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STELLAR DIAGNOSIS - One thought explained by the rays which represent the energies of a planet descending to the part of the body mapped by a planet in the chart of birth or to objects in the environment ruled by that planet, is that all the planets derive the energies which they transmit to life on the earth from the sun.  It is the same conception set forth in B. of L. lesson No. 41, page 78, thus:

"The planets revolving about the sun in elliptical paths cut the energy field of the sun.  This is not an electromagnetic field only, but also an astral energy field and a spiritual energy field.  And the planets cutting this huge energy field in turn become transformers and transmitters of energy.  That is, each being of different chemical composition and different density of material, they each are adapted to picking up energies and stepping them down to certain frequencies and radiating these into space."

That these energies radiated by the planets have a profound influence upon things of the earth is shown by the rays extending to those things on earth.  Those extending to portions of the human anatomy indicate that the planetary energies chiefly affect those portions of the human body mapped by a given planet in the birth-chart.  That is, if Mars is in Sagittarius in the birth-chart, the energy from Mars is chiefly received in the thighs.  Thus did Akhenaten, in his art, set forth the doctrine that any condition of life could be diagnosed by astrological means.  Over and over, in art some of which persists to the present day, he emphasized the paramount importance of STELLAR DIAGNOSIS.

While diseases of the physical body - as explained in detail in the book, BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR TREATMENT - were thus diagnosed, these were not set completely apart from other conditions in human life.  Every event and condition which came into the individual's life, whether affecting his health, his purse, his domestic relations, his honor, or his morality, had Birth-Chart Constants which indicated when these predispositions, under the influence of planetary energy, would be more apt to develop into the event or condition the probability or possibility of which was thus astrologically foreshown.

An extensive and rapidly growing list of such Birth-Chart Constants and Progressed Constants is given in the three books, HOW TO SELECT A VOCATION, WHEN AND WHAT EVENTS WILL HAPPEN and BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR TRETMENT.

(Note:  The three books above mentioned have been combined into two volumes known as RESEARCH CYCLOPEDIA).

STELLAR HEALING - Diagnosis, however, as Akhenaten well realized, no matter through what means correctly made, of itself gives no help to humanity.  Diagnosis merely indicates what condition exists and why it is present.

For the individual to benefit in any manner from diagnosis, he must know what to do to change the condition and then do the thing which will make the indicated change.  There is no better recognized symbol of doing something than the human hand.  And to indicate that through doing specific things mankind could, and should, exercise control over its life, and overcome its affliction, Akhenaten placed miniature human hands at the ends of the various planetary rays.  These hands referred to a specific method of treatment of disease, and also in a larger sense to whatever activities enabled the individual to acquire a more complete control over his own life.

The sun, from which the planetary rays were pictured as extending to the earth, not only portrayed the source of the energy which the planets transmitted, but was also the symbol of the whole inner-plane environment.  Light which comes from the sun is immaterial.  Only that which has rest mass can be considered material, and photons, which are the bundles of energy of which light is composed, have no rest mass.  Yet even the most unobservant cannot have failed to notice, from the difference in the behavior of vegetation in the presence and absence of light, that this immaterial energy has a profound influence over life on the earth.

Aten, or light, to Akhenaten and his followers, not only represented the intelligence of the supreme, all-pervading Deity, but also the whole inner-plane environment.  Intuitively he grasped 3300 years ago what we have only of late years come to recognize, that the inner-plane and any of its forces can only contact the physical plane through energies which have approximately the velocity of light.

Light now is classified as one small band in the electromagnetic spectrum which at one end embraces the Hertzian waves which are from 5,000 miles to 1/32 inch long, through infra red waves, visible light, ultra violent waves, up through X-rays to the gamma waves at the other end.  There are about 60,000 waves of visible light to the inch, about 100,000 gamma rays in the length of one wave of visible light; but all these electromagnetic waves have one thing in common:  they all have in free space the same velocity as light.  Thus even as the velocity of light is taken as the one thing which remains constant in modern physics, and as energies having this velocity are the only means of communicating between inner-plane and outer-plane, so did Akhenaten use light to indicate the influence of inner-plane forces and the all-pervading intelligence of the Supreme Being, which could be contacted only through moving the consciousness to higher levels of the inner-plane.

