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This essay is provided in answer to a reader who wanted to know: 
"..war of US/Israel against it possible to do anything astrologically.."

MARS is posited in the sign GEMINI in the 7TH HOUSE of others.  Upon the Intellectual Plane, Mars represents the spirit of enterprise, energy, and courage.  The 7th is an angular house and therefore powerful, lending the talents of the United States to be mechanical in the highest degree and to possess an unconquerable, untiring, energy, and potent will.

Upon the Intellectual Plane, Gemini signifies the union of reason with intuition and those people and countries dominated by its influx express the highest mental state of embodied humanity.  No country on the earth has produced a document (Mercury, Gemini's ruler) of liberty and freedom such as the United States of America has done with the brilliant Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were based on fundamental beliefs of Ancient Masonry...not on Christianity, as so many proclaim.  Thirteen of the fourteen signatories to the Constitution were members of the fraternity of Masons, whose principles include: Faith must be the center of our lives...all men and women are the children of one has the right to tell another person what he or she must think or believe...each person has a responsibility to be a good citizen, obeying the is important to work to make the world a better place for all...honor and integrity are keys to a meaningful life.

Mars is positioned at 21* Gemini 23' bringing it into the third decanate of the sign, depicted among the constellations by Ursa Major - the large bear - whose restless activity and omniverous nature is typical of mentality.  It is huge in size to indicate the immense power that may be exercised by thought and the great things that can be accomplished through the exercise of mind.  The lesson is that not only should the mind be trained, it is likewise mandatory that idealism and religion be cultivated.  Failure to do so causes any efforts to crystallize, becoming self-centered.  Such was the way of Nero, born with the Sun in this decanate...he who fiddled while Rome burned.  Such has now become the fate of the USA, whose downfall is a direct result of the influence of the square between Mars in the 7th house of foreign affairs and Neptune in the 9th house of international insidious combination that brings subversive factors other countries use to gain control...foreign countries that have in the past successfully sucked the USA into fighting their wars, and that are at present attempting the same.  The grave error of America was to have ignored the admonition of President James Monroe in his Monroe Doctrine:

"In the wars of the European powers, in matters relating to themselves, we have never taken part, nor does it comport with our policy, so to do. It is only when our rights are invaded, or seriously menaced that we resent injuries, or make preparations for our defense."

Well, not only has the USA ignored that warning with regard to Europe, it has done so with the rest of the globe, also.  To neutralize the negative energies of the Mars/Neptune square the country and its people must develop a plan and control events in order to determine the positive effects to be achieved.  This cannot be done with war-mongers in power, whose fortunes are being built with forever wars, whose backers are those known as the 1%.

Looking at currently active PROGRESSIONS for the USA

MOON in 11th house TRINE natal URANUS in 6th house:  Possibilities of an invention that could take the working class out of their daily routine; and/or a new discovery in genetics to improve health of the citizenry.

SUN in 3rd house SQUARE natal URANUS in 2012-2013.  Sounds of war can be heard as those in power (SUN) are now subject to ill-considered moves. Uranus is a key trigger to symbolizes fanatics, terrorists, and revolutionaries, all of whom are happily ensconced in the USA, in part due to our open borders, brought to the people by the congress and house members, few - if any - representing those who put them in office.  And in large part by those same Beltway (D.C.) useless men and women who have betrayed their country, continuously undermining the freedoms with which this country was blessed...add the Supremes into the mix, as they are equally as guilty.

MERCURY retrograde in 2nd house TRINE natal MARS in 7th house.  Excellent energy for budget cutting and weeding out waste, such as banks (2nd house) that should have been allowed to go under instead of being bailed out...including the foreign (7th house) banks... at taxpayers' expense...and to their detriment. 

VENUS in 4th house SEXTILE natal MARS in 7th house.  The political party out of power is being given an opportunity to move ahead.  As both parties are corrupt it is essential that the matter be addressed and a new, uncontaminated party be brought into being.

VENUS in 4th house INCONJUNCT natal NEPTUNE in 9th house.  This contact connects the Mars/Neptune natal square and can bring war in its wake with the possibility of aggression taking place at home base.  Neptune sabotages through ambivalence (opposing, conflicting feelings and attitudes), so it could be a type of civil war waged between races and/or religions...or it could be some sort of foreign invasion, with people spilling over our borders (Neptune co-rules the 3rd house of neighboring countries). 

SATURN retrograde in Scorpio in the 11th house TRINE natal VENUS in 7th house.  The good old boys in congress/house bestow great financial benefit to war industries and financial aid to USA allies (we don't have any, folks...the parasites have bled us dry).  Did you know that congress and house members make up 1% of the wealthiest, along with their Wall Street cronies and banking buddies?  Oh, yes...Saturn, planet of Greed in the house of the legislative branches, otherwise known as blood-sucking vampires.  Saturn in Scorpio, known for its ruthlessness in the pursuit of goals...and other people's money.

