Sunday, November 27, 2011


In "Money & Debt, A Solution To The Global Crisis," author Thomas H. Greco, Jr., stresses that the world has changed and local community interaction is the key to future prosperity in today's unraveling economy.  Greco goes on to say reduction of our independence on banks and the fiat system is necessary and to do so, we must organize private exchange systems that can be networked together.

What could be more perfect than for communities across the United States to begin to build a barter system on the day that Jupiter turns direct in motion!  Talk it up over Christmas dinner, get into discussions about the looming financial catastrophe and the means by which your families can survive it...because the iceberg is dead ahead.

Barter is ruled by JUPITER - URANUS - VENUS
Jupiter turns direct in motion on Dec. 25, 2011 @ 0* Taurus 22'...Merry Christmas!  Jupiter will trine USA Venus @ 3* Cancer 06' on Feb. 4, 2012, presenting an opportunity to set up a barter network from the day of direct motion on Dec. 25, 2011 up to Feb. 4, 2012.  Uranus turns direct on Dec. 10, 2012 @ 0* Aries 38' and will be applying to a square of USA Venus into Feb. 2012.  Squares are a determinant to action, put the energies to good use.

Barter systems are not anything new, but they usually appear after economic collapse occurs, when people are less able to produce a viable method of obtaining the goods and foods they require.  The wiser course of action is to begin building barter networks now so as to minimize the effects of an economic/financial crisis and to maintain your independence from a system in its death spiral.  

To begin:  Make a list of your talents and items to be traded.  If you can sew, offer to make clothing items or to hem slacks.  If you can construct things, offer to trade repair work.  If you have a vehicle, offer transportation for medical care, etc.

Next:  Create a flyer listing your talents and possessions to be traded and circulate them in your your church, at the supermarket, in your local library.

It is never too late to become proficient in a skill.  Seek an elder who has the knowledge that you seek or search the internet for ideas, for how-to lessons or go to your library and search reference books or have intra-library loan order the books required.

Most of all, be at peace while the world is in transition, for the upheaval is a blessing in disguise.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to do a post on thieves oil with your recipe?
thanks either way for your site.

Moggy said...

Here you go, Anon:

Thieves Oil recipes:

1.Equal amounts of eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, clove and lemon. Mix with base of olive oil. I usually put a tablespoon of each in a 2 oz. bottle and then fill the rest with olive oil. you can make a larger batch in a quart jar following the same proportion method.

2.Same ingredients, but measured out in different strength's. Clove Bud Oil 200 drops, Lemon Oil 175 drops, Cinnamon Oil 100 drops, Eucalyptus Oil 75 drops, Rosemary 50 drops.

1/2 oz clove oil = 1 Tablespoon
1/2 oz lemon oil = 1 Tablespoon
l/4 cinnamon bark oil = 1½ teaspoon
l/4 oz eucalyptus oil = 1½ teaspoon
1/8 oz rosemary oil = ½ teaspoon + ¼ teaspoon

