his own spiritual ideas, he was successful, for the first time in recorded history, in suppressing corruption, dissipating ignorance, and spreading The Religion of the Stars throughout the length and breadth of the land.

To set forth all he taught would be to present the 21 Brotherhood of Light courses; for these, in modern terminology and with reference to the findings of  modern science, are merely a present-day interpretation of the same teachings which Akhenaten derived from his study of the rolls in the Library of Tahuti.  He taught the constructive use of astrological knowledge.

Instead of the curses and maledictions of Amen, he taught the use of beauty, of art, and of all enobling activities to lead the mind into channels which are completely constructive.

While he occupied the throne greed, corruption and exploitation were suppressed, and fear, hatred and vengeance were removed from religion.  According to Weigall he taught that God:  "Was the tender, loving Father of all men, ever-present and ever-mindful of his creatures.  There dropped not a sigh from the lips of a babe that the intangible Aten did not hear; no lamb bleated for its mother but the remote Aten hastened to soothe it.  He was the loving Father and Mother of all that he had made, who brought up millions by His bounty."

"As Akhenaten had completely revolutionized the beliefs of Egypt as to the nature of God, so he altered and purged the theories regarding the existence of the soul after death.  According to the old beliefs, the soul of man had to pass through awful places up to the judgment throne of Osiris, where he was weighed in the balances.  If he was found wanting he was devoured by a ferocious monster, but if the scales turned in his favor he was accepted into the Elysian fields.  So many were the spirits, bogies, and demigods which he was likely to meet before the goal was reached that he had to know by heart a tedious string of formulae, the correct repetition of which, and the correct making of the related magic, alone ensured his safe passage.  Akhenaten flung all these formulae into the fire, even Osiris himself with all his court."

The doctrine of hell and eternal punishment, the fear which so often warps and cripples the child's little mind and drives afar the possibility of a happy adult life, were no part of his teachings.  Instead, due allowance being made for the difference in times and other circumstances, his teachings relative to the next life were practically identical with those set forth in Brotherhood of Light Course XX.

With so many powerful enemies it is not to be wondered that he died in his thirtieth years.  He had arrayed himself as the opponent of all the selfish, brutal, inversive, ruthless and cruel Lower-Pluto forces.  Yet during the ten or eleven years just preceding his death he had the satisfaction of building up a superior culture, and of observing his people devoted to the religion of light, which is The Religion of the Stars.

He left no son to succeed him, and Smenkhhkara, husband of his eldest daughter, ruled but a few months.  He was not sufficiently obedient to the priests who carried out the will of the Lower-Pluto forces.  Then the husband of the third daughter came to the throne.  The Lower-Pluto forces were pleased with him.  This son-in-law of Akhenaten, who delivered the populace back into the power of the Lower-Pluto priests, was none other than Tutankhamen (note the ending), whose unspoiled tomb was opened in 1923 amid world-wide notoriety.  He immediately restored the priests of Amen, with the result that polytheism soon flourished again.

Akhenaten, as a Brother of Light, had no use for curses, no use for war, no use for fear, no use for vengeance.  But the priests of Amen were Brethren of the Shadows.  And there can be no doubt that the sudden tragedies which dogged the footsteps of all those who were present at the opening of Tutankhamen's tomb were due to the curses placed to guard it by the priests of Amen.  Lord Caravon and his party within a few years, one by one, felt the weight of the curses placed by the Lower-Pluto priests to protect the tomb of the one who had restored them to power.

Many writings of Akhenaten have been studied by scholars, and historians record:  "Such a synthesis of life and religion is unique in the world's history.  Life was rich and beautiful, joyous and ree, not in spite of, but because of religion.  For the religion was one from which the master mind of Akhenaten had banished superstition and fear and into which he had introduced sunshine and happiness."

Reading this one cannot but think of the inhibitions of Puritanism, and the doctrine of hell and eternal punishment, believed in by some even at present.

As to the man himself, Arthur Weigall says:

"He has given us an example three thousand years ago which might be followed at the present day; an example of what a husband and father should be, of what an honest man should do, of what a poet should feel, of what a preacher should teach, of what an artist should strive for, of what a scientist should believe, of what a philosopher should think."

