Monday, October 24, 2011


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MARS @ 29* CANCER 03'...Mars, planet of aggression, gives the basic direction of the Occupy Movement.  In Cancer Mars is roused to action when something pulls at the heart as motivation and passion rule the emotions.  There is an urge to become engaged in activities that allow the expression of intense waves of feeling.  Their strength lies in tenaciousness.  Mars on the last degree of a sign represents a crisis of action.

The 30th degree of Cancer is descriptive of uncovering facts that change one's worldview.

PART OF FORTUNE @ 17* GEMINI 41'.  Pars Fortuna gives the necessary emphasis on the life of the Movement.  In Gemini, the emphasis is on reaching out and communicating.

SUN @ 24* VIRGO 18' represents the will and power of the Movement and indicates whether it can do what it set out to do.  Virgo is a Mutable/Earth sign representing service to others, with a need to function efficiently.  The 25th degree of Virgo puts a focus on being entirely honest, which may encompass brutal revelations about society; going forward despite setbacks.  The Sun is trine the Moon, sextile Mars, and opposed by Uranus.

SUN TRINE MOON:  a time of balance between life and objectives, between needs and intentions.

SUN SEXTILE MARS:  Success stems from bold action; ability to take on a leadership role and others seem more willing to follow.  Much can be accomplished.

SUN OPPOSITION URANUS:  Surprises occur as plans may not turn out as expected.  Circumstances force changes of either direction or objectives.

NORTH NODE @ 18* SAGITTARIUS 33' reveals the soul of the Movement.  The 19th degree of Sagittarius is described as having deep concern about the state of the world--trying to make it a safer place for future generations; knowing when to make a stand and when to escape an imminent danger; spiritual shepherding.

CARDINAL T-SQUARE WITH PLUTO IN CAPRICORN AT THE APEX, SQUARE BOTH VENUS IN LIBRA AND URANUS IN ARIES.  There are hidden strengths in this movement that compel the people involved to confront and overwhelm opposition in a forceful manner when challenged or threatened.  There is an ability to quickly gather and activate power reserves and apply them towards crisis situations demanding immediate, decisive reactions.

NOTE #1:  Pluto is a dual planet, representing both spiritual endeavor and materialism...both the highest type of spiritual effort and the destructive quality of gangsterism...and both these energies are present, just as there can be no light without darkness.  What we have here is the battle between good and evil.  As Pluto is in Capricorn, the outcome will be revealed by the sign Cancer at the 5th degree, which is interpreted by astrologer Adriano Carelli thusly:  "Confronted with the unfairness and double-dealing of the world, the native's sense of justice will champ at the bit and rise in arms; he will call aloud for justice, will demand to have things straightened and facts revealed at any cost."

NOTE #2:  Jupiter is retrograde, a difficult time to increase power or popularity.  It promises much and often delivers disappointment.  The question is, does Jupiter represent the Occupy Movement or the Syndicate of Evil?  Only an accurate birthtime can determine same and I have used an arbitrary time of birth.  However, the chances are strong that the demonstrations began between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., meaning Jupiter would be on the western side of the chart, representing the Syndicate.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."
From Shakespeare's Julius Caesar



Anonymous said...

I am all for the OWS. imo, it has started, might falter a bit and then come back mightly cause nothing will have changed..those who could be the change, are either too afraid or too corrupt or both and will miss the opportunity..the comeback phase will include more people than before and more of all ages..

Moggy said...

Anon..let us hope a comeback phase will include policemen to join the protesters, preferably before they become unemployed.

Moggy said...

Love and Shadow in the Occupy Movement..a video worth watching.