Monday, May 9, 2011


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The threat to the people of Memphis, TN as outlined in the March 12th essay has come to fruition.  The transits shown in the above chart are for May 8, 2011...transiting Uranus is conjoined natal Pluto, square natal Venus and square retrograde Saturn in Cancer (flooding).  

Record Flooding Spreading Down The Mississippi River

As the Mississippi River continued to rise to record levels in response to over 2 feet of rain in recent weeks, officials began to evacuate portions of Memphis Friday. More evacuation orders will likely be given as historical flood levels spread southward along the Mississippi River. At Memphis, a crest of around 48 feet is forecast by National Weather Service hydrologists Wednesday of next week.

Rising waters along the White River in Arkansas forced the closure of part eastbound and westbound lands of Interstate 40 in the Natural State. The route is a major thoroughfare for trucking. It is possible that as waters continue to rise on the Mississippi and connecting rivers farther downstream additional highways may close. Additional neighborhoods of cities and towns will be inundated through nearly the end of May in some areas as the crest moves very slowly downstream. Additional evacuations of unprotected or levee compromised areas are likely.


Aztec-Star said...


Can you look into any harsh aspects from the 15th to the 17th of May (Full Moon).

A friend of mine is convinced that the New Madrid Fault BIG earthquake is going to hit in the next few days.

Moggy said...

Aye, I'll take a look and post any findings, although my psychic sense alerts me to expect an EQ at the NMSZ in the not too distant future.