1. Dilute with olive oil and apply to cuts or open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.
2. Mix one drop with one or two tablespoons of water, gargle and swallow for a sore throat.
3. Apply undiluted directly to the skin of your upper chest and throat for lung infections; to the lower chest for bronchitis.
4. Place a drop on your thumb and apply to the roof of your mouth for a headache.
5. Mix two drops in olive oil and massage directly on the soles of your feet to protect you from colds and flu.
6. Breathe in the vapors when you have lung congestion.
7. Use diluted in water in a spray bottle to clean pet cages, creating a healthier environment for them.
8. Mix with water to make a spray to repel insects on your flowers and plants.
9. Apply to gums to prevent and treat gum disease.
10. Apply orally to maintain healthy teeth and reduce cavities.
11. Apply to gums and teeth for pain relief from toothaches.
12. Diffuse in homes or business to solve mold problems.
13. Apply to broken bones or joints for pain relief and to hasten healing.
14. Put on the tip of your tongue to help you stop smoking.
15. Put on cold sores and canker sores to make them disappear.
16. For warts, apply topically to make them disappear.
17. Rub on sore joints to relieve arthritis pain.
18. Rub diluted mix on the bottoms of children’s feet for protection before school every day.
19. Diffuse in the house as your children come home from school every day to kill airborne bacteria.
20. Diffuse in your place of business to ward off germs.
21. Diffuse in the classroom to reduce student sickness and absenteeism.
22. Put a few drops in your carpet steamer/cleaner to disinfect carpet.
23. Breathe and apply for sinus headaches.
24. Inhale for relief of allergy symptoms.
25. Carry a bottle on every flight to protect you from germs on the plane.
26. Drop in the heat/AC vents of a hotel to rid it of airborne germs.
27. Apply undiluted to the toes and feet to combat fungus.
28. Apply 1 drop of Thieves Oil Blend onto toothbrush to sanitize.

Anonymous said...

Moggy, as always I appreciate the "balance" you bring to all situations! It helps to remember that generally, things are not as good or as bad as I might imagine!

Unknown said...

and what effect would a horoscope reading do in a "multiverse" where the new model where our universe is only one of an enormous number of universes with different properties .

perhaps each person creates their own universe . the black matter.. is just waiting to be unloosed by greater awearness of our own "I" ness.

"I" make all things new

each reading is for a less and less proportion of the population based on individual consciousness.

Moggy said...

We already live in a multiverse where some folks are evolved to the degree that they are able to zip back and forth from one dimension to another, or possess the talent to enjoy a parallel existence.

"I"ness entails regenerating black matter contained within the individual soul. The "I" that makes all things new is the successful transformation into light.

I do not anticipate a 100th monkey syndrome regarding individual consciousness to occur in my lifetime in 3d to make horoscope interpretations obsolete, despite the evolutionary development promised by Pluto in Capricorn, which will enforce lessons of social and emotional maturity upon the grow up and get on with it. It won't be until the very end of 2024, when Pluto moves into Aquarius, that the archetype of revolutionizing and transforming ourselves gets underway. As the polarity point is Leo, the evolutionary intent is one wherein the individual must learn how to take charge of his or her own destiny. That is when you can entertain readings being for a less proportion of the population based on individual consciousness.

But who am I to express such an opinion to one who obviously holds astrology to be superfluous?

Unknown said...

astrology to be superfluous

no.. Z believes it has a part to play in the universal interpretation of an expanding multi universe .

5x5 is a learning tool for elementry math .

The sunset is a frame of reference to beauty

the mountains and the flowers and the streams are the beginning of inquiry.

as the moon was not a reality in the early history of growth but found it way in the consciousness of the group think.

The extent of mans sight extended to the shores of the deep. A a flat and unfriendly existence .

today the group is exploding into many realitys ,

the hunter of fossels finds new and exciting discovery. the bug people find new strains of bugs .

Where were this items hiding for so long . they were hidden in the expanding interpretation of the individual conseciousness .

Each individual has his own universe to uncover. Hidden as the very pearl of great price .

The horoscope manifests its intent for the seekeer outside of himself/ he thinks

Their is no outside it is the illusion of the senses ,

the more we focus on that out there . the less likely we will see the horoscope within , Our own expanding universe .

those looking for the strain of the first human have extended back with frozen man.

But the mind must be still. It is the tool to fracture the light withing . A reverse looking glass.

Within and not without is the way .

When the light shines out from with in, the picture on the screen of reality will not find those killed in war, those lost in fires and battling the worst of the physical human existence

these will all be rolled back as the new individual universe comes into view. slowly at first( gentle prodings expanding our outlook .

these terrible happenings were never real just a nightmare of belief.

We sit on younder hill looking out to our suffering self and suffering humanity.

but alas it is all unreal a no-thing in the vail of tears .

i die hard

Z sag