Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Transiting Pluto, planet of things nuclear, is and has been expressing through Japan's 8th house of death, purging and purifying.  Pluto is now less than 3* from its square of 11th house Venus in Aries, its detriment, where it is hindered from its natural expression.

The 11th house is one of circumstantial developments, due to the trend of affairs, not according to plan and expectation.  It rules large-scale events, universal in scope, unconventional and departing from the norm.  It is the end-of-the-matter-4th house after the 8th house of death.  It is now being activated by the transit of Pluto in the square relationship with Venus. 

Reports of Fukushima reactor #4 Fuel Pool state collapse is imminent, that it already has a collapsed wall and that earthquake movement of any significance will collapse the spent Fuel Pool, rendering east central Japan uninhabitable.

Whether these reports are accurate we nevertheless must take into consideration the planetary aspects.  On February 26, 2012, transiting Pluto will make the exact square to Venus, while transiting Neptune will conjoin the chart ruler, retrograde Mercury, and square its own 12th house transiting Uranus forms a sextile to natal 12th house Pluto, the latter two planets being at odds with one another with a natal sesqui-square aspect, the action of which is to break up existing conditions rather suddenly.

Whatever happens early in the new year will be followed in springtime by the Pluto/Uranus square as it comes into a five degree orb of influence at the end of March 2012.  Pluto in the 8th house instills an evolutionary process that promotes a necessary death of all old and outmoded patterns of behavior; it releases and purges cumulative negative karma. It brings a country low by destruction so that it can either achieve regeneration or wipe the slate clean.

The eastern portion of the horoscope runs from the 10th to the 3rd houses.  Note that Venus is placed in the eastern section of the chart.

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