Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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Virgo Rises, ruler Mercury in Gemini, the other sign it rules, at a point of new beginnings in the 9th house, drawing energy to international events.  Mercury in the sign of its home rule is well aspected, being trine the Moon and sextile Mars.  In the decanate of its own sign it is powerful in matters of the mind; Russians see not merely the details of a problem, but view it completely, perceiving the proper relation of each part to the whole.  An enlightening friend, a formidable enemy.

Russia's Sun at 21* Gemini is conjoined the USA Mars, and so there is a natural rivalry between the countries.  Like the USA, Russia has a 7th house Mars and sports a Mars/Neptune square, revealing each country's penchant of mass emotionalism that accompanies war.  And make war they do...and will.

Russia's Sun forms an inconjunct aspect with Jupiter in Capricorn of The People's Republic of China, and so the respective ambitions of the two countries conflict, causing an uncomfortable rivalry between them.

Russia's Sun is square the Moon in Pisces of the German Federation; there is a difference in temperament wherein Russia is likely to offend Germany.

The Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011 @ 24* Sagittarius 23' fell on Russia's IC, opposing the 9th house Sun, giving Russia an opportunity to get out of a rut with regard to home rule.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9* Cancer 12' falls into the 10th house opposing natal Uranus in the 4th house.  Exciting times and sudden turns of events may be expected connected to public recognition and status in the world.

In August 2011, transiting Saturn will square natal 4th house Neptune, revealing vulnerability at home base and a poor time to make decisions.  Shifting sands require simplified living.

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