Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is a horary chart that I cast after reading a critical note sent to me by a person that shall be identified as Z for ease of reference.  The chart was cast based on the time that I finished reading the note.  This is the note in its entirety making comment on my essay New Moon USA - May 2011:

"Well, you're certainly not venturing out of the MUNDANE field of astrology...... perhaps if you begin to study some of the Esoteric Astrology teachings you will be able to offer opinions that actually are helpful to others rather than commenting on political issues......... Be ever mindful that astrology is a valuable tool for ALL HUMANS....and not narrowly limited to citizens of the USA, whom, by the way are not the only AMERICANS....."

First of all, most of my Mundane essays will encompass the United States (but not all) because this is where I live and where I sense I need to focus due to the distressful actions of a government that has lost its moral compass.  Secondly, everyone on the globe should be able to benefit from the health essays, six of which have been posted to date.  Last of all, this is MY blog and I shall write exactly what pleases me for I do not allow anyone to place a harness on me and tell me to giddy-up.  It is interesting that the 3rd decanate of Libra rises, the decanate pictured in the sky by the constellation LUPUS - the Wolf...meaning the people under its influence have a tendency to attempt to enslave their fellowman when afflicted.  Now to the chart delineation.

Z is shown by the 1st house in the above chart, with Libra Ascending, its ruler Venus situated in Aries, its place of detriment, in the 6th house being squared by Pluto in Capricorn in the 3rd house and opposed by retrograde Saturn in Libra in the 12th house.

The 6th house is an area of upsetting and distressing conditions that usually affect the health and personal affairs and describes the censurer's situation.  On a psychological level, the Pluto/Venus square speaks to betrayal, a condition that develops only when the matrix lies within.  In short, this means Z betrays him/herself and so attracts it from without.

In the system of essential dignities a planet is in its detriment when posited in the sign opposite the sign it rules.  This traditional system of rulerships has importance for psychological astrology. Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, placed in either Scorpio or Aries is in its detriment, meaning its action is weaker than if placed elsewhere.  Therefore, Z is at a psychological disadvantage and needs to positively integrate the social urges (thoughts) within his/her psyche in order to balance the opposites.

Broadly speaking, Venus is the planet of love and affection, rules the venous blood and the veins, skin and hair.  It also has a decided influence upon the action of the thyroid gland and the gonad glands.  Thus, one of the problems appears to be hormonal.  Of the foods which are particularly important when Venus is afflicted the most important is Vitamin E, which is found in fresh lettuce, in the seeds and green leaves of plants, unmilled cereals, wheat-germ oil, egg-yolk, fresh meat and animal fat.

Next in importance when Venus is afflicted is to provide Vitamin A.  A diet deficient in Vitamin A upsets the feminine cycle, tending to make it continuous instead of periodic. 

For the thyroid gland to function it must be supplied with iodine and special pains should be taken to eat foods containing same as lack of iodine in the blood stream prevents the manufacture of thyroxin.  Too much emotional excitement, or too great a proportion of proteins and fats in the food places a strain on thyroxin production, the hormone that is primarily responsible for regulation of metabolism.

There you have it.  I trust this will not be taken as encouragement to send me critical notes, lol.



Anonymous said...

I very much appreciate your readings. I like the no nonsense approach that is Moggy as it allows those reading to apply their own esoteric beliefs and intuitions. I've had very esoteric readings done and there can be a lot of ego involved by those doing such readings which can overspill and sway the reading. You are able to set aside the ego/personal beliefs and that, to me, is invaluable.

In my experience- having been fortunate enough to see your charts and concise explanations for years now- your readings are incredibly accurate.

Thank you. :)


Moggy said...

Blessings to you, Indi, I appreciate your kind words.