Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Transits in the outer ring are for July 1, 2011

DATA:  March 1, 1867 - Lincoln, Nebraska....time unknown

The Missouri River floods of June 2011. 

Forecasters state the 6 to 12 inches of rainfall in the upper Missouri basin in the past few weeks is nearly a normal year's worth, while runoff from the mountain snowpack is 140% of normal.  This double whammy has forced federal officials to release water at nearly double old records from six reservoirs on the upper Missouri River from Montana through South Dakota, which will continue into August, endangering communities from Montana to St. Louis, MO.

North of Omaha, Nebraska Missouri River floodwaters threatened a nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun and in southeastern Nebraska near Brownville, then continued downstream where the flooded river menaced downstream levees running hundreds of miles.

The flooding has forced road closures, including a highway bridge from Iowa into Nebraska, which will be shut down on Wednesday, June 29th.

THE ASTRO:  Transiting URANUS, which has been square its natal position in Cancer - a water sign - for most of the month, formed an exact aspect on June 17th, while transiting SATURN applies to a square of natal MARS and opposes natal NEPTUNE.  To complicate matters, the July 1st Solar Eclipse @ 9* Cancer 12' conjoins natal MARS.  The crisis continues unabated.

JUNE 30, 2011...ADDENDUM
The release of water into the Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, South Dakota affects cities and towns downstream throughout Nebraska and Iowa with the worst flooding ever seen.  The following video warns and asks for your prayers:

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