Wednesday, May 2, 2012


DATA:  May 5, 2012 @ 11:36 P.M., EDT - Washington, D.C.

A lunation in Scorpio generally signifies money lost (Moon opposition Jupiter) through the resources of others.  Watch for news concerning income tax, mortgage payments, social security, retirement funds, and insurance settlements.  In the 10th house we may expect dictatorial tendencies from those in authority.  The best approach is to pay and collect your debts and to avoid revealing your valuable assets.  Headline news may be on the passing of an important person.  I'd include bank robberies, but the banks have already robbed us.

The Moon of the Full Moon falls into the 10th house, placing focus on the USA national image, the government, and he-who-vacations-while-the empire-burns.  Of the 17th degree of Scorpio astrologer Adriano Carelli states:  "..the total absence of even the slightest amount of civil courage.  To be more accurate, that slightest amount would have been no moral virtue but merely a show of some political value, so that the absence of even that much results not only in cowardice but in imbecility as well."  Our government in action...your tax dollar at work.

Saturn, ruler of the Full Moon Ascendant, is retrograde in Libra, occupying the 10th house, closely opposed to Mercury in the 4th house...time for the sitting president to finish off the country while negatively cooling communications?  Using the media to foster an unwarranted attack on his own secret service what end?  The 8th house Mars in opposition to 2nd house Neptune suggests a diversion to divert the public's awareness away from unsustainable debt and a nation on the brink of financial disaster.  Is it false flag time yet?

A  10th house Saturn foretells of a downfall from great heights.  Not only in this Full Moon chart but in the natal horoscope of the USA does Saturn occupy the 10th house, the natal promise being a fall from grace.  If we haven't hit bottom yet, it won't be long now.

To the few kind folks who took the time to wish Mr. Puppy a Happy Birthday:  May you be blessed forever.

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DepoeSue said...

Oh Moggy, your best forecast ever.

And a belated happy birthday to Mr. Puppy. Sweet Sixteen indeed.

Moggy said...

Thank you, DepoeSue. Mr. Puppy enjoyed his day!