Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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DATA:  March 8, 2012 @ 4:41 A.M. EST - Washington, D.C.

Aquarius Rises, co-ruler Saturn retrograding into the 8th house of Big Money...Federal Reserve...Shared resources...Debt...Purging and Purifying opposing Venus, planet ruling currency in Taurus, the sign ruling wealth...and a sense of values.  Venus is a planet of peace, the opposition suggesting a blast of cold air toward that ideal.  Saturn symbolizes the attitude of a nation towards law, order, old practices and the old guard in politics.  It is in Libra, the sign ruling War, the retrograde motion signifying that the time has come for the nation to reassess how it has descended into activities that murder innocent people in other nations via war in order to confiscate their resources.

Uranus is the other ruler of Aquarius, posited in the 2nd house of the wealth of the nation, casting focus thereon that is ubber negative, as Uranus is in square aspect to Pluto.  Look for sudden and unexpected monetary events to make the news as Uranus ushers in economic change that will create upheavals, rebellions and extreme behavior as the citizens deal with change detrimental to their well-being.  Uranus is connected to terrorism, war, and new technology.  When the people rebel, ask yourself just WHO are the actual terrorists should advanced weaponry be used against them?

Neptune, which rules oil, biochemical agents, scandals, confusion, deception and a society's "blind spot" has position in the 1st house sextile the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.  We can't give away financial assets that we don't have fast enough.

The Moon in Virgo falls into the 7th house of war and foreign affairs, on a degree that describes a passionate hunter pointing his gun at the living beings of his choice...having huge influence on 8th house matters (death) with Virgo (earth) on the cusp.  The  reason behind the activity: a craving for wealth, as Mercury - ruler of Virgo - is in Aries in the 2nd house of wealth, which disposits the Moon, revealing secrets of a monetary nature behind the curtain.

Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, meaning that each planet is in the sign the other rules, so that there is a cross-link or interdependency.  Thus, thoughts and plans (Mercury) of war (Mars) depend upon one another and describe the energies that are operating...what the event is all about within the atmosphere that surrounds environment, shown by the signs Aries and Virgo.  Aries is impetuous, intemperate and violent coupled with Virgo, which is cold and negative.  Aries is said to rule Palestine and Syria...Virgo is said to rule Jerusalem.  Plans of War.

Lust is ruled by both Pluto and Mars.  In the 7th house of this chart, Mars describes an enemy/ally filled with the lust for war,
yet as described by the apparent retrograde motion of the planet... impotent...despite its trine to Pluto and its hooks into the USA congress.  Mars is retrograde until late in the evening of April 13, 2012...the country that commences war on a retrograde Mars will live to regret it and this enemy/ally is trying its best to make that country the United States

Mercury in applying square to an 11th house Pluto on the 12th house cusp speaks to corporate power struggles based on lust (Pluto) involving a bought-and-paid for congress (11th house) who aren't above some form of coercion, betrayals of trust and misuse of information (Mercury).   Some of these traitors may expect to be exposed in the near future as Pluto makes its 12th house presence known, clearing away old, hidden garbage...about 533 pieces of detritus.

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