Wednesday, September 4, 2013


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DATA:  September 5, 2013 @ 7:37 A.M. - Washington, D.C.

The September New Moon occurs in the sign Virgo and falls into the 12th house of hidden enemies, spies, plagues and epidemics, correctional institutions and hospitals, secret societies in a nation, self-destruction, scandals, criminal organizations, and things occurring behind closed doors.  This is the natural house of Neptune who is itself residing in the natural 6th house of Virgo, in retrograde condition.  It does not bode well for our armed forces, especially that Neptune is inconjunct Mars in Leo...and it does not bode well for our supply of oil that comes from the mid-east.  Perhaps the sextile of Neptune to retrograde Pluto in the 4th house will cause exploration at home base.  Pluto certainly cries out for reform...perhaps the Plutocrats in power will undergo psycho-therapy to turn their thoughts from destroying the world...I can dream, can't I?  The activity for the next few weeks will be about starting something new concerning the matters as outlined above.

A Virgo lunation centers on service workers, police and firefighters, armed forces and military movements, public health/public illness, and the working class in general and their physical well-being.  Of prominence these next weeks will be all things connected to them.

The closest aspect involving the New Moon is a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house.  A two-edged sword this...either the administration experiences a lucky trend and behind the scenes protection OR the psychopath in charge will suffer scandal, legal disputes and trouble with distant matters.  

Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd house describes the financial state of the nation, its purchasing power and resources of the nation.  In a word:  poverty.   Mars is applying to a square of Saturn suggesting blockage in getting ahead with all things military and a nail in the coffin for successful military action should U.S. soldiers be forced into battle.  This is a time when contact with enemies should be minimized.

On September 9th transiting Mars in Leo from the 11th house of congress (who have granted themselves 239 vacation days in 2013) will reach exact square to Saturn.  Interesting, is it not, that that is the day when congress reconvenes and will be faced with granting permission to Obama to commence war on Syria?
Will the Mars-in-Leo energy impel them to attempt to make a huge statement, disregarding any consequences? These impotent do-nothing-except-feather-their-own-nests disgraces would be well served to wear Depends, because on this day they will be confronting their fears...big time.  Look for a great deal of posturing as ego conflicts get underway.  With a battle between Saturn and Mars, my bet is on Saturn...blockage.  This does not necessarily mean the U.S. will refrain from commencing war, only that the lunatic in charge would rather have some backing from the congressional parasites.


Anonymous said...

don't know if the first comments went through..
so I will try to repeat..
I am going to the library for lots of books and I am going to read lots of fantasy with my head under the covers and a flashlight:)

Moggy said...

LOL, I have downloaded about 300 books to my iPad in the past few weeks. Here's a great site for free Kindle books:

Anonymous said...

here's a article about the politicans' egos will be working

Moggy said...

Anon @ 12:46: Looking at the New Moon chart, the 3rd house with Scorpio on the cusp is the 5th house (investments) from the 11th - congress..and ruled by Pluto, the planet of global warfare. Ergo, congress reaps financial benefit from war. However, I am still rooting for Saturn to put the brakes to their war/money lust. Let the American people be heard now.

mam said...

Thanks for the essay Moggy.

I to hope Saturn blocks. An intelligence official on MSM news said striking Syria would not guarantee the chemical weapons would be destroyed. So hitting the weapons was the plan. A piss poor plan at that. Two wrongs never make a right.

In the spring the UN verified the rebels used chemical weapons, but we didn't bomb them. Why?

If they strike Syria and kill one person, it will not be on my behalf, because I oppose it. There are far to many contradictions in this story. Someone forgot to keep the story straight.

Moggy said...

Mam..when has any story emanating from deecee ever been straight? There's always an agenda.