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DATA:  August 20, 1935 @ 3:20 p.m. rectified - Pittsburgh, PA

As birth time is unknown, this chart has been recitified by astrologer David R. Roell, who has a talent for such matters.  The interpretation set forth below is my own.

MARS, planetary ruler of Aries and Scorpio, symbolizes activity and the capacity to assert oneself based upon personal desire.  Mars represents the Warrior within who possesses the energy, drive and ambition to accomplish that which we desire.  It represents the place in one's life where we move the hardest to get things done.

MARS:  12* SCORPIO 46' (13th degree) IN THE 11TH HOUSE.
Scorpio is a secretive sign, known for its creative ability, here associated with the house of aspirations...or rather, a particular kind of aspiration.  The 11th house is a highly self-expressive house where the expression occurs in a social context where one's identity is integrated with, and expressed as part of, a group identity.  This house signifies one's relationship to a corporation of which one is a member, such as the U.S. House of Representatives.

SCORPIO is a fixed, water sign, inherently mystical, the essence of which is transformation.  The 13th degree of SCORPIO represents independence of thought with a unique but compelling worldview, one who has the ability to assemble overlooked facts into a new synthesis.

PART OF FORTUNE:  5* VIRGO 38' (the 6th degree) in the 9th house.  Here we find the necessary emphasis of the life, the special horizon of success that reveals significant insight into the potentials of accomplishment.  VIRGO is all about assimilation, having that extraordinary gift of putting things where they are useful.  VIRGO is mutable earth, therefore, its sense of achievement is based on knowing it has done the job well.

The 9th house symbolizes mental functions that reach out to deal with whatever is not routine, from whence come new ideas, perceptions, and modes of thinking.  It is a house of consciousness expansion.

PART OF FORTUNE on the 6th degree of VIRGO as viewed by astrologer Martin Goldsmith:  Amid the roar of the crowd, a brightly clad jockey swerves around the last curve to make a daring run from behind.

Its meaning:  Daring; leaving a secure position in order to attain one's desires (he left the medical profession to serve in the House of Representatives); perfecting one's skills through disciplined practice; controversial stances on issues of morals and taste.

SUN:  26* LEO 50' (27th degree) in the 9th house.  The SUN symbolizes the will, one's basic identity and conscious purpose and gives us the desire to become more than we are.  The will and the power to do things reveals how far one can carry out what he sees and desires, why one moves in a particular direction.

LEO is fixed fire, a sign of developed ego and self-confidence, with strong needs for self-expression, uncompromising personal integrity and a need to control one's destiny.  With the Sun in the 9th house, Dr. Paul is attracted to the understanding of how things are integrated into systems.  He is concerned with truth and in this house, has the foresight to uncover whatever hides it from view, being able to see into the distance to detect in advance what may be coming in from the outer world.

The SUN on the 27th degree of LEO indicates one who works
for fundamental change in the cultural or political landscape, trying to awaken people from the grip of a common myth.

NORTH NODE of the MOON @ 19* Capricorn 58' in the 2nd house.  Herein lies the key to Dr. Paul's soul as it represents the rising insight of his personal, psychic or soul ability...the power to do things outwardly in life.

Capricorn is the sign of critical discrimination, its nature being cardinal earth.  It is concerned with an objective idea of truth that is at the same time open to is concerned about the practical implementation of principles.  This concern expresses in the 2nd house as values and attitudes toward wealth and property.  The 20th degree of Capricorn is about sizing up a bad situation and taking action.

MERCURY is positioned at 7* VIRGO 21' (8th degree) in the 9th house.  Intelligence is the functioning of self as it is shown by Mercury.  Assimilation, assimilation, assimilation and the extraordinary gift of being mentally useful.  On the 8th degree of the sign we have joyous self-expression of the mind while being absolutely true to himself.

If astrology were used to select those who attain to leadership positions in world governments and in the White House, the world and the United States would have far better leaders.

The following are Ron Paul's Progressions for August 27, 2012, the date set for the Republican Convention to select a presidential candidate.

SUN conjoined natal MARS in Scorpio in 11th house.  The energy is towards competition, a show of strength, and an inclination to do his own thing.  Confrontation brings out the tiger in him, lol.

