Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Data:  July 1, 2011 @ 4:55 A.M. EDT - Washington, D.C.

A Cardinal Grand Square
(Cross) commands this chart, as the eclipse falls into the 1st house, opposing Pluto and squaring the Saturn/Uranus opposition.  The dynamics of planets in Cardinal signs are energetic and highly vigorous and when in square aspect, greatly agitated, leading to impulsive action, reckless moves, and bad timing.

Mercury, ruler of the Gemini Rising chart, is positioned in the 2nd house of the financial state of the nation on a late (crisis) degree of Cancer...poised on the threshold of a new cycle.  Trine to 10th house Uranus, it holds the key to the Cardinal Cross, as - to a lesser degree - does 11th house Jupiter trine Pluto.  Bankers to right of us, congressmen to left of us, corporatists in front of us, Volley'd and thunder'd; Storm'd at with shot and shell, Boldly we rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell, Rode the six hundred.  (apologies to Tennyson).

Mars in Gemini located in the 12th house separating from a square to 9th house Neptune speaks to recent duplicitous activity involving international events.  With Mars conjoined USA progressed 6th house Uranus, military entanglement seems likely during the life of this eclipse.

Uranus square 1st house Venus, co-ruler of the 4th and 12th houses, warns of sudden changes in the country's social situation and the state of their currency.  Perhaps *because* of the currency change.  The 4th and 12th house implications speak of criminal activity connected to the nation's farmlands...the afflictions to 4th house Saturn suggesting the criminals to be those in positions of authority.  As Pluto trumps Saturn, plutarchy reigns supreme.

Areas of trouble:  Agitated citizens; weather anomalies and a further slide in real estate values); foreign affairs provide grief; and the ever-lovin' executive branch of government undergoes a radical change (Uranus in 10th).


Anonymous said...

any idea about changes in the executive branch, what the possibilites might be?
appreciate the postings

Moggy said...

Aye..the possibilities are that the administration may improvise how duties are carried out using experimentation in various areas, such as enforcing the law and military policy. As Uranus is sextile Mars and Mars rules action and is in Gemini, the sign ruling the people, this should cause shivers up and down the spine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moggy,
The first mention i've heard of American Spring was this morning just a day before the July 1st eclipse which features a Grand Cross almost within four degrees the U.S. Sun. (Someone mentioned the possibility below a youtube video depicting the Greek youth battling against the bankster government in the streets of Athems where the police are using chemicals against them now, in addition to smoke-bombs.)

What got my attention is that the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-cross of 2014 & 2015 will, of course, very similarly form a Grand Cross with the U.S. natal Sun square U.S. natal Saturn).

As Gover points out (in _Time And Money_), with numerous charts to prove it, the U.S. undergoes a depression every time this particular outer-planet Great Squaring of the U.S. Sun occurs by transit.

This time, as in the American Revolution, Pluto is in Capricorn. (Uranus squaring from Aries completes the picture.)

All this makes me think old, unconscious, planet-killing King George will have to either wake up, start thinking young again, and find the love in his heart for dear old Mother Earth, or get the heck out of Nebraska.

What do you think?

Moggy said...

Pt21..nice to see you stopping by.
An American Spring has already occurred...in 1776...from which time we have functioned under a democracy. Perhaps the person who coined the phrase means an American Redux.

I do not see a T-Cross involving Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in 2014/15 as Saturn will be in Scorpio in 2014, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn; in 2015 Saturn will be in Sagittarius and Scorpio, again not a trio.

I think Pluto in Capricorn will cause those in power to lean so heavily upon the people globally that they will rise up at great cost to themselves to shed the chains that bind. As Scot William Wallace said so eloquently: "This is the truth I tell you: of all things freedom's most fine. Never submit to live, my son, in the bonds of slavery entwined."

Anonymous said...

nice to be here.

right, the Cross takes in the natal U.S. Sun and natal U.S. Saturn (in Libra square Sun) and the transiting Pluto and Uranus.

the American historian Gore Vidal suggested that the U.S. Constitution allows for two-thirds of the states, if i recall, to convene a Constitutional... --i forget the exact term, but it allows for a referendum on and potentially a redrafting of the U.S. Constitution (no redux necesary).