He devised methods by which, as explained in Brotherhood of Light Course XVI, the electromagnetic energies of the healer could be used to gather up and transmit to the patient such planetary energies as were necessary temporarily to change the character, or thought-structure, of the patient.  And he developed the science of Mental Alchemy by which, as explained for specific difficulties in the books, STELLAR DIETETICS, WHEN AND WHAT EVENTS WILL HAPPEN, and BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR TREATMENT, the healer or the patient himself could effectively use the power of thought to change the character, or thought structure, in such a manner as to enable it the better to overcome afflictions or gain such results as were desired in any selected department of life.

The Role of Physical Environment -  But he did not overlook the fact that whenever any physical change is to be brought about, the physical condition thus to be changed offers a certain resistance.  That resistance to change, such as any event or alteration in the condition of life implies, varies - as is illustrated by diagrams in the book, PROGRESSED ASPECTS OF STANDARD ASTROLOGY - according to factors which are not shown in the birth-chart and progressed aspects of the individual.  But however small or large that resistance may be, the energies of his character, or thought-cell structure, must be of sufficient intensity and volume to overcome that resistance before physical changes affecting his life take place.

Other objects and other people are affected by planetary energies.  But the manner in which they are affected is not completely shown in the chart of the person who is influenced by these other objects and people.  Not only do the planetary energies affect his thought structure, but his contacts with objects and other people also affect it.  Yet neither the special trends given the thought-cell activity by these factors of the external environment nor the influence exerted at a particular time by the physical environment can be completely ascertained from the birth-chart and progressed aspects of the individual affected.  They can only be adequately ascertained by a competent analysis of the physical environment both past and present.

Thus both in Diagnosis and in Healing, Akhenaten gave about equal weight to the influence of the planets and the influence of physical environment.  He did not feel that a condition of the physical body, for instance, coincident with lack of proper foods could be corrected merely by proper thinking.  Nor did he believe that proper foods, without a change in thinking, would bring health.  Nor in any other department of life did he believe that attention should be given only to the factors of one plane; but that the power of inner-plane energies, such as those of thoughts and the planets, and the resistances of the physical plane, such as those exercised by people and objects, both should be given about equal consideration.  His healing, which embraced improving any condition in the life as desired, called for intelligent action to be taken to change both the trend of expression of the thought structure, or soul, and equally intelligent action to be taken to secure the proper physical environment to facilitate the work of the soul in bring the desired condition or event into the life.

The Interaction of the Soul With Both Planes - I will try to give his conception of the manner in which events and conditions are brought into an individual's life in my own words, and in terms of the factors which extensive CASE HISTORY STUDIES OF ENVIRONMENT AND CONDITIONING AS AFFECTING EVENTS ATTRACTED BY PROGRESSED ASPECTS indicate to be effective.

An individual is born.  Within not too rigid limits the positions of the signs and planets in the birth-chart map, due consideration being paid to his evolutionary level, the activity and harmony or discord of each of the ten thought-cell families and with which departments of life they are chiefly associated.

The general trends of the character at birth can only express through the physical conditions by which the youngster finds himself surrounded.  The Mars energies will express in a Mars way, and the Saturn energies will express in a Saturn way, and they will express through the departments of life mapped by the houses ruled by the planet in the chart of birth; but the specific channels through which they are thus permitted to express Conditions them to express more readily through similar channels again.  Thus the outlet which has already been found for the expression of a harmony or a discord has a determining influence upon how a similar harmony or a similar discord will again try to express when at any time it is given accessory energy in the future.

Yet no matter how strongly certain thought-cells have been Conditioned to express through a specific type of physical event, and no matter how many accessory energy they receive from progressed aspects, they cannot express as that specific event if the physical environment does not afford opportunity for it.  If the physical environment offers too much resistance to the specific event toward which there has been consistent Conditioning in the past, the energy, seeking the line of least resistance, will express through some other specific event characteristic of the planets involved in the progressed aspect and the houses in the birth-chart they rule.

When a progressed aspect is present the thought-cells within the soul receive additional energy as indicated by it.  This gives them, in proportion to the power of the progressed aspect, greater activity than they normally possess.  It is inevitable that thought-cell activity of the kind indicated by the planets involved by stimulated y a progressed aspect.  But there is nothing inevitable about what will transpire as the result of this energy added to given thought-cells.  That depends upon the character as mapped by the birth-chart, the conditioning its thought-cells have had since birth, the resistance or assistance given a specific expression through thoughts deliberately directed according to mental alchemy, the type of energy the thought-cells receive from other progressed aspects acting as Rallying Forces, and the resistance offered by environment to certain events and the facility afforded by it to other events.

