Monday, July 11, 2011


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Data:  As time is unknown the use of houses is not used.

Japan's horoscope appears in the center ring, progressions in the middle ring, and transits in the outer ring.  Progressions (hereinafter P) and transits have been computed for July 11, 2011.  P of outer planets are effective for years and become active as transits create a trigger.

PROGRESSIONS:  Saturn and Capricorn rule foundations, Uranus and Pluto rule earthquakes.  There is one Capricorn placement in the natal horoscope, Jupiter.  It is, and has been, stimulated by P Mercury in Cancer in opposition.  P Mercury is also trine natal Mercury in Pisces, affording a reconciliation of energies, ergo release via water in the past, as P Mercury is now separating from exact aspect.

P Jupiter @ 4* Capricorn 49 is being transited by retrograde Pluto, which will turn direct in motion on September 16, 2011 @ 4* Capricorn 53...within 4' of exact position...very powerful, very ominous.

P Pluto @ 5* Gemini 51' is in Quintile (72*) aspect of natal Saturn (foundations/land) @ 16* Leo 27'...the aspect falls within 1* 24'.  The Quintile aspect represents the 5th Harmonic and is connected with abuse and violence in its destructive manifestation, as are the two planets here in combination.

DECLINATIONS:  The Parallel, an aspect of intensity, is formed when two planets occupy approximately the same degree of Declination, either both North or both South, or when one is North and the other is South of the celestial equator (a contra-parallel).  When two planets are an equal distance from the equator, either north or south, they set up synchronous vibrations within the earth's astral substance that have an effect somewhat like those produced by a conjunction in the zodiacal signs...they tend to facilitate the manifestation of the full tones of both.  A contra-parallel aspect manifests as does an opposition and with great intensity.

Natal Jupiter is 23* S 06' and receives a contra-parallel aspect from P Sun, a contra-parallel aspect from P Mars, and a contra-parallel aspect from transiting Venus. 

TRANSITS:  Transiting (hereinafter T) Neptune conjoins natal Mercury in Pisces and sextiles natal Jupiter in Capricorn...water and earth.  T Uranus @ 4* Aries 34' has formed a long-lived sextile aspect to natal retrograde Pluto @ 4* Gemini 00' and to P Pluto @ 5* Gemini 51.'  Earthquakes are ruled by Uranus (on its destructive side, untamed energy) and Pluto (on its destructive side, demolition).

The Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011 @ 24* Sagittarius 23' formed a square to natal Mars at 25* Pisces 14', a forewarning of violence via water.  At the time of Japan's birth in 1889, the Fixed Star Scheat was located at 27* Pisces, conjoined natal Mars.  It is a Fixed Star of extreme misfortune...suicide, drowning, unpredictable nature.

Considering both progressions and transits, it would be in the best interests of the people of Japan to relocate to other countries...preferably soon.  I would surely like the USA to welcome these industrious and honorable people with open arms, as long as they are cognizant of the dangers of living in our cities and head for well-armed southern states, preferably located in the mountains...nice rural areas with farmland and cattle and where every 12-year old boy owns and knows how to use a shotgun.

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
but I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."
Robert Frost


Anonymous said...

wow, I truely understand your conclusion thanks for putting it so clearly.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are indeed very disturbing especially as I have already been through the 9.0 quake here in japan and am still residing here. The 16th of September is a 3 day weekend. Maybe a good time to take a vacation up in the mountains for those 3 days ?

Moggy said...

Someone requested that I look at the horoscope of Japan and report on it, which I did. I can only delineate what is there. The situation is *should* upset anyone who is living there.

Now I am being asked by you as to whether a 3-day weekend is a good time to take a vacation in the mtns. Be advised that no one should ask me a question unless they are willing to consider an honest answer, for I refuse to give any other. This is your hint to stop reading now because you aren't going to like my response to your question.

This is a good time to pack up and leave the country.

Anonymous said...

Moggy, in your original March 11th post after the March 11th earthquake here, you mentioned that things were set up by by events starting from 2010. Is there anything that can add more detail to your "very powerful, very ominous" comment for September 16th ? Sorry for such a selfish question but as i live in japan, i do have a vested interest !

May great health and happiness shine on you.

Anonymous said...

Moggy, many apologies, i have only just seen your post. Thank you so much. I am most open to an honest answer - that being the only answer there is ultimately.