Wednesday, May 9, 2012


DATA:  March 4, 1837 @ 2:05 P.M., LMT

Frank Sinatra, in his tribute to Chicago

The other side of the coin:  A culture of gangsters, led by Al Capone, who engineered the Valentine's Day Massacre, the name given to the 1929 murder of 7 mob associates...Al Capone's South Side Italian gang and Bugs Moran's North Side Irish gang.  You'll note Pluto, planet ruling gangsters, is elevated in the 10th house conjoined the Midheaven.  On February 14, 1929, Pluto was transiting Chicago's 12th house (assassination) inconjunct natal 7th house (open enemies) Moon.

Then there is Dion O'Banion, former mob boss of the North Side Irish gang (murdered by Capone in 1924)...Tony Accardo, a hitman for Capone.  In a class by himself is John Dillinger, a prolific bank robber.

Saturn holds sway over 4th house matters.  It is retrograde in Scorpio.  The essence of Saturn is slow and patient, cunning and stealthy.  It symbolizes structure, limitation, restriction, contraction, responsibility, stability, endurance...and karma.  Scorpio is a sign primarily of crisis, a battleground whose initial purpose is self-mastery through ceaseless crises in a house (4th) that represents the base of the city itself and points to something in the psyche which must be uncovered and brought into the light of day before it can be dealt with constructively.  The retrograde condition exposes a lack of discipline and a lack of responsibility that unless correction is undertaken willingly, will be dealt with by circumstances conducive to Saturn's nature.

The Full Moon of May 5, 2012 at 16* Scorpio 01' fell on Chicago's natal Saturn, warning that the bill collector has arrived.  Transiting Saturn is retrograding through the 4th house, another signal that justice is about to be levied upon the city.

On May 20th/21st a NATO Summit is scheduled to take place in Chicago, the 20th being the day of a Solar Eclipse that falls into the 11th house of circumstantial developments, due to the trend of affairs.  As Chicagoans may expect the unexpected, an out-of-state trip a few days prior to the summit would serve them well.

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Anonymous said...

Ominous. I'll be watching. As interesting as your astrology is, what I find equally interesting is the subject of each of your analysis posted. Thank you kindly.