Wednesday, December 26, 2012


DATA:  December 28, 2012 @ 5:22 A.M. - Washington, D.C.

The December Full Moon falls across the 7th/1st house axis, accenting public enemies and the nation's people as a whole.

A Cancer Lunation places emphasis on emotional factors, inner security and domestic affairs.  The Moon is opposing Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st house and trine Saturn in Scorpio in the 11th house.  We can anticipate reading about debt, entitlements, corporate welfare, and the economy.  Congress (11th house) - a/k/a public enemies - will continue in the transference of the people's wealth to corporate business (Pluto) and to the bankers (Moon ruling the 8th house) as the pending business of the "fiscal cliff" encroaches, all of which was caused by those mentioned herein.

Other items in the news that we may see will have to do with real estate, land developments, food, and restaurants...nationally and on the local scene.  Be alert for highly emotional and somewhat unstable people, consequently, keep a low profile, avoid stirring up trouble or issuing an ultimatum.

Individually, we can use this lunation to think about improving personal financial security and devising a workable plan of survival.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


DATA:  December 21, 2012 @ 6:13 A.M. - Washington, D.C.

The figure for the Vernal Equinox always bears chief rule for the ensuing year and while the succeeding ingresses into the other cardinal points have also a pre-signification, they are subsidiary to the first-named.  For clarification, see "Spring (Vernal) Equinox 2012," posted on March 13, 2012, which pinpointed weather as a major factor for the year and which stated in part:

"Sun, retrograde Mercury and Uranus in the 4th house of weather events will tell of a violent tale for the ensuing astrological year (March 2012 - March 2013)." 

In this Winter Solstice chart, the planet Mercury conjoins the Sagittarian Ascendant while opposing retrograde Jupiter, the opposition reconciled by the 4th house Moon in Aries.  This means the reconciling planet siphons off the energy of the opposing planets into 4th house matters...such as weather for the nation.  Thus the theme of weather remains true.

The sign Aries in its influence on temperature is hot; we may then expect higher than normal temperatures over the ensuing winter.
When Aries is prominent in a chart, such as being on the cusp of the IC (Imum Coeli, Latin for "bottom of the sky), it shows much rain...the Moon in Aries in the 4th house will bring violence along with the rain, made severe at times due to Pluto square Moon.  Uranus in the 4th house tends to sudden temperature changes, from hot to cold and then from cold to hot.  He is a decidedly windy planet and brings wind storms of destructive violence.  As this chart indicates wetness in general, we may expect sudden thunderstorms in which squalls of wind and electrical displays join with temporary downpours of rain.

The general state of the nation is dire.  Sun conjunct Pluto in the 1st house square Uranus tells a tale of tremendous stress,  disruption and intense experiences to be endured by the citizens.  Any patience the people may have had up to this point goes missing during the course of the next three months.

Saturn, co-ruler of the 2nd house of the nation's wealth is in the 11th house (congress) in close sextile to Pluto.  Note that Pluto rules tyrants, dictators, vultures and other birds that eat carrion.  Look for the congress to grant yet more corporate welfare and especially to further the communist ideal of Agenda 21, supported by 3rd house afflicted Neptune, which rules everything associated with the loss of individual identity such as communism, the political ideology which would merge the individual into the proletarian mass.  Neptune in Pisces as the Apex of a T-Square involving Venus opposition Jupiter, describes not only the financial bankruptcy of the country, but its spiritual bankruptcy as well.

The following addresses the global community:

December 21, 2012 has become famous because of the Maya vision of a geological change for this Era that would bring with it a change in human consciousness.  This is reflected in the chart as the conjunction of Sun/Pluto in square to Uranus.  The Sun symbolizes our psychological and spiritual center; Pluto symbolizes regeneration and our capacity for self-transformation; it is the planet of metamorphosis.  Both Sun and Uranus symbolize Light.  The changes in the vibrational frequencies of every living soul on the earth - man, woman, child, animal, plant, and mineral - will be accomplished via the stress of the square, which forces action, and the influence of Uranus, who grants to us the capacity to liberate ourselves from past limitations.

Neptune is the Apex of a Mutable T-Square with Venus opposition retrograde Jupiter, creating a condition of hypersensitivity to all sensory stimuli, making it possible for earth dwellers to experience boundless emotional states of consciousness.  This is well and good for those who have prepared their unconscious minds (souls).  For those who have not, the experience will be disorientation, mental confusion, and inability to interpret messages or signals in the environment either accurately or clearly.  Many of these types will simply give up or give in, unable or unwilling to cope with the problems presented.

Jupiter in Gemini is conjoined the Royal Fixed Star Aldebaran - noted for integrity and courage - and the Apex of a Yod (inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn).  On one hand the danger here is one of over-reaching coupled with poor judgment, a danger that can be counter-acted by the application of common sense.  The optimist will see this energy influence as expansion of consciousness, broadening social vision, and enriching moral development. 