MARS retrograde in Libra, in the 10th house.  A retrograde Mars in the 10th house gives rise to irrational action by the executive branch.  In Libra, Mars is in its detriment, thus, at a means there is some weakness or incapacity to act regarding war, battlefields, and aggression which will last into 2086.  The USA needs to learn to make love, not war.  The people need to apply the principles of the Mars achetype as it retrogrades.

Astrologer Bill Herbst has described a retrograde Mars as bringing us "another chance to learn about the Martian archetype in our psyches.  Desire, assertion, anger, and all our aggressive impulses move into a phase of inward review for the purpose of psychological cleansing."

So then, we have the choice of forever wars or cleaning up our acts.  To cleanse ourselves of negativity, Tonglen Tao breathing is an absolute must, because through it one can cleanse the body, energy and heart-mind of their accumulated negativity and revitalise and heal the entire physical organism.  The following video is a guided meditation to teach love and compassion so as to effect peace on earth, good will to all.  It is worth a try, is it not?

Tonglen Guided Meditation by Tulku Tsori Rinpoche


Anonymous said...

Are you Gemini? Because you embody these faculties you describe, the union of high mentality with intuition. Stellar. otb

Moggy said... are very kind.

Anonymous said...

thank you for doing the reading..part of me feels sadness and another part maybe peace will be the choice...however I can't see how and perhaps is what I need to give up..I don't need to know how peace reigns, I just need to be peaceful and know is reigning
thank you

Moggy said...

Anon @ are on the right at peace within and peace will manifest without.

Anonymous said...

nothing happens to us with out it being an outpicturing of our own consciousness .

Then if a war breaks out with iran . We have ourselves been a party to its happening .

As we still have lingering in our mental and physical world acts of war like characteristics.

As long as we love the world and the things of the world we take part in the world drama

We believe that by being good little humans that that makes us immune from the worlds outcomes

the mediatation must take us to a different level . Where moth and rust do not corrupt .

WE first become aware of our "I" then we must love the neighbor as ourselves . We must be aware that my neighbor and my "I" are one

and then going deeper still we then find that the "I" (existence itself) is the fabric of all the universe the stars the universe .

When we have reached that level war is not even visable to our awareness. ( unless for some reason we need to be a witness of both .)

We have transcended the physical.

TS Elliot understood this, as did the author of the "Leaves of Grass"

As did many of the worlds great spiritual teachers /

The human mind is not capable of being privy. Unless and until something within shines a light on the real. While the shadow of the unreal manifests itself in our human undertakings .

the little i of self must be destroyed by the fires of insight .

And as John experienced on the isle of patmos. (mistaken for the wars of today in the middle east}

This overcoming of the small self is a war within.

and that is the message of the book of revelation

and the message of all real spiritual teaching and the reason for meditation .

Anonymous said...


and thank you moggy for the lessons of the stars


Moggy said...

Anon @ 2:03 on Oct. 23rd..a fantastic post, filled with the wisdom for which you are known..didn't need the Z for identity, lol.

Your "As we still have lingering in our mental and physical world acts of war like characteristics." This is the result of failing to transform Mars energy within each of us. Without it in ample quantity there is insufficient energy for worthwhile accomplishment. Those with a painfully conditioned Mars on their birthcharts, the source of which is strife, infection, accidents and other misfortunes need to apply the achemical thoughts of providing for the helpless (a person, animal, plant), of making the domestic life more enjoyable for those in the home, and of taking care of their wants.

Moggy said...

Anonymous left two messages but I choose to post only one.

Silly me - put my hand on the exhaust of the rototiller after I finished the front garden. That was somewhere around 10:30 this morning.

Hurried in house and grabbed a couple of pieces of ice. When those melted I grabbed more. They minute they melted my hand started burning again and I would rush for the freezer. Tried to take a nap hoping I could go to sleep before the ice wore off and would wake up past the pain. Couldn't go to sleep because my ice melted and I ran for the freezer again.

Tried to leave the ice off all together thinking that it was keeping the pain going but couldn't do it.

Around 3PM I got tired of he burn and looked up ideas on-line. Came across this page and decided to try the aluminum foil remedy.

Wrapped the foil around my hand and went outside to visit with Mark who was under the car. That was at 3:30. At 3:38 I thought the pain might be gone and took the foil off to test it. I am still so totally amazed that I had to write to share this with you folks (friends and family) in the event that you should ever need to call to mind a way to make the burn go away.

Thank you for sharing, Anon.