Monday, June 13, 2011


Fear mongering is defined as the use of fear to influence the opinions and actions of others towards some specific end.  The feared subject is usually repetitious and often exaggerated in order to continuously reinforce the intended effects.

Emotion generates and liberates electromagnetic energy that can be used magically.  There are two types of magic, white and black, the former for purposes of good and the latter for purposes of evil.  Those who practice black magic require the type of electromagnetic energy that has need of great volume and low-frequency, thus, everything is made use of that is terrifying.  The emotion of fear.  The emotion that forces individuals in constant attunement with it to lower their dominant vibrations.  Lest there is any doubt in your mind:  Black Magic Feeds Upon Fear!

More often than not Biblical passages are quoted to compare current events with Bible prophecy, never taking into consideration that the enemies of the people and their welfare also read the Bible.  There is little doubt in my mind that "they" also use linguistic analysis, astrology, -  especially the lunations...and also coordinate their actions for the purpose of driving and keeping the people in a continuous state of fear...because fear - in its characteristic lack of love - renders one incapable of spiritual evolution. The result is that every You Tube offering is accepted as gospel, loud-mouth ranters are seen as advocates of the people (instead of controlled opposition), and church ministers are preaching the end is near.

Consider this, if you will:  Fear is a method of control, in some cases in an attempt to wring love from your very other cases being based on an end-of-the-world scenario and "they" are using Biblical prophecy to vacuum up people who are willing to lend credence to their theatrics.  As a free thinker I do not recommend that anyone follow the thoughts of another, mine included, therefore, my suggestion is that you do not take my word for it.  Instead, become familiar with and examine the God-given keys of Solomon's Temple, which is to say planetary interaction, and you would know that the world will not end by fire until the Vernal Equinox goes down in the west as if submerged, the Fiery Furnace - Crater - rises in the east, triumphant, and starts pouring fire down upon the earth.  And to time this event, the Pleiades are then directly on the midheaven at the rising of the Sun.  We are looking at approximately 4,000 A.D.


Anonymous said...

Very timely commentary, thank you for being "of the light" and of love!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post....thank you:)

mam said...

So no end of the world for nearly 2,000 more years?

Darn I'm going to miss the whole shebang.


Moggy said...

Not necessarily, mam. There is nothing to prevent spiritually advanced entities who once lived upon the earth to tune into current events. Such is how one of my spirit guides blessed me with a how-to lesson on dealing with evil; had he not been aware of earth happenings in the present time, the lesson would not have been forthcoming, the gist of which is being and radiating Love, as it creates a vibratory wall that cannot be breached by evil.

Anonymous said...

Moggy I'm enthralled by your astrology and writings. Linguistic analysis? There plan is replete with new think, like, undocumented immigrant instead of the Constitutionally defined illegal alien. The name Federal Reserve is neither. Yes, I totally agree.
Blessings to you, your spirit guides, and your fine work.