O HOLY virgin! clad in purest white,
Unlock heaven's golden gates and issue forth
Awake the dawn that sleeps in heaven; let light
Rise from the chambers of the east, and bring
The honey'd dew that cometh on waking day.
O radiant morning, salute the sun,
Roused like a huntsman to the chase, and with
Thy buskin'd feet appear upon our hills.

 - William Blake -

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Pfizer, Inc., is the world's largest pharma industry, therefore I address the astrology of the company based on the date of incorporation.

DATA:  Incorporation was June 2, 1942 in time given, therefore, consideration will be given to planets and signs only.

Neptune, the planet ruling drugs and the drug industry, is square the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini, sign of children, indicative of the danger to children of pharmaceutical drugs, as the square aspect expresses violence between the planets so indicated  that leaves nothing of value in its wake.

Mercury rules the electrical currents which carry messages over the nerves and all cerebral processes, including perception and comparison.  All expression of thought in speech and writing are expressions of the thought-cells mapped by Mercury.  Jupiter rules the arterial blood stream of the body.  Under the square aspect from Neptune and the drugs it represents, there is a horrific adjustment to the cerebral processes of those who fall victim to its use and dangerous toxicity of the blood stream.

On the day of the Newtown Massacre in Connecticut on December 14, 2012 transiting Neptune at 00* Pisces 40' came to within 25 minutes of exact square to natal Uranus in Gemini at 1* Gemini 05'.  On one level, the meaning of the Neptune/Uranus square is that something that was trying to be kept secret from others may suddenly be revealed.  On another level, the company may be exposed to truths they have never been willing to recognize.  That Uranus is in Gemini and the planet being acted upon, the matter involves children.

If mass murder of children is to be prevented, people must stand up NOW and demand an investigation into the indiscriminate use of pharmaceutical drugs on children and on the doctors who prescribe their use.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


This posting will take the place of the usual 1st Wednesday of the month essay due to the date involved.

As I write this, the web is alive with doom concerning the planetary lineup on December 3, 2012, when Mercury, Venus and Saturn correspond in the heavens to the pyramids at Giza.  The meaning of Orion follows.

KNIGHTS OF KING ARTHUR.  Jason conquered the brazen-footed Bull in one of his adventures while searching for the Golden Fleece, and Sargon of Akkad, fourteen hundred years before the time of Moses, came up out of the Bull-rushes to deliver his people from their tribulations.  But nearer to our own time, and perhaps, therefore, dearer to our hearts, is King Arthur and the famed Knights of his round table.

As is common to traditions when the historical background is dim or lacking, there are variants of the original, but the most authentic version of the story finds twelve knights, bold and strong, seated at a circular and revolving table; ready, like a panel of modern jurymen - twelve men good and true, each to view the matter from the angle of one sign of the zodiac - to pass judgment, and, unlike these later representatives, to fare forth in valiant exploits in the enforcement of their decisions.

The most conspicuous constellation on any yule-tide night, while the Candlemas Bull, Taurus, goes sailing overhead, as legend says it must, is Orion, who follows with upraised club.  In every land is he recognized as a warrior, and the three stars in his belt are known in every land.  In the region where the Tigris and Euphrates flow they are called the Wise Men of the East; but Celtic Druids held them to be three ladies who were present at King Arthur's birth.

Not only is Orion a warrior, but whether as Sargon, Moses, Jason, or the western legendary king, the fight he wages is not merely against oppression from without, but also against the materialistic tendencies and selfish ambitions of his own men.  In every legend relating to him, he fights with environmental forces that endanger his plans; and in every struggle some loss is sustained.

Moses, you will remember, when he had vanquished and utilized to more spiritual purposes the golden calf, called upon those who would support him, even as the constellation thus pictures it, every man to put his sword by his side.  And legend relates that the round table episode was precipitated by the personal ambitions of Arthur's men.

Each one desired the place of honor at the yule-tide feast; each man believed himself entitled to sit near the head of the table.  Nor, although so many hundred years have passed on what should have been progressive feet, do we witness much diminution in the ardor for similar social prestige.  But on this notable occasion the snubbing of one's neighbor was insufficient to express the fires of jealousy that raged within, and a brawl ensured which resulted in many slain; as a thousand years before a like slaying had occurred over the incident of the golden calf.

And thus, as Moses in the Bible times had been confronted by a serious problem, so was Arthur put to it to prevent a recurrence of such an incident among his men.  Nor did he shirk the responsibility thus at hand.  After all, ancient or modern, there is always a best way to meet every situation, always an opportunity to make the obstacle less retarding to progress than otherwise it would have been.

The Bull is pictured full tilt, as if enraged and pitching down upon the hero from the sky; who looks up to meet the impact of its charge undaunted, and with club well poised to deliver its most effective blow.  As belonging to the earthy0earthy sign, the Bull itself most appropriately typifies the crowding strength of the material environment with which we all must struggle and win if we are not to die.

