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Data:  June 21, 2011 @ 1:18 P.M. EDT - Washington, D.C., with comments for the world.

The chart cast for the Vernal Equinox always bears chief rule for the ensuing year; succeeding ingresses are subsidiary to the first-named.  From the chart of the Vernal Equinox posted on March 8, 2011, we found the focal point to be public health and the nation's food supply, among other matters:

"SUN CONJOINED URANUS IN THE 6TH HOUSE puts emphasis on the nation's food supply, service workers, police and firefighters, civil service and public servants, armed forces, public health, and the working class in general.

The 6th house is one of crisis, which is to say the population will be required by events to devote more time, attention and energy to these matters than is usual."

SUMMER SOLSTICE 2011 for the USA:  The Sun is in Cancer in the 9th house with ruler Moon in 6th house Pisces, once again placing focus on public health and the food supply, this time with pressure from international events...such as Europe being consumed by financial disaster. 

T-SQUARE WITH URANUS AT APEX SQUARING SUN IN CANCER AND PLUTO IN CAPRICORN.  Uranus is a high-wired planet and in its 7th house position with the action falling across the zodiac into the house of the people, the warning is to take steps to maintain one's mental stability, to remain balanced and collected in the midst of craziness.  Reread Spring (Vernal) Equinox posted March 8th for explicit ideas of how to accomplish same.

FOR THE WORLD:  A powerful T-Square with tremendous energies will pressure people to behave in an extreme and socially explosive manner.  There is an overload of nervous electrical tension that will incline towards violent destructive action as people become a law unto themselves.  The Cardinal mode leans toward social activism and defiance, with a general state of lawlessness thrown in as Uranus is driven towards radical reform...the freedom fighter bent on overthrowing the shackles that bind.


Karma has arrived and the pressure is on as we meet this restrictive and limiting configuration that will bring to bear struggles under frustrating conditions.  What is being induced is an internal sense of friction, strain, and pressure the ultimate purpose of which will  challenge us to create inner do so, we must be aware so as not to draw more negative energies through the actions of others.  Therefore, do not be stirred into taking quick but often poorly planned action, rise to the challenge of learning to be more self-controlled and consistent.  The benefits will be escape from bad timing and reckless moves.

FOR THE WORLD:  Agitation to the max as the four squares increase the impatient, assertive temperament of this quality.  Pitfalls include impetuosity, reckless moves, bad timing, over-assertion, and confrontations with others.  Any of the planets involved occupying the 10th house (such as Mercury in the USA 10th) means the governments of said countries will be predisposed towards these pitfalls.  Moral of the Cosmic Cross:  Endurance.

MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE IN THE 5TH HOUSE strongly suggests prudence in stock market investing and trading because with Neptune afflicted, what you see is not necessarily what is...deception, dissolution, disappear are the keywords.

FOR THE WORLD:  Deceitful actions give pause as a lack of clarity of the motivations of others renders an inability to act...often taking a break to reflect in the midst of upheaval is of enormous benefit.

The error in thinking there is an obligation to others while allowing the country's own needs of dietary sustenance to go unaddressed.

FOR THE WORLD:  Dealing with the burden of submission to others.

SATURN TRINE VENUS IN THE 9TH HOUSE...Benefit via the judiciary branch...indeed, on June 17th it was announced that the Supremes unanimously held that not just states but individuals have standing to challenge federal laws as violations of state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.  A tip of the hat and an 'about time' they honored the Constitution.  Credit to Sherrie for the heads-up.

FOR THE WORLD:  Practicality in relationships with other countries, especially in the realm of currencies.

PLUTO TRINE JUPITER IN THE 8TH HOUSE...the Plutocracy, in their lust for acquisition of wealth (Jupiter in the 1st decanate of Taurus), moves to reform policies:  social security, private pension plans, credit resources.

FOR THE WORLD:  Political success for some countries, financial success for least those countries without a strong desire to reform policies out of their need to control...which will eventually backfire.

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