Monday, May 16, 2011


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Headlines this morning - May 16, 2011:  "Euro Crisis May Hit Eastern European Recovery."

A crisis is defined as being required by events in life to devote more time, attention and energy to a matter more than is usual.  If your toilet doesn't flush it is a crisis that demands a plumber; if your roof leaks when it rains it is a crisis that demands a roofer.  If trouble develops in your monetary system it is a crisis that demands the application of brain cells, not a flight into fear.

The transits of May 16, 2011 depicted in the outer circle of the above chart of the Euro may shed some light on the current situation.  Transiting Mercury @ 00* Taurus 23' applies to a square of natal Neptune and implies an inability to separate fact from fiction; a good deal of confusion reigns and possibly outright distortion.  Transiting Venus @ 00* Taurus 24' is also applying to square natal Neptune, lending an inclination to be impractical with regard to financial matters; it is possible misrepresentation is part of the problem.  Under such an influence it is difficult to make an appropriate assessment regarding the Euro's true value.  Fortunately, both these two planets are fast in motion and will be out of orb by May 18th, and we are left with:

Transiting Jupiter, which conjoins natal Saturn, lending a bolstering effect with a dose of cautiousness, while transiting Saturn continues to form a trine to natal Uranus in the 10th house, a combination that represents balancing stability with a need for change.  It suggests that structures will not be disrupted.

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