Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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DATA:  October 18, 2013 @ 7:39 P.M. - Washington, D.C.

The Lunar Eclipse falls in Aries, a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, representing aggressive power associated with war, accidents, and weaponry signified by the military, by the police and by agitators.  A 12th house Lunation, the focus is on behind-the-scenes activities having to do with bondage, crime, and welfare and that with the Sun in the 6th house, such things are connected to public health and to the nation's food supply.  The crime of Obamacare - incorrectly dubbed the Affordable Health Care Act - falls heavily upon the American public.

Mars as depositor to the Moon is in opposition to Neptune, signifying debilitating circumstances, promising devious action from those in positions of particular, the legislative branches, as Neptune occupies the 11th house...and Neptune rules blackmail.  Both the Senate and the House are shameless in their behavior towards those who put them in office and their legislation falls heavily upon the American public. 

Jupiter is the planet of default.  In Cancer it is a wee bit beyond the 5° orb of being in square to both Moon and Sun, yet suggests the danger of default is tremendous, especially in light of Pluto's placement in the 8th house, squared by an almost exact Uranus.

An Aries Lunation lends a tendency for people  to be argumentative and aggressive and to make impulsive and snap decisions.  This is the time to indulge in soothing herbal teas to ease any hidden tensions and to keep impulsive urges under control.  Try Lemon Balm to lift depression and to relax nerves...or Chamomile to help in reducing stress. Spend your time working on projects that require a good deal of energy as energy expended in positive avenues leaves nothing left for negative release.

In the chart of the United States of America, the Lunation falls into the 4th house, forming the Apex of a Cardinal T-Square involving a 2nd house Pluto in Capricorn and an 8th house retrograde Mercury in Cancer.  The meaning is that the foundations are crumbling due to financial irregularities spawned by the members of the Federal Reserve (bankers) in a deliberate attempt to destroy America...and given permission by the House and Senate members, traitors all.  Survival should be uppermost in everyone's mind for time is running out.  Protect yourselves. 

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