MOON conjoined natal SATURN in Pisces in 3rd house, opposition natal MERCURY.  A position of isolation, Dr. Paul senses that he must remain independent, especially in relation to his responsibilities.

VENUS in VIRGO in 9th house sextile natal PLUTO in CANCER in 8th house.  Relationships become intense.  There will be no patience for superficial people.

VENUS in VIRGO in 9th house semi-sextile natal SUN in LEO in 9th house.  Possibility of advancement or promotion.

MARS in CAPRICORN in 1st house forms a GRAND TRINE IN EARTH with natal MERCURY in VIRGO in 9th house and URANUS in TAURUS in 5th house.  There is a deep sense of inner security and stability with an Earth Grand Trine and an ability to be sustained on the material level attributed to a profusion of opportunities...worldly position is now possible.  A remarkable endurance and persistence is at hand, allowing Dr. Paul to steadily concentrate his attention on concrete objectives without being distracted or thrown off course.  He will be known for his inspiration, insight, and vision as well as his uncommon amount of common sense.


Timer said...

What is the chart reading for Ron Paul on the election day.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. otb

Moggy said...

Timer..I'd first like to attempt to determine if there will *be* an I haven't progressed Dr. Paul's horoscope to election day as yet.

Anon..hello to you..thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

lol. Moggy, I played a game with myself trying to guess what your next post might be..didn't have RP in the list at all..
wow, after reading who he is astrologically, we deserve a leader such as he!
imo, it takes someone who has alot of courage and faith in themselves to keep showing up in front of millions of people and to keep to their truth unwaiveringly. this is a strong person, one I would be glad to know..
and many of his views I don't agree with BUT I agree with who the man is..
thank you for helping me get clear on that..

Anonymous said...

Moggy, in the webbots, in the don't know where section, there is a new topic quiet call in military or something close to that..with the result being war of US/Israel against it possible to do anything astrologically as I think it's an awful idea..
thank you

Moggy said...

Anon @ seems we get the leaders we deserve. If people keep waking up to the inequities in the world and are determined to right the wrongs, we will attract honorable people to lead.

Anon @ 10:18..I'm in total agreement with you that war is an awful idea. It appears that under instigation by the Israel gov't, the US gov't is already setting the scene with the supposed assassination attempt by Iran of Adel A. Al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador. Citizens of both countries need to take their gov'ts to task and strip the war mongers of their power.

I'll look at the astro picture and see what I can uncover.

Timer said...


Ron Paul' Sun is connected to US's Moon, according to the Scorpio rising chart of USA. His progressed Moon is now making a tight conjunction to the USA's Moon.

I ran a chart on 6 Nov 2012. The Sun will conjunct to his natal Jupiter, and Pluto is making a contact to his natal Mercury and Saturn. Saturn opposing his Progressed Uranus. Can help to explain what these mean?

Moggy said...

Timer..I don't credit the Scorpio Rising chart, preferring to use Sibley, therefore my comments derive from said chart. Dr. Paul's Sun @ 26* Leo is opposed the USA Moon, giving an attraction and exchange of emotional feeling, although not congenial. Dr. Paul is the dominating influence in this combination, which allows achievement on behalf of the country.

His progressed Moon is (today) @ 24* Aquarius 39'..the USA Moon is @ 27* Aquarius 10', so yes, they are conjoined within a 3* orb, although I do not consider that tight. The influence is beneficial for both.

As mentioned earlier, I have not as yet done an election day chart for Dr. Paul and will need to do so before I can respond to your question. I shall try to accomplish this over the week-end.

Anonymous said...

thanks moggy for ron paul work and outlook


Anonymous said...

Wow, a glimmer of hope! Thanks.

Moggy said...

Timer @ 10:53 on Oct. 19th..Election day planetary patterns of Dr. Paul:

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Jupiter graces Dr. Paul with increased ambition and a positive outlook. He is bound to make a favorable impression on those in power, who are in a position to promote his cause.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Mercury bestows luck with the press (Mercury in 9th house).

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Saturn grants him the ability to outlast his adversaries.

Transiting Saturn opposing his progressed appears he may have to adapt to changes with regard to his investments (Uranus in 5th house).