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Vibrations strike a sympathetic response from - and thus influence - other things having a similar vibratory key.  Each sign of the zodiac acts as a sounding board according to the specific part of the heavens in which the sign is found, having its own peculiar tone that can be stimulated by certain crystals and gemstones for the reason that gemstones stimulate healing within the physical body based on the principles of resonancy (harmony and vibration).

Because biochemical properties of the physical body are based upon vibration, the physical body is healed through energy that extends from the biomolecular to the cellular level and eventually to the anatomical level, where it is brought into harmony with other levels of the physical body.

Example:  Ruby is the gemstone of the sign Leo, which rules the heart and spine.  When applied to the heart chakra, the ruby brings into focus within the individual patterns reflecting distress with the parental image of the father and aids the individual in knowledge of the ability to give and receive love.

Many years ago my dear friend Kathy wrote an article entitled "Talismanic Gems."  I copy it - with her permission - as written:

"Talismanic gems are particularly active crystals which have been attracted about lively souls or astral forms occupying one of the lower evolutionary planes than that of humanity, known as the Mineral Kingdom.  The active life of the soul of the gem can be seen in its brilliancy.  For example, some opals are full of energy and are ablaze with color and shine, while others appear "dead" and lackluster.  Due to the high degree of astral intelligence possessed by certain kinds of gems and the powerful vibrations they radiate, gemstones can exert considerable influence on life.  Care should therefore be taken in their selection.

Certain talismanic gems correspond to the zodiacal signs, as follows:
Aries - Amethyst
Taurus - Agate
Gemini - Beryl
Cancer - Emerald
Leo - Ruby
Virgo - Jasper
Libra - Diamond
Scorpio - Topaz
Sagittarius - Red Garnet
Capricorn - Onyx or Sardonyx
Aquarius - Blue Sapphire
Pisces - Peridot

The key to successful utilization of these astrological correspondences is to associate as much as possible with those factors in the birth chart which are most harmonious, and to avoid those areas which are most discordant.  If, for example, the worst planet in the natal chart is in the sign Cancer and it rules the seventh house of marriage, relationships and partnerships, every time an emerald is worn energy would be added to the astral form of the person to attract into the life divorce, trouble with business partners, open enemies and law suits.

In addition, certain points in the astrological chart are particularly sensitive to the vibrations of gems reaching them on the astral plane, such as the Sun sign and rising sign.  If a birthstone is worn, which is a gem ruled by the zodiacal sign occupied by the Sun on the day of birth, and the natal Sun is heavily afflicted by discordant aspects, sign placement or both, the honor, self-esteem, and even the well-being may be adversely impacted.

With full knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular chart, a gem may be selected to stimulate business success or for any other purpose.  As a general rule luck will be attracted if a gem is selected which corresponds to the best planet or sign in the chart.  The best planet or sign can be ascertained through utilization of the Astrodyne System, a system of mathematics which measures the harmony or discord of all planets and signs on the chart.

So before you visit the jeweler, know yourself astrologically.  God manifests through all of us, but a little self-knowledge goes a long way in letting that God shine through by stimulating the best in us."

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