Thursday, March 10, 2011


Astrologer Richard Nolle, who coined the phrase "Super Moon" in 1979, considers the Full Moon of March 19, 2011 to be an extreme supermoon wherein we can expect huge storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other natural disasters to create havoc on the Earth.  It precedes by two days the Spring Equinox, which also projects severe weather in the USA for the astrological year.  As the Moon falls into the 3rd house this lunation chart, we might expect weather to foul up our communication and transportation systems.

Moving into a higher realm of interpretation, the Moon at 29 degrees Virgo speaks to a resonance between the personal and the universal (archetypal) levels of experience that may allow us as individuals to cast new light on obscure truths and to learn to understand the personal language of the soul.

The Moon in Virgo, sign of integrity and healing opposing the Sun in Pisces, symbolize the principles of healing through becoming whole, when functioning in their most evolved dimension.  This Full Moon can enable you to contribute to world wholeness if you but purify your intentions so they derive from your highest vision.

Virgo is the fixer-upper of the zodiac, her greatest strength being an infinite capacity for service to others that she accomplishes in self-sufficiency, in seeing her duty and doing it, to herself as well as to others.  It is a sign that has the ability to diagnose dysfunctional systems, including our own, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual and to pinpoint that which requires healing.  We heal the planet one person at a time.  It would be beneficial for everyone to check their horoscope to see where this Virgo Full Moon falls to determine exactly what needs fixing up.

Who criticizes all she sees?
And would even analyze a sneeze??
Who hugs and loves her own disease???
It is the Virgo!!!


Sherrie Questioning All said...

Thank you for your wonderful information!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Moggy. Your space here seems so peaceful. Appreciate your wisdom and knowledge as always!