Sunday, March 27, 2011


This Cycle chart, commencing April 9, 2011, has been computed for Australia and will be in effect until January 2012.  Radical activity will be the norm with respect to ambassadors and diplomats from foreign countries; stock exchanges; children's issues, and public education as Uranus is posited in the 5th house, accompanied by Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Uranus is conjoined Mars, the combination signifying rash behavior and surprising occurrences with regard to the areas above described.  A retrograde Pluto squares this dynamic duo from the 2nd house of the nation's treasury, creating unsettling situations as the country re-thinks its position on the nation's resources and the hidden wealth in its mines...and that giant sucking sound of such riches being exported to foreign countries.   

This Cycle of Uranus reflects Saturn inconjunct Venus that is in the charts of all nations, hence the currencies of all nations are in a process of decline, some falling more quickly than others.  This is a planetary combination in an aspect of imbalance that may indicate corruption in the courts or poverty among the people.  In Australia this decline will strongly affect public education and pleasurable pursuits of the people (Venus in 5th house).

The people of the world need to brace for April 2012, when transiting Uranus will conjoin Mars in all the Cycle charts of Uranus.  For Australians, the effects will be felt in all 2nd and 5th house matters; they have a year to save their natural resources. 

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