But in its headlong plunge from the regions of above it also conveys the significance of those forces, invisible but potent, which assail man from the sky; the energies from planets and zodiacal signs, which, though more subtle in their attack, have even more power to shape and mold the destiny of man.

Environmental forces, those from the stars and those from the earth, are ever present, and their impacts call for well considered resistance.  We can not escape them, as the timid hare seems to seek to do as it scampers from beneath Orion's feet.  When problems are present, which every day they are, be they large or be they small, their issues must be met.  And for each such problem there is always a best of all possible ways in which to meet it.

This applies to all of them; and that they should be met with courage and full confidence, as Orion meets the rushing Bull.  No situation of life should cause the soul to quail.  Whatever physical disaster may come, whatever distasteful thing may be uncovered in the recesses of the unconscious mind, it is always better to face it squarely, to recognize it for what it is, and then to formulate plans by which the situation may best be met.

Those who form the patients of psychiatrists more frequently than not have refused to face something in themselves, or have refused to face some situation of their lives.  Freudian literature is filled with cases of illness due to unwillingness to recognize certain facts of people about themselves.  And even more serious is the effect of refusal to meet some crisis in the life; for when a condition is present which cannot be faced, the mind turns back upon itself, invents unconscious lies to explain behavior, and if the case is extreme enough in its unwillingness, there develops dementia praecox, one of the most prevalent forms of insanity.

We must face the problems of life firmly.  And among those problems is that of meeting the impacts from the stars.

The only possible way that the planets in their courses can exert an influence on the life of man is through imparting energy to him.  Whether spiritual, mental or physical, whenever work is done, whenever action results, there is always a proportional expenditure of energy.  Without consuming energy nothing is accomplished.

Within the body of man at his birth are lines of tenuous substance that act as aerials do on a radio receiving set.  And after birth, in response to the progress of the planets, other lines temporarily form that have a similar function.  It is these stellar aerials, mapped by aspects, which pick up the energy of the planets, load it with harmony or discordant static, and convey it to the thought0cells of which the finer body is composed.  They transmit to man, at times which can previously be ascertained, those forces from above symbolized by the downward pitching Bull.

Man is influenced by heat and cold and wind and rain and sun and innumerable other conditions that comprise his ever-changing environment.  But his reaction to the impact of these physical conditions is largely within his own control.  He cannot change the weather, but he can prepare to meet it, or if favorable, to take advantage of what it has to offer.  Neither can he change the motion of the planets in the sky, but he can change his own character, and in so doing receive energies more to his liking.

The permanent lines which extend across his finer body, and act as aerials to gather the programs from the planets, are expressions of his character, expressions of the harmonies and discords that have been organized within himself.  And if he changes these, so also will he change the aerials within his finer form, or even construct others not present at birth, which tune in spontaneously to the energy broadcasts of his seeking.

The temporary lines which form in response to the progress of the planets pick up energy corresponding to the rates to which they are attuned.  But the harmony or discord of the energy thus acquired may be vastly modified, so that it has a beneficial influence when it reaches the thought-cells.

Not only so, but the dial of man's own consciousness can be turned, if he used the resolution of Orion or King Arthur, to make an even more potent radio receiving set of his whole nervous system.  He can tune in on the planetary rate desired so completely and persistently that other programs coming from above reach him very little.

Here we see the wisdom of King Arthur.  To prevent a recurrence of the discord occasioned by each knight desiring the preferential place, he called to him the most cunning artificers of the land and instructed them to make a round table that would revolve, at which all the knights could sit, and each could thus consider himself at its head.

In the rgion where fabled Arthur is said to have reigned are still found today cromlechs, concentric circles of stone erected in prehistoric days to portray the orbits of the planets.  And in that land, as also among the Maya of Yucatan, the people array themselves in shirts of white on the first day of May, to dance in circles about the symbol of the Sun, the upright Maypole.

The weaving in and out of the dancers, as they hold ribbon strands reaching to the central post, cause these to form, one with another, sextiles and trines, squares and oppositions, and the other aspects by which astrologers ancient and modern plot the harmony or discord reaching the earth from various parts of heaven.

On that day the Sun has just entered the Struggle-decanate of Taurus, so-called because the life of those born from May 1 to May 11 is so seldom free from obstacles that must be overcome.  It is the decanate pictured by Orion.

We cannot doubt, therefore, that the problem of settling the conflict between his knights, with which King Arthur was confronted, was the same problem which confronts each individual at this day; the problem of avoiding the strife of influences coming from the planets as they sit in their seats among the twelve signs, and of winning their harmonious allegiance.

And he solved it as it must be solved today, by devising a method by which the dial of consciousness can be so revolved that any planet in its seat can be considered at the head, can be given temporary prominence, and thus enlisted fully in support of the most cherished endeavor.  Thus is derived the message of Orion:  The task of the soul on every plane of manifestation is to struggle with and overcome the limitations of its environment.

Spiritual Astrology
C.C. Zain