Tuesday, June 7, 2011


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Note:  This cycle is functional through May 25, 2022


The influence of Jupiter on everything he contacts is in the direction of expansion.  Lavish expenditures and higher prices are the name of the game, whether in matters of wages, in the price to be paid for produce, or in the investment of capital.  The problem occurs when Jupiter is involved in a challenging aspect with another planet, for then the tendency is toward extravagance, to purchases at a price far above their real worth, or what may reasonably be expected from them in the way of financial returns.

Progressed aspects of Jupiter in the cycle chart will usually attract more events related to finances than any other one thing.  Also to be taken into consideration are 9th house matters, Jupiter's natural field of play:  commerce, interstate commerce in particular, treaties, ships which travel the sea, and the courts.

In the current cycle, a 1st house Jupiter is conjoined Uranus and square both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th house of credit...thus the USA is malfunctioning in the financial sector directly due to malfeasance of government agencies (10th house), such as the U.S. Treasury, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, and the Federal Reserve...to the detriment of the people (1st house).  Clearly, Jupiter separating from the conjunction to Uranus (changes) is indicative of the distribution of wealth (Jupiter) having been wrenched from the people.

On June 12, 2011, progressed/transiting Jupiter in Taurus forms a trine to natal Venus...in the news we may expect to hear of an expenditure or yet another levy upon us by the U.S. Treasury via one of their agencies.  Batten down the financial hatches, learn to live frugally so that you will survive the thievery being wrought by traitors to each and every American citizen and to our Constitutional Republic.

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