Among other things he created a new art, Stellar Art, and developed a method of treatment, Stellar Healing.  All the essentials of this Stellar Healing are set forth in sufficient detail in the language of symbolical pictograph in his Stellar Art, so that were no other source of information available to us on this subject it would be possible to learn it all from the many pictures he has left.

Quoting from the Story of Religion, by Charles Francis Potter:

"With true artistic taste Akhenaten devised a symbol to illustrate what he meant.  There began to appear before long, on the walls of the temple and tombs, pictures of various scenes in the life of the king, pictures which have lasted even until today.

"Above each scene is portrayed the disc of the sun with distinct rays descending to certain parts of the bodies of the human beings in the picture and to the more prominent objects.  Each ray terminated in a miniature hand and some of the hands holding the ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of life."

Without consuming many printed pages with descriptions of the pictures of this kind left by Akhenaten, their purport in so far as Stellar Healing is concerned can be summed up in four general ideas as follows, more details of which will be discussed later:

1.  Planetary energies reaching man not only map his character at birth, but exert definite influences over him, at times which can be predetermined, throughout the whole of his life.  This is pictured by the rays descending to certain parts of the bodies of human beings.

2.  The physical environment by which he is surrounded, each item of which also is influenced by planetary energies, also exerts an influence upon man.  To what extent this physical influence opposes or co-operates with the planetary energies operative at a given time must be ascertained by observation of the physical environment.  This is pictured by the various objects by which the human beings in the picture are surrounded.
3.  The events and conditions which are present at any given time in an individual's life are the offspring of his character as it exists at that time, energized by such planetary energies as then reach it, and acting upon the available physical environment, which influences both the trend and the importance of what occurs.  This is pictured by both rays and objects adjacent to human beings.

4.  The amount of control which an individual can exercise over what takes place in his life at a given time depends upon two factors whose relative importance constantly varies, but which on the average are of about equal power:  Upon his ability to energize and modify in the desired direction the factors of his character which respond to planetary energy; and upon his ability to select physical environmental conditions which offer little resistance to the events he desires.

Stellar Diagnosis - To be continued.

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Click on chart to enlarge.

The figure for the Vernal (Spring) Equinox always bears chief rule for the ensuing astrological year (March to March) and while the succeeding ingresses into the other cardinal points also have a pre-signification, they are subsidiary to the first-named.  Focus of the Vernal Equinox in effect until March of 2014 will be on 3rd house matters:  Transportation (river, land, sea), communications (internet, telephone, post office), bridges, and just-in-time delivery systems.

The following interpretation is for the chart cast for Washington, D.C., of the Summer Solstice depicting situations to be faced by the population of the USA during the course of the next three months.  DATA:  June 21, 2013 @ 1:05 a.m. - Washington, D.C.

The most note-worthy configuration is a Water Grand Trine involving a 4th house Sun, 7th house Saturn, and 12th house Neptune.  Normally this would be considered an easing of problems, however, there are a total of six planets in water signs in addition to a watery Ascendant.  An over-emphasis on the water element means that with the Sun in the 4th house, the focus will be weather events, agriculture, and general living conditions of the population.  For people everywhere, in every country on the globe, this watery over-emphasis means there will be a feeling of being cast adrift in a rowboat that is bobbing on a stormy ocean.

In the chart under discussion, Uranus in Aries in the 1st house bestows a tendency for the people to revolt under oppression and being squared by a 10th house Pluto in Capricorn, the oppression is unrelenting.  Mars sextile Uranus equates to the public arming themselves to a greater degree than already accomplished.

Jupiter sits exactly on the IC opposing the Midheaven suggesting a time for seeking security at home base, a time to gather strength.

Spiritual astrology holds that the most spiritual time of year falls at the Summer Solstice.  The highest point in the zodiac, the place for which pyramids and mounds were erected in ancient times, is the dividing line between Gemini and Cancer.  In days of old, fires were lighted on these eminences to signify the Sun had reached its greatest elevation; that is, had reached the very gate of heaven.

