Friday, May 13, 2011


Click on charts to enlarge.  The first chart has progressions on the outer circle, the second chart the transits.
NOTE:  My blog suffered interruption in service, therefore, this could not be posted yesterday.

Aztec-star asked:  "Can you look into any harsh aspects from the 15th to the 17th of May (Full Moon).

A friend of mine is convinced that the New Madrid Fault BIG earthquake is going to hit in the next few days."

PROGRESSIONS May 13, 2011:  Pluto applying inconjunct natal Uranus (38' from exact aspect)...both planets are known to have rulership of earthquakes; Mars countraparallel natal Sun; and Pluto countraparallel natal Mercury.

TRANSITS May 13, 2011: Moon conjunct natal Uranus, triggering progressed Pluto inconjunct natal Uranus.

The Moon regularly conjoins natal Uranus on its monthly journey around the natal horoscope.  However, on this particular journey after it triggers the progression as above mentioned it will, on the morning of May 17th, become involved with an opposition of the Sun (Full Moon) at 26* Scorpio 13'...square the Moon's Nodes.  An event can occur up to a week prior to the Full Moon.

Additionally, transiting Mars conjoins natal Moon; Jupiter forms an inconjunct with natal Jupiter, and retrograde Saturn squares natal Mercury.

The purpose of the inconjunct is to create transformation and links planetary influences between signs that have no sympathy for each other by either element or quality and are therefore functioning under great strain.  This is definitely a heads-up get-out-of-Dodge kind of moment that is only exceeded in danger by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011, when natal Sun in Gemini will be caught up in the Sagittarian fireworks.

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