Friday, October 21, 2011


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As the printing presses continue to pour forth the D-Marks ala transiting Uranus opposing natal Venus (currency), today we saw the regeneration of Germany's currency - transiting Venus conjoined natal Pluto.

Going to the heart of the matter, Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge reveals that the publication FT Deutschland has for the first time set its price in the Deutsche 4.11 DM.  To quote Durden: "..stick a fork in the euro, it's done."


Anonymous said...

I am not sure..sorry..but the timing is right for this to happen?
That it's not a fake-out?
Are the chances of success good/great?

Moggy said...

Anon..this is not a fake-out..the timing is right, the energy is there on the chart and must be used.

I'm not sure of what success you speak. Success of the D-Mark or success for Germany to take hold of the monetary situation? The last aspect of the Moon for the 21st was in the 1st house (people) square a 4th house Pluto..Germans are a proud people and are feeling a bit intense about supporting failing countries. I would not describe upheaval of the country's psyche as success unless it causes reformation of big business and banking..which it may very well do.

Anonymous said...

hope you are reading
has some great posts on Germany/France/etc

AGoldhamster said...

Moggy, as you well know I'm a neighbour of the Germans - and I can almost assure you: they will not move to the D-Mark - except they are forced to.

Late Saturday night was a very interesting discussion in 3sat, "Menschen bei Maischberger",
btw including also a good friend minister of Angela - and result of the discussion ws quite crystal clear: there's nothing but the euro. Forget everything else. But there must be a haircut to Greece bond holders. And there should be an independant entity to control states (finances) in the future.
But they ALL (except one) agree in that this crisis must be resovled in standing together and not in seperation. The best you can expect is a haircut to bondholders.

Also forget about a northern or southern Euro. They totally afraid of the outcome.

They are not open one single yota to go a step back. Same in my country or any other country in the core of Europe.

That is how I see it. Everything else is wishful dreaming. Unfortunately. So we have to further go down the river - as in will just cause more mess. As obviously only one (!!!) of the whole group (and that was a nice young woman too) understood what really has to be done: to stop the banks unlimited speculation - that is that they should not only earn the positive results of risk taking, but should also eat all the losses. Only make them eat their losses will cure the problem at the core.
Instead mother Angela seems to be licking and kissing Ackermanns and that frenchmans feet and other body parts - which kicks the can just further down the road - and makes the cure at some point not managable anymore. While the whole mess in reality is already well known - see the latest in my blog / or at Zerohedge.

Fish stinks form its head - the bankers and the clueless politican.

No chance for the D-Mark to return. Not before there is a complete breakdown or wholesale revolution in the streets. The latter one in the meantime is smoothly gathering steam though.

And finally Hammy take: a breakup of the Euro/Euroland or not, or whatever other outcome or proposed solution - will change absolutely nothing at all - as long as the big banks are not forced to eat their losses. For them it doesn't matter whether their is one or 27 countries, or one currency or 53 - Only eating their losses with not a single cent (= no more room for any sort of bailout) bailed out will bring back sound bank and money management. Solution would be that easy - but unfortunately these guys are long in control of wide parts of the governments planetwide. So not much will change ...

Moggy said...

Anon @ 12:19 on 10/23..LOL, if I didn't think Tyler was a genius I wouldn't have allowed your post.

AGH..many thanks for the informative contribution. Today the sun shines, in February and throughout Spring of 2012 the storm will transiting Pluto squares Germany's Sun (co-ruling both the people 1st house and the country's wealth-2nd house) and inconjuncts their 1st house Jupiter, which will cause significant changes.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Alex Jones states that the FT is an illuminati operated outlet and a means to communicate to the web of illuminati minions around the world. This makes your astrology especially interesting. Thank you very much. otb