Saturday, June 11, 2011


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This chart is set for Washington, D.C., and brings to fruition the financial crisis described in the New Moon chart of June 1st.

The eclipse falls into the Sagittarian 2nd house, thus we may expect sensational events about the financial state of the nation, the national treasury, GDP, and the nation's resources.

Scorpio Rises, natural sign of the 8th house of debt, credit, Federal Reserve, shared resources and BIG money in a degree signifying a concrete plan, which is revealed by the placement of co-ruler Mars in its detriment in Taurus (money) occupying the 7th house of foreign affairs and war, where this dysfunctional government intends to solve the monetary woes they themselves have created.  Be assured that the children and grandchildren of congressmen, high ranking Washington officials, the Supremes, Wall Street CEOs, Corporate leaders, corporations involved in devastating our food supplies with Frankenfood, pharmaceutical company executives, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and all others connected with the new world order will not find themselves on the firing line as cannon fodder.  In this way the blood of your children and grandchildren will be spilled on their behalf to enrich themselves, rather than to water the Tree of Liberty.

'Tis the time's plague, when madmen lead the blind.  King Lear


Anonymous said...

I do apologize but sometimes I have a difficult time interpreting
the readings though today's energy is quite clear.
Do you think it's possible for another war to start next Wed? Or
something out of the blue? And that the people you cited and their generations will escape from all the tumult that the parents wrung? Karma will not show up for them?
Thank you for the posting.

Moggy said...

No need to apologize, anytime something is not clear all you need to do is ask for clarification and I shall be happy to oblige.

It is always possible for another war to start - not only next Wednesday - but at anytime, when people at the helm of a country vibrate to the lower Pluto forces, i.e., gangsters and racketeers: evil, greedy, morally bankrupt, corrupt people.

No one can escape their personal karma. Those who have given themselves over to evil deeds will suffer the disintegration of their vehicle on the inner plane that occupies their souls; thus, their souls will fail to gain self-conscious immortality. Perhaps in some distant future Eternal Spirit will allow them another chance, I don't know, for there is always the possibility that their lights will be forever extinguished.

Anonymous said...

Moggy, Your astrology is awesome, your grasp profound, and your concise writing is exciting.

Vickie said...

thanks Moggy. keep looking up!