Monday, May 9, 2011


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PHILIPPINES - According to The Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion, Independence was granted by the USA on July 4, 1946 by the lowering of the US flag and the hoisting of the Philippines flag at 9:15 a.m. CCT.

Transiting Saturn retrograde in Libra square natal Sun in Cancer; the aspect is applying, thus the people must take precautions for further deadly weather.

Saturn is the storm planet, having an extreme influence on the wind, tending toward destruction via water (Sun in Cancer).  An aspect from Saturn to Sun is one of prominence, hence, floods, for Saturn is normally a wet planet and can be considered the planet most favoring destructive and disagreeable weather.

Tropical storm Aere lashed the northeastern Philippines on Sunday, killing at least nine people and forcing more than 100,000 villagers to flee from farming towns threatened by landslides. The storm slammed into Catanduanes province with winds of 53 miles (85 kilometres) per hour and gusts of 62 mph (100 kph). It triggered landslides and floods, disrupted transportation and knocked out power in some towns.
More than 4,700 commuters were stranded in several seaports after ferries suspended trips and roads were closed due to floods and the danger of landslides, officials said. Several domestic flights were cancelled.
A landslide buried a house in Camarines Sur province’s Balatan township at dawn, killing three people.

An elderly woman drowned trying to cross a swollen river in Daraga town in Albay province, and a man was electrocuted in a flooded village in Libon town. Three men drowned in Catanduanes and Leyte provinces, and a driver died in a truck crash during stormy weather in Camarines Sur, officials said.


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