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Each sign of the zodiac rules a specific part of the human body and has requirements distinct from all other zodiacal signs.  In the human body Cancer rules the lower part of the lungs, the breasts, the diaphragm, the stomach and may have influence over the spleen.  Physiologically, Cancer governs expansion and contraction, elasticity and tenacity.  It is a fluidic sign and all the organs it rules are concerned with the secretion of fluids.

The biochemic salt related to this sign is Calcium fluoride, a hard substance possessing a peculiar property of elasticity.  It is an important constituent of the enamel of the teeth, the fingernails, bones, crystalline lens of the eye, and in the elastic fiber of all muscular tissue.  When deficient the skin becomes cracked, there is prolapsed organs, varicose veins, hardening of the arteries, cataracts, blurred vision, hard growths, valvular heart troubles, hemorrhoids, receding gums, and loose teeth...all indications that the tissues have lost their elasticity.

There is a fine membrane similar to a spider web covering the brain that requires Calcium fluoride to be strong, pliable and elastic so that thoughts are quickly and easily connected to produce a good memory or in Cancer-speak, a tenacious memory (ability to hold on to thoughts).  These tiny web-like filaments become flabby when this tissue (cell) salt is deficient thus, connection of thought becomes difficult, the result being a poor memory or forgetfulness...which is lack of mental elasticity.

Usually when a situation calls for Calcium fluoride, the tissue salt Silica is also required, as both these salts work in conjunction with one another, are extremely hard substances, and the actions of these salts in the body is to make firm and tighten up any tissues or organs that are relaxed or prolapsed.

People who were born with the Sun or Moon in Cancer or Sagittarius or have Cancer or Sagittarius on the Ascendant, and when planets in Cancer or Sagittarius or the Ascendant are under progressed or transiting afflictions can avoid problems associated with these Cancer and Sagittarian cell salts and enjoy excellent health by supplying their bodies with Calcium fluoride and Silica.

Many years ago a periodontist told me that I would lose four or five teeth due to gum disease.  I requested putting off oral surgery for a few months and began to dose myself with Calcium fluoride daily.  When I returned for the pre-surgery examination, the perio-man was surprised, to say the least, to discover that I would lose only one tooth. 

Water lilies, cucumbers, squashes, melons, peppermint and water plants generally.

Digestive Aid:  Peppermint owes its healing value to its content of menthol, which appears to soothe the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract.  It may also help to prevent stomach ulcers and stimulate bile secretion.  To make a healing infusion for stomach upset, use 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried peppermint per cup of boiling water, cover and steep ten minutes, add honey and lemon to taste.

Aromatherapy is a healing method which uses the essential oils obtained from aromatic plants and trees for therapeutic purposes.
The effect of Roman Chamomile is antiseptic, vasoconstricting, healing and beneficial for skin and hair, as well as for sensitive, dry, reddened, or itchy skin, infected wounds, abscesses, acne, and rashes.

I make a hand cream using a simple base cream such as Udderly Smooth (approximately two tablespoons) and add a few drops of Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils, with a capsule of Vitamin E for a longer shelf is excellent for chapped hands, tending to make them smooth and supple.  A formula to try for dry skin, added to a base cream: 1 drop Rose, 2 drops Roman Chamomile, 1 drop Neroli.

Moon stone, Catseye, Pearl and such stones as are soft and white as they have the ability to improve the intuitive, receptive portion of the mind, encouraging psychic ability.  The Brow (6th) Chakra is energized by these stones as they assist in clearing the aura.


Anonymous said...

wow awesome. i probably could use some calcium flouride, at times my nails have gotten weak. but in my experience cell salts usually comes in a 6X potency, so i get an undesired homeopathic effect rather than the minerals i need! can one get calcium flouride in a normal mineral form rather than a homeopathic form? thx.

Moggy said...

Pt21..Weak nails would benefit from a Silica supplement in a complex form for structural support.

Cell salts are inorganic substances of which the human body is built up, having its own sphere of function and curative action by reason of the part it occupies in the cells and the part these have to perform to maintain and restore health. I know of no other form to effect healing and have never heard of an undesired homeopathic result..and I have been taking homeopathic tissue salts for over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

my homeopathy teacher literally wrote the book on homeopathic therapeutics in his day. he was a low potency practitioner, strictly one remedy at a time... and didn't like cell salts for the reason i stated. that is why i only tried it once.
i would like to avoid the idea that everyone's personal reality must be the same, or else one or the other is wrong. the same thing can have different valences for people from different cultures, for example, cultural anthropologists have proven this to their own satisfaction. i would find no fault with cell salts, and would hope you might respect that they haven't worked for me in potentized form. :-)
your knowledge and wisdom are immense; i am very fortunate to know you and you are very kind to answer my many questions.

Moggy said...

Pt21..An M.D. well versed in cell salts mixed a combination for me when I suffered a serious case of pneumonia years ago. I am personally glad that he didn't hold with only one remedy at a time.

I'm sorry cell salts do not work for what you need to do to be healthy. While it is a fine idea to listen to what others have to say, it is exceedingly wiser to use one's own judgment in the face of any suggestions offered by others.

Best to you.