Wednesday, May 30, 2012


DATA:  June 4, 2012 @ 7:13 A.M. EDT - Washington, D.C.

The Moon of the June Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in Sagittarius, falling into the 6th house opposing Venus (and Sun, of course) and square 4th house Mars.  The eclipse is in intercepted signs, meaning some sort of blockage colors the picture.  Gemini/Sagittarius are communication signs, the latter taking the details that Gemini gathers and places them into principles.  However, in interception the balance between the signs is broken and with rulers Mercury and Jupiter posited in the 12th house, solutions will not be forthcoming for those unemployed and for those living on welfare.  The squeeze is on as Mars is the Apex of a Mutable T-Square...expect emotional upheaval that may very well lead to rioting and/or aggressive behavior, for the stress of Mutable Mars indicates high-strung, strong-willed individuals who are impatient with standard ways of doing things, willing to buck established authorities.  Other upsetting conditions can include buildings on fire, violent crime, and road accidents.

A Sagittarius Lunation brings forward travel (sea, air, and space), immigration, courts (the judicial system), and international events.  Dispositor Jupiter in the 12th house on the 29th degree of Taurus suggests enormous tragedy of a monetary type.


RARE TRANSIT OF VENUS - JUNE 5, 2012.  There have been a few inquiries as to whether I will write an essay about this rare transit of Venus.  The rare transit of Venus is an astronomical, not an astrological event.  For those who do not know the difference between that which is astronomical and that which is astrological:  cycles measure time as a quantity, belongs to the realm of astronomy...cycles describe time qualitatively is the realm of astrology.  Nevertheless, to better your understanding of the planet Venus, know that it is the province of Lucifer, the light bearer...the Morning Star or Son of the Morning.

In the soul of the world there is a current of love and a current of wrath.  Motion and life consist in the extreme tension of two forces, forces appointed by the hand of God, one of whom is the light of golden candelabra, the other the flame of sacrifice.  A Gnostic gospel explains the genesis of light as follows:

"Self-conscious truth is living thought.  Truth is thought as it is in itself, and formulated thought is speech.  When Eternal Thought desired a form, it said:  'Let there be light.'  Now, this Thought which speaks is the Word, and the Word said:  'Let there be light,' because the Word itself is the light of minds.  The uncreated light, which is the Divine Word, shines because it desires to be seen.  When it says:  'Let there be light!' it ordains that eyes shall open; it creates intelligences.  When God said:  'Let there be light!' Intelligence was made, and the light appeared.  Now, the Intelligence which God diffused by the breath of His mouth, like a star given off from the sun, took the form of a splendid angel, who was saluted by heaven under the name of Lucifer.  Intelligence awakened, and comprehended its nature completely by the understanding of that utterance of the Divine Word:  'Let there be light!'  It felt itself to be free because God had called it into being, and, raising up its head, with both wings extended, it replied:  'I will not be slavery.'  'Then shalt though be suffering,' said the Uncreated Voice.  'I will be liberty,' replied the light.  'Pride will seduce thee,' said the Supreme Voice, 'and thou wilt bring forth death.'  'I needs must strive with death to conquer life,' again responded the created light.  Thereupon God loosed from His bosom the shining cord which restrained the superb angel, and beholding him plunge through the night, which he furrowed with glory, He loved the offspring of His thought, and said with an ineffable smile:  'How beautiful was the light!'

God has not created suffering; intelligence has accepted it to be free.


Anonymous said...

I will be doing some traveling on Sunday...Staying conscious will be the goal

Moggy said...

May you be safe.

Mam said...

Thanks for the Venus Transit info.

Not that it is correct, but my mind pictured a battle between Love and Hate.

Moggy said...

You are welcome, Mam.

Not a battle..two different expressions of Sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Feeling the Mars stress, thanks for the heads up Moggy

Moggy said...

Pict, there is a homeopathic remedy for stress called Adrenal Support, in liquid form. Worth its weight in gold.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm fine but could tell the "pressure" was external, your post explained the source. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Moggy,

from your jan 11th 2012 Metals update, you wrote
"On June 7, 2012, transiting Mars will conjoin natal Jupiter, ushering in a time of bold and fortunate action for silver. It's about time, eh?"

thats only in 2 days time, my question is is this still on track?

Moggy said...

Anon-June 5th...this is the best that I can do at this time.