Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This Cycle chart, commencing April 9, 2011, has been computed for the USA and although the time period is brief, it will be in effect until January 2012.  Radical activity will be the norm with respect to the national debt, the treasury, and the banking industry as not only is Uranus positioned in the 8th house, it is accompanied by a planetary stellium consisting of Mars, Jupiter, a retrograde Mercury, and the Sun.

Expect extreme action and unexpected happenings with regard to the death rate and the kinds of deaths suffered by the people; the debts due from foreign countries; tariffs, taxes, insurance and pensions, including social security. 

There are some heavy-hitting aspects:  a retrograde Pluto in the 5th house that promises to upheave the stock market with its square to Mars, said upheaval involving pensions and other resources.  There will also be repercussions in the educational system.  Then there is a retrograde Saturn, planet of loss, in the 2nd house of what used to be the country's wealth in opposition to 8th house Jupiter, both planets representing the business sector going toe-to-toe across the axis of money.  Despite its retrograde condition, Saturn is in the sign of its exaltation and will trump Jupiter, which means the people's resources will be drained to an even greater extent than least for those who have left their pensions where they can easily be highjacked.

The Moon, ruling the people, is on a crisis degree of Gemini in the 10th house of the administration, reflecting that although the citizens are upset they remain under the bootstraps of an enormously dysfunctional government.

There is but one positive thought concerning this cycle chart and that is its brevity.  We're going to need tinctures of Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) and Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) to keep us tranquilized and sedated to get through tense situations as they develop...and develop they will...globally.  Best to be prepared...Valerian root is the most effective of the nervine herbs and along with Passionflower is an important rememdy for insomnia, restlessness, menstrual discomforts, and epilepsy.  Valerian root will also do double duty to relax muscle spasms, should the need arise...kitties love this herb as much as catnip, their intoxication often leading them to destroy the plant.  I prefer taking these herbs in tincture form, singly of Valerian root for muscle spasms and combined for insomnia.  Not advised for children under the age of two years.  

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