Thursday, June 9, 2011


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IN A CYCLE CHART, which is erected for the longitude and latitude of the place where its influence is to be ascertained for the exact moment the planet crosses from South Declination to North Declination (0* N 0'), the house occupied by the planet for which the chart is erected becomes unusually important as indicating the starting point from which the influence emanates which brings about the most important events which transpire during the life of the cycle.

In the current cycle chart Saturn occupies the 5th house:  the stock market and stock exchange; speculation; places where education is dispensed; places of amusement (theaters, movies, etc.); ambassadors from foreign countries.


Like Jupiter, Saturn is a business planet, having an influence over the business trend in a country with a tendency to contraction and to measures of protection as by nature, Saturn is the planet of safety, economy and poverty.  Under affliction we may expect losses of various kinds.  Saturn rules the land, the buildings on the land, the crops which grow from the soil, the mineral wealth under the ground, and basic utilities like steel, lumber and coal.  The weather also comes under his rulership and so destruction of crops and buildings through flood, storms, and when Mars plays a part even through fire, comes under this planet's jurisdiction.

In financial matters, Saturn's influence following extravagances of an afflicted Jupiter such as we have experienced (Jupiter square Pluto in the Jupiter Cycle Chart) leads to a time of depression.

Saturn's aspects:  opposition Mars in Libra in the 11th house; sextile Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius in the 3rd house; trine Pluto in Sagittarius in the 1st house.  Thus, we have four planets in two houses (1st and 3rd) that reconcile the Mars/Saturn opposition wherein the negative energies are more easily disbursed.

At present Saturn is preparing to make a station on June 13th at 10* Libra 27' in the 11th house of congress trine natal Mercury in the 3rd house, ruling the 8th house of the Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury and the national debt.  I would expect an announcement (3rd house Mercury) will be made issuing from the congress (11th house) in connection with the trillions of dollars of debt (8th house) which the country has incurred at the hands of those who work toward the destruction of the United States.  

Bear in mind that the influence of Saturn is keenest in this chart relative to the stock market...danger lurks therein because Saturn speaks of deflation and is about to make a station on a degree meaning object lessons are at hand...protect yourselves!


Anonymous said...

could next week be about the debt celing which is talked about alot?
or something 'out of the blue'?
'protect yourself'..does that mean have food, cash, prepping stuff?
thank you for the posts.

Moggy said...

It could be about the debt ceiling or it could be about rearranging the social security and pension plan deck chairs..or some other evil plan out of the blue to bail out the banksters.

Yes, "protect yourselves" means having food, water, medical supplies, a means to defend yourself and family, and all things necessary to live such as extra blankets, clothing, etc., during a financial collapse. Don't forget your pets, put aside food for them, too. It's going to be mean.