Anonymous said...

i really like your call on Pluto in Capricorn, i so hope that is right. (and i see what you mean about how we already had a Spring, but our oppressor lived far away, mighty though he was.)

Moggy said...

Pt21.."right, the Cross takes in the natal U.S. Sun and natal U.S. Saturn (in Libra square Sun) and the transiting Pluto and Uranus."

I didn't realize you weren't talking about all transits. You can toss in transiting Jupiter in 2014 as it conjoins USA natal Sun..political upheaval to the max, arrogance getting out of hand..the people (Pluto transiting USA 1st house)do what Pluto on a rampage does best.

Moggy said...

Pt21.."(and i see what you mean about how we already had a Spring, but our oppressor lived far away, mighty though he was.)"

There are a few puppeteers living far, far away these days, too. When all is said and done, they may run but will be unable to hide.

Anonymous said...

Yeah last night's lodgings were a little uncomfortable (Boulder Colorado is a beautiful place, though) and i misspoke saying there was a T-cross where there was none, sorry for the confusion.

You so give me exactly the hope i need for this old world, Thanks! i haven't the strength to go out and conquer external evils, you see, and needed to be reminded that ignorance has nowhere to hide--so true--not when there is no complicity to be found anywhere. (i need to look at your work on Greece, that takes more effort on my part!)

Anonymous said...

well today is july 1st and this eclipse didn't hurt the US stock market any. i am too open-minded! :-) my experience is that you can't count on action with eclipses unless within a two degree orb, at three degrees maybe something, yes, but maybe no. today's eclipse missed the US Jupiter by over 3 degrees, US Sol by over 4. Teale (_Eclipses_) said it might act by midpoint action and i should not have beleived it! :-)

i know you have it right, Moggy, look at the mundane charts it impacts in important ways, that is where the action will be! do you have a set of mundane maps you do this with? if i had time and talent for this i would have some kind of list or wheel which showed what important planets from all important mundane charts are at each of the degrees so that i could look up at a time where each eclipse hit. oh duh i guess you look at where the light is occulted on the globe to see this, too. as i say, mundane isn't my thing, a good reason to visit here!

Moggy said...

Pt21..perhaps the U.S. stock market was not affected because the eclipse did not fall into the U.S. 5th house, eh? It falls into the 7th house of allies, open enemies, foreign affairs and war..and will influence those matters for the next six months.

I have, and keep adding to, charts of countries and cities and check them to note eclipse action, progressions, and transits. Sometimes I write about them, sometimes I do not. The purpose in my writing is to alert readers to what is or what may happen so that they can take steps to duck and cover..to survive.

So..how's your long term food and water supply? How distant are you from the nearest city? Do you have cash on hand (not in a bank) to last at least six months? Do you hold in hand gold and silver bullion to preserve your capital? Is the state of your soul as spiritual as can be accomplished?

Hammer said...

I always stop by to enjoy your readings and conversations. I would really be interested in a reading for Japan if you ever had the time or the inclination to do so. We have been through a great deal this year as a result of natural events and I would be personally interested in any thoughts either your good self or pt21 had to say on this.

As always,

my kind regards to all.

Moggy said...

Hammer..I am presently working on two essays (par for the course for Gemini, lol) and when finished I shall check out Japan for you.

Hammer said...

That is so very generous of spirit of you. I shall very much look forward to that as I do with all your postings :)

Moggy said...

Hammer..flattery will get you everywhere, lol. I am working on Japan now and should have it finished sometime today..barring another computer-shutdown storm.

Anonymous said...

thanks Moggy, yes, i am all squared away!

Hammer, despite congenital extra susceptibility to radiation poisoning i was happily able to return to the west coast despite the fallout here, which is a good sign; i really feel for Japan and hope folks everywhere will stand up for the fact that to start a nuclear fire in one's own front yard without having an "off" switch is too stupid for humans to ever do. even electric lights have an off-switch. (if the complaint is that this is too hard to do, the response to that is that nuclear power must wait until then; besides, the mere disposal issue is still insurmountable.)