Monday, May 16, 2011


Click on chart to enlarge.  Progressions are the middle ring, transits are the outer ring.

IN THE NEWS:  U.S. Treasury Confirms Debt Ceiling To Be Breached Today; Will Tap Pension Funds.

This announcement does not come as a surprise to those mentally aware and nimble of foot concerning the financial shenanigans of the elite.  Many alert Americans with pensions other than Federal cashed out their pensions last year, opting to pay the penalty in order to save their assets from plunder by an amoral government.

The astrology -  Progressions: Venus conjunct natal Saturn;  Jupiter opposition natal Moon and progressed Pluto; Jupiter inconjunct natal Saturn; Jupiter sextile natal Neptune; Pluto conjunct natal Moon; progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn on a critical degree...the Moon represents the citizens, Saturn represents poverty and government figureheads...and the latter is doing their level best to render the former destitute.

Transits:  Saturn square natal Mars; Pluto square natal Venus; Pluto inconjunct natal Uranus; Venus contraparallel natal Moon.

What will it take for the public to demand that government live within their means, to cut back and/or eliminate government agencies, to dispense with both corporate and foreign aid?  Perhaps this latest action will light a fire where it needs to be lit...just as a controlled burn by the Forest Service cleans out debris from our forests.  There is nothing like having the fruits of one's labor stolen out from under the proverbial nose to cause an awakening in those who have been asleep at the wheel.


Anonymous said...

I have been astounded the last two yrs that the citizens, particularly the senior group, who get zero interest for their savings, have been so compilent..
Bill Gross of PIMCO was lying on cnbc today and no commentator corrected him...lying is the status quo, a very expensive status quo..and untruths taken for granted..
blows my mind often and I have no expectations people will change as much as I would like that to happen

Anonymous said...

Geithner is the Treasury right now and his history is Not comforting as to work in favor of the people

Anonymous said...

Spot on Moggy. I'm of the belief that too many are too dumbed down and have been educated in socialist/marxist theories and don't even know that's what it is. And, too many are benefiting from the government handouts and are unwilling to give up their "entitlement" share for the greater good. The whole thing just "needs" to implode.