In the 28th Chapter of Genesis @ verse #12 is described the dream of Jacob:  "He dreamed that a ladder was set up on the ground with its top reaching to heaven; angels of God were ascending and descending on it."

The degrees of the zodiac are not unlike the rungs of a ladder which arches the sky, extending from earth to heaven.  Thus do the various planets move higher and higher in the sky until they reach the first of the sign Cancer and then start their descent to lower declination.

This going up and coming down, which the Sun is observed to do each summer, evidently signified to those who traced the starry pictures in the sky and gave to each a story, a going up and coming down which was suggestive of the movement of those intelligences which have no physical form, and which, for want of a better term, may be called angels.

It is not without significance that the preceding compartment in the zodiacal circle, which is touched by this gate of the above, is Gemini, the section ruling thought.  As the Key-phrase to Cancer is I Feel, we have quite appropriately, Thinking and Feeling in immediate contact with the highest point of the celestial circle, and thus leading to the heavenly gate.

Thoughts enter into compounds which are harmonious or discordant according to the Feeling at the time they were brought together.  If the feeling was that of discord, the thoughts so united tend to attract into the life the very opposite of heaven; they attract misfortune and distress.  But if the feeling which accompanied their union was of a pleasant turn, to the extent such harmony was present do the thought-cells then composed, work to attract fortune and happiness into the life.

A similar process is at work with lower forms, in fact, wherever life exists such processes are at work; although the states of consciousness experienced can hardly be dignified by the name of thought.  Yet life-forms on every plane, and in every stage of progress, have experiences which are registered in their finer forms as states of consciousness.

These states of consciousness, however lowly and simple they may be, constitute the experiences of that form.  They are registered in the astral counterpart and combine to form the psychoplasmic cells of that finer body; and these, in turn, determine the experiences which will be attracted to it.

Whether lowly or highly evolved, whether to a single cell of protoplasm or to an educated man, every experience that comes to a life-form adds just that much energy to its finer body.  As a person, when hypnotized, or under psychoanalysis, can recall any experience or thought of his or her past, so the four-dimensional body of every organism is a complete record of all that has happened to it, and its mental and emotional reactions to these occurrences.

So it is that every form of life is moving forward toward the acquisition of such abilities as will fit it to perform the particular function in the cosmic scheme of affairs, that is has been called into differentiated existence to fulfill.  It attracts to it, by virtue of its original polarity, the type of experiences that afford it the proper trend in education.  It does not have just the same experiences that some other does; because it is not being educated to fill the same cosmic position.

Its experiences in one form of life, however, give its thought-cells, or unconscious mind, ability to handle certain situations.  It learns how to gather together the material elements and build a certain kind of physical body.  And then, when the body dies, as further seen in Jacob's dream, it ascends to heaven; that is, passes to the astral spheres.

In this astral realm there are other opportunities for experience and progress.  Life is never stationary; it is ever moving, always gaining new experiences, whatever may be the plane.  These experiences, however, are of a different sort.  They are four-dimensional experiences; experiences also of reorganizing what has been gained in the preceding physical body.

Then, when the vibratory conditions are right, the life-form which has continued its progress on the astral plane, is attracted again to earth, descends the ladder as in Jacob's dream, to enter another physical form; a physical form which is a step in advance, perhaps a long step in advance; due to its assimilation of previous experiences.

Successively, it ascends to the astral plane and then returns to earth, as the angels moved up and down; but each physical form, due to its acquired experiences, is a step in advance, and each ascent to the astral is a more conscious existence.  Birth and death and birth again are the rungs of the ladder which lead men and women to their spiritual estate; and the gate through which they must pass to enter that estate is the gate of parenthood for the reason that parenthood tends to displace selfishness with those tender affections that most quickly strengthen the soul and build the spiritual body.  One could say that such tender feelings are also present for those who weren't blessed with parenthood but nevertheless nurture others, whether human, animal or plant.

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings as the Holiest of days approaches.

References:  Spiritual Astrology by C.C. Zain