 A progressed aspect of considerable power may pass by with no other event than a different trend in the thinking, or a different trend to the emotions, accompanied by adequate glandular response.  If the conditioning and physical environment offer sufficient resistance to any event characteristic of the planets involved in a progressed aspect, the progressed aspect may come and go, and only affect the thought processes or the emotions.  For it is only when the physical environment is weak enough in comparison to the pressure exerted on it by the thought-cells of the soul - a pressure which scientists now term the Psycho-kinetic Effect - operating from the inner plane, that it yields to them and a physical event occurs.  The importance of the physical event depends not upon the power of the progressed aspect, but upon the relative strength of the thought-cell activity it stimulates and the relative weakness of the physical environment to resist that activity.

An event which is primarily attracted due to the activity of a certain group of thought-cells bears the characteristic marks of the planetary energy which is responsible for the thought-cell stimulation.  but if there are several progressed aspects operative during a given period, and the resistance of physical environment to the expression of one type of event is great, and the resistance to another type indicated by another progressed aspect which is present is small, the total energy of several progressed aspects may express chiefly through an event which is characteristic of the one planet to whose influence the resistance is small.

The specific event which is attracted by a given progressed aspect is not determined by the birth-chart and progressed aspects alone.  The event will bear the characteristics of the planet chiefly responsible for it, and it will affect one of the departments of life mapped in the birth-chart by a house ruled by one of the planets making the progressed aspect.  But which one of these houses, and which specific event of several that may affect the department of life ruled by any one of these houses, is determined very largely, not by the progressed aspect, but by the way the individual has been Conditioned previously and by the facilities offered by the physical environment for the thought-cell activity to express through one specific event in the category rather than through another.

When both harmonious progressed aspects and discordant progressed aspects are operative at the same time, they may express through different events which are characteristic of each.  But if the Conditioning and the consequent thinking favor one event which is either harmonious or discordant, and the physical environment also favors the same event, the chief event of the period may bear only the characteristic of the harmony, or the discord, as the case may be.  That is, the chief event when both harmonious and discordant progressed aspects are present, may be either harmonious or discordant, depending upon Conditioning and physical environment.

The precise timings of the events - see Diagram 6 in the book, PROGRESSED ASPECTS OF STANDARD ASTROLOGY  (Note:  this is in Volume I) - which are attracted coincident with progressed aspects are also affected by variations in the resistance offered by physical environment during the period they are operative.

According to the conceptions of Akhenaten, which have now been verified by a vast amount of statistical analysis by The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department, the specific event which takes place, whether an individual can succeed in a given undertaking, how important the event is, and how fortunate or unfortunate, are all determined not by the birth-chart and progressed aspects alone, but by these in relation to previous Conditioning by physical environment and in relation to the resistance at the time offered by physical environment to events of a specific nature, importance, and harmony or discord.

In his healing, consequently, he worked to modify both the activity and the desires of the thought-cells, and the resistance of physical environment to the conditions he desired to bring about; devoting his energies thus to alterations in physical environment as well as to alterations within the soul.

He taught that Stellar Healing was equally applicable to any undesirable condition in the life, and that the essentials of such healing were always the same:  an alteration of the thought-structure or the energy possessed by certain thought-cells within it, combined with an alteration of the physical environment which would facilitate the work the modified thought-cells must do to attract the desired event or condition.  He taught that man should control his life and destiny to the end of Contributing His Utmost to Universal Welfare, and that the degree of success he attains in this depends upon the degree to which he energizes and modifies in the desired direction the thought-cells within his soul, and the degree to which he is able to select physical environmental conditions which will afford facility for these modified thought-cells to bring to pass the conditions and events he desires.

- fini -

Give me Thy Hands - Holding Thy Spirit
That I may receive It and live by It
It is my desire that I may hear Thy voice
That my body be rejuvenated with life
Through Love of Thee.

Give me Thy Hands - Holding Thy Spirit
That I may receive it, live by it
And Give Life Unto others.
Prayer of Akhenaten
Egyptian Initiate
Brotherhood of Light


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