Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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DATA:  December 10, 2011 @ 9:37 a.m. - Washington, D.C.

An eclipse in the element air (Moon in Gemini) indicates focus on trade, the marketplace, transport, and all forms of communication because the energy of Gemini is that of movement, versatility and variability.  The Moon itself rules markets...the 5th house governs the ruin of credit (8th house of debt from the 10th of credit).

As an aside, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on the same day that Uranus goes into direct the 2nd house of we should in the not too distant future be observing  further destruction of the country's wealth.

Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, as co-rulers of the 1st house, govern the general state of the nation and the people in particular in this chart.  Saturn opposing Jupiter expresses a conflicting business environment.  Neptune trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter induces a smokescreen overall, a sort of cartoon surrealism but on occasion receiving surprising flashes of insight that has the possibility that people may develop an ever-clearer reality-conception.  The 29th degree of Aquarius is an heroic degree, yet at the worst case can induce a destiny with frightful ordeals.  We are being challenged to not only walk a fine line, but to maintain our integrity as we do so.  Uranus trine retrograde Mercury in the 10th house speaks to the need of government to consider new ideas that would cause them to approach old problems from a new perspective...or the energies could be misused by the country's leader for purposes of travel to distant places (Mercury in Sagittarius), extravagance in the face of dire events occurring at home base being one of his greatest talents...fiddling while the country a civilization going, going, Gone With The Wind.  The latest travel plans of the president as issued by the White House indicate the playboy-in-chief will travel to Honolulu, Hawaii on December 17, 2011 and not return to the nation's capitol until January 2, 2012...and so we can count on the planetary energies being frittered away rather than being put to good use.

In the USA horoscope, the influence of this Full Moon Eclipse:  the country's natal Mars is activated as the eclipse comes within 3* 13' of a conjunction in the 7th house of War, Mars itself being the planet of war, as signified by its aggressive urges.  We, therefore, may expect some sort of conflict that can include domestic terrorists - as defined by our corrupt government as those of us who store food for more than 7 days or who own a gun - as Mars rules Aries on the USA 4th house cusp...hearth and home.

On the road of life one mile-stone more!
In the book of life one leaf turned o'er!
Like a red seal is the setting sun
On the good and the evil men have done,--
Naught can to-day restore!
 - Sundown by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

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Anonymous said...

have read this several times and each time it did not get better unfortunately..
was thinking during a walk about the past year and how much your posts have shown up, maybe not in the immediate moment but eventually
thanks for sharing your insights