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The figure for the Vernal (Spring) Equinox always bears chief rule for the ensuing astrological year (March to March) and while the succeeding ingresses into the other cardinal points also have a pre-signification, they are subsidiary to the first-named.  Focus of the Vernal Equinox in effect until March of 2014 will be on 3rd house matters:  Transportation (river, land, sea), communications (internet, telephone, post office), bridges, and just-in-time delivery systems.

The following interpretation is for the chart cast for Washington, D.C., of the Summer Solstice depicting situations to be faced by the population of the USA during the course of the next three months.  DATA:  June 21, 2013 @ 1:05 a.m. - Washington, D.C.

The most note-worthy configuration is a Water Grand Trine involving a 4th house Sun, 7th house Saturn, and 12th house Neptune.  Normally this would be considered an easing of problems, however, there are a total of six planets in water signs in addition to a watery Ascendant.  An over-emphasis on the water element means that with the Sun in the 4th house, the focus will be weather events, agriculture, and general living conditions of the population.  For people everywhere, in every country on the globe, this watery over-emphasis means there will be a feeling of being cast adrift in a rowboat that is bobbing on a stormy ocean.

In the chart under discussion, Uranus in Aries in the 1st house bestows a tendency for the people to revolt under oppression and being squared by a 10th house Pluto in Capricorn, the oppression is unrelenting.  Mars sextile Uranus equates to the public arming themselves to a greater degree than already accomplished.

Jupiter sits exactly on the IC opposing the Midheaven suggesting a time for seeking security at home base, a time to gather strength.

Spiritual astrology holds that the most spiritual time of year falls at the Summer Solstice.  The highest point in the zodiac, the place for which pyramids and mounds were erected in ancient times, is the dividing line between Gemini and Cancer.  In days of old, fires were lighted on these eminences to signify the Sun had reached its greatest elevation; that is, had reached the very gate of heaven.

In the 28th Chapter of Genesis @ verse #12 is described the dream of Jacob:  "He dreamed that a ladder was set up on the ground with its top reaching to heaven; angels of God were ascending and descending on it."

The degrees of the zodiac are not unlike the rungs of a ladder which arches the sky, extending from earth to heaven.  Thus do the various planets move higher and higher in the sky until they reach the first of the sign Cancer and then start their descent to lower declination.

This going up and coming down, which the Sun is observed to do each summer, evidently signified to those who traced the starry pictures in the sky and gave to each a story, a going up and coming down which was suggestive of the movement of those intelligences which have no physical form, and which, for want of a better term, may be called angels.

It is not without significance that the preceding compartment in the zodiacal circle, which is touched by this gate of the above, is Gemini, the section ruling thought.  As the Key-phrase to Cancer is I Feel, we have quite appropriately, Thinking and Feeling in immediate contact with the highest point of the celestial circle, and thus leading to the heavenly gate.

Thoughts enter into compounds which are harmonious or discordant according to the Feeling at the time they were brought together.  If the feeling was that of discord, the thoughts so united tend to attract into the life the very opposite of heaven; they attract misfortune and distress.  But if the feeling which accompanied their union was of a pleasant turn, to the extent such harmony was present do the thought-cells then composed, work to attract fortune and happiness into the life.

A similar process is at work with lower forms, in fact, wherever life exists such processes are at work; although the states of consciousness experienced can hardly be dignified by the name of thought.  Yet life-forms on every plane, and in every stage of progress, have experiences which are registered in their finer forms as states of consciousness.

These states of consciousness, however lowly and simple they may be, constitute the experiences of that form.  They are registered in the astral counterpart and combine to form the psychoplasmic cells of that finer body; and these, in turn, determine the experiences which will be attracted to it.

Whether lowly or highly evolved, whether to a single cell of protoplasm or to an educated man, every experience that comes to a life-form adds just that much energy to its finer body.  As a person, when hypnotized, or under psychoanalysis, can recall any experience or thought of his or her past, so the four-dimensional body of every organism is a complete record of all that has happened to it, and its mental and emotional reactions to these occurrences.

So it is that every form of life is moving forward toward the acquisition of such abilities as will fit it to perform the particular function in the cosmic scheme of affairs, that is has been called into differentiated existence to fulfill.  It attracts to it, by virtue of its original polarity, the type of experiences that afford it the proper trend in education.  It does not have just the same experiences that some other does; because it is not being educated to fill the same cosmic position.

Its experiences in one form of life, however, give its thought-cells, or unconscious mind, ability to handle certain situations.  It learns how to gather together the material elements and build a certain kind of physical body.  And then, when the body dies, as further seen in Jacob's dream, it ascends to heaven; that is, passes to the astral spheres.

In this astral realm there are other opportunities for experience and progress.  Life is never stationary; it is ever moving, always gaining new experiences, whatever may be the plane.  These experiences, however, are of a different sort.  They are four-dimensional experiences; experiences also of reorganizing what has been gained in the preceding physical body.

Then, when the vibratory conditions are right, the life-form which has continued its progress on the astral plane, is attracted again to earth, descends the ladder as in Jacob's dream, to enter another physical form; a physical form which is a step in advance, perhaps a long step in advance; due to its assimilation of previous experiences.

Successively, it ascends to the astral plane and then returns to earth, as the angels moved up and down; but each physical form, due to its acquired experiences, is a step in advance, and each ascent to the astral is a more conscious existence.  Birth and death and birth again are the rungs of the ladder which lead men and women to their spiritual estate; and the gate through which they must pass to enter that estate is the gate of parenthood for the reason that parenthood tends to displace selfishness with those tender affections that most quickly strengthen the soul and build the spiritual body.  One could say that such tender feelings are also present for those who weren't blessed with parenthood but nevertheless nurture others, whether human, animal or plant.

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings as the Holiest of days approaches.

References:  Spiritual Astrology by C.C. Zain


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