Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The above chart is cast for London.  Click to enlarge.

This month's Full Moon occurs in Libra, the sign that represents the interior equilibrium of Nature's forces, and contains the mystery of the divine at-one-ment of the ancient initiations.

For the world this heralds the position of humanity at a crossroads of moral accountability, shining a light on the long-range spiritual consequences of our actions.  Lining up nicely with the North Node that is conjoined the Galactic Center, the people of the world are being called to open their subconscious minds so that universal knowledge will stream in and assist in jettisoning emotional grievances.

Concurrent with this whisper of spiritual possibilities is a Cardinal T-Square that combines three violent planets: Pluto, Saturn and Mars.  The essential nature of the Cardinal signs is to initiate action, to start things without regard to sustaining them; especially does Pluto in Capricorn at the Apex of this T-Square desire to commence action, to force a complete metamorphosis from a psychological standpoint.  What we refuse to acknowledge, to absorb from the universe and use to create change within ourselves will manifest in our physical world.

For England, Pluto is in the 12th house of this Full Moon chart...a  scramble behind the scenes as the financial house of cards - depicted by the Full Moon across the 2nd/8th house axis - bears its nasty fruit.  The empty leg of the T-Square falls into the 6th house and the working class is brought up short.

For Russia, Pluto is in the 1st house of this Full Moon chart...the nation's outlook and the general state of the nation.  The empty leg of the T-Square falls into the 7th house of open enemies and warfare...perhaps a resource war is in the making. 

For China, Pluto is in the 11th house of this Full Moon chart...their legislature and international gatherings.  The empty leg of the T-Square falls into the 5th house, suggesting heavy involvement with ambassadors and diplomats from foreign countries and putting heavy muscle to them.  As the Full Moon falls across the 8th/2nd axis, financial debt will be a factor.

For Germany, Pluto is in the 12th house of this Full Moon chart...heavy duty action behind closed doors.  The empty leg of the T-Square falls into the 6th house, forcing the German people to  face circumstances that limit their freedom of choice.

The above chart is cast for the United States.

For the USA, Pluto is in the 2nd house of this Full Moon chart...our wealth, our value system.  The empty leg of the T-Square is the 8th house... it is a house of psychological confrontation, suggesting we must purge and purify how we interact with others with reference to their resources.  As a people, we have the choice to evolve, to reconstruct who we once were...or not.  Tic toc.

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Sherrie Questioning All said...

Thank you for this info.

We are also entering the 2nd day of the 9th year of the Mayan Calendar on the 14th of April.

It is the "germination" day - we just had the seeds planted.

This is the universal consciousness. the seeds were the "caring for others and the Earth" as I see it due to Japan's quake/tsunami and nuke plant. Now more may come and we have to let our understanding of our universal love is important for each other and the Earth.

You provide such AWESOME insight! THANK YOU!