Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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MARS CYCLE CHART with transits for March 1, 2012

Because the planet for which a Cycle Chart is erected determines the things which exert the influence, the effects of which are shown by the positions of the various planets in the chart, the aspects made by this ruler of the Cycle are unusually important as they represent trains of thoughts leading directly from the influencing condition to groups of people in the departments of national life indicated by the house positions of the aspected planets, and of the type indicated by these aspected planets, i.e., the aspects of the planet for which the Cycle Chart is erected indicate the types of people and the departments of national affairs most readily influenced by the energies which come under the cycle's rule.  A Mars Cycle lasts for two years.

Mars is the most energetic of all the planets.  It indicates the creative energy in operation.  When it is harmoniously directed it relates to all constructive activity in which force, quick action, or even violence is involved.  Manufacturing and industrial progress, therefore, are typical of Mars.  Those who guard the nation - the military - and those who guard the more immediate security of the population - policemen and other law-enforcement officers - are under his rule, and aspects to Mars tend to bring to pass events in which they are active.

The energy of Mars is so powerful that when it meets resistance there are destructive activities.  Explosions, banditry, burglary and other violent defiance of the law, as well as acts of violence and combat in general, come under his jurisdiction.  Intoxicants, being violent in their affect; drunkenness, gambling, houses of ill repute, assault, military activities and war are typical expressions of Mars.  In summary, Mars rules aggression, war, and strife.  As Mars is angular (7th house) thoughts of this nature are uppermost in the minds of men.

In this Mars Cycle Chart, Mars in the 7th is also the ruler of the 8th (treasury, national debt, banking industry, financial affairs with the nation's 7th house allies/ is also the house of death and resources of others).  There are two noteworthy aspects...Mars is conjoined Uranus, therefore rash actions and sudden, surprising behavior may be expected from allies/enemies.  It is square Pluto depicting a period of intense power struggles that may subject the country to violent attack.  These negative expressions are connected to the 8th house matters outlined above.  War is prosperous for those factions that instigate it...follow the money.

Mars is retrograding in the 12th house of criminal activities  inconjunct natal Sun in the 7th house of allies, foreign countries and war = possible false flag sabotage between certain sects in the USA and certain sects of a so-called ally.  If I had to pin the tail on the donkey, that faux ally would be Israel, as her transits are replete with false flag activity.

Mars will be retrograde until late in the day, April 13, 2012.  If a nation takes aggressive action against another during a Mars retrograde period to start a war or a campaign, the aggressor will be defeated with great loss of life, material, and prestige. 


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okay with me that the aggressor loses

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Thanks, Moggy. Appreciate your work.