Wednesday, February 6, 2013


To the dear and special people who read MWOA:  I didn't hit a bump in the road, it was more like a boulder and so am unable to write an essay at this time.  It wasn't that I was unprepared for what happened - because I was watching the transit of Neptune as it approached exact square to my Sun - it was that I was looking to the left and it came from the right, lol. 

As many of you know, the Sun rules the spine and heart and because I had been having issues with the former I wasn't paying attention to the possibilities of the latter.  But due to a dream where I was holding tightly to Mr. Puppy and walking up and down hallways, I knew that some form of transition/and or change was upon us.  And so I was being very careful with regard to my spine by making sure I didn't trip and fall the weeks approaching the exact aspect, most especially on Friday, February 1st, when I figured whatever was going to happen would happen.  I was a few hours off because it didn't strike until the early hours of Saturday, when I was awakened with chest pain and heavy pressure on my chest. 

Long story short, I called 911 and was taken to the local hospital and admitted.  Tests were run all day Saturday, some others on Sunday, and on Monday I expected to be able to go home after a stress nuclear test.  But no, they wanted to monitor me on a treadmill stress test, too.  I failed miserably to the degree that I was immediately transported to the Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta for heart catheterization.  The result was good news/bad news.  The good news is that the blockage that was found was not yet bad enough to warrant a stent.  The bad news is that the blockage is located in a dangerous area and I will have to take medication for the rest of my life and quit eating chocolate ice cream...among other things so as to prolong life here on earth.  Because of Mr. Puppy and the fact that his mother raised him to behave as a feral pussycat - to the end that he will not allow anyone but me to come near him - I shall strive to eat as directed and take the medication so that he does not lose his caretaker. 

I did not have a heart attack.  The cardiologists are convinced it must be a gastric problem.  There was some talk about all kinds of testing for the gastro-intestinal area.  I am convinced that maybe yes and then again, maybe no...because my afflicted Sun in the 7th house being squared by Neptune speaks to an inability of the medical profession to determine the cause of my problem.  I knew that going in and their findings didn't prove me wrong.

The moral of this story is that bumps in the road turn into blessings.  As a follower of alchemy, I experienced the bumps and waited for the blessings.  They weren't long in arriving.  The first one came via my very best friend forever (BFF), whose name is Nancy.  She made contact with one of my neighbors, who generously gave up his time to see to Mr. Puppy's food bowl and that he had water.  The next one arrived via the cardiologist who performed the heart catheterization...because she was a woman.  The Sun rules men and at this crucial moment in my life having a male doctor was not in my best interests.  Thereafter, the blessings kept flowing like a mountain stream rushing to meet the ocean.  And I've now been blessed with another BFF...his name is Michael, who saw to my getting home from Atlanta and making sure my prescriptions were filled...and who stopped along the way so I could buy corn for my deer family.  

I understand from some friends that prayers and good wishes have gone forth on my behalf.  I am humbled.  Please accept my thanks.



Anonymous said...

You have alot of folks pulling for you Moggy. Please take good care of yourself and best wishes. Pict

Fresnel said...

Hi Moggy -

Srongly recommend Esselstyn's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. A quick 100 page read - pictures of artheriosclerosis actually reversed, and half the book wonderful recipes.

Be well -


Anonymous said...

member of the bot forum: Investigate serrapeptase. It has been used in Europe to clear block blood vessels. People who needed stents, do not need them after 6-9 months on serrapeptase. It dissolves dead tissue in the body, which is what is clogging your blood vessels. Also take vitamin c and others vits to build up your circlatory system. Not a doc but it works for me

Moggy said...

Oh, wow, just wow!!!

@Pict..a big hug!
@Fresnel..I shall seek the book ASAP.
@ Anon..investigating today.

Many thanks to all of you..may you be blessed forever.

mam said...

Glad you are home.


Moggy said...

@Mam..thank you. :)

@Fresnel and Anon..The book and serrapeptase are on their way to me. Color me very grateful for your suggestions.

Sandra said...

Take it easy, and listen to what Mr. Puppy tells you. I think he is your guardian as well as friend. Let me know if there is anything you need.

Anonymous said...

glad you are well..have you heard about the movie Exotic Marigold Hotel (also a book)? You might enjoy it so far everyone has who has seen it..
line in there about if you think it's the end of the world and you are still here, it's not the end of the world :)
Thank you not only for your blog, but for your other site and for taking good care of saved yourself..

Neo said...

Oh Moggy, all my best wishes for your swift and full recovery. You take care of yourself. ~ Neo

Ezchair said...

Love you Molly! All warmth your way :)
Thomas ezchair

Moggy said...

@Sandra, Neo, Ezchair..many thanks for your good wishes.

@Easy..appreciate the book rec, I'll check it out when I'm up and about..thank you for your well wishes.

Mr. Puppy and I are doing better today. He was very upset by my absence and hardly complained when I groomed him yesterday..just grumbled a few times..but he did his usual yowling at the end, lol.

Anonymous said...

Moggy -

You are missed! Will keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you ear Moggy. I love you. Candles lit and prayers in progress.

Moggy said...

@Anon and Anon..prayers are gratefully lit a candle for me?

What lovely people you are, all of you.


aboLCDogg said...

hey jude

let your heart beat only love
let not it strangle sheath'd in gloved
enmity for any not of your's,
bring out the strength that fills you up
in all its forms, like Mr. Pup,
and all those loving you, of course,
from their life and in their simple ways


(just for you moggy)

[captcha: 3402 ieoverse]

Moggy said...

@aboLCDogg..I shall treasure your gift. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Chelation therapy, it will rejuvenate your entire vascular system and remove heavy metals from your body. If your kidney function is good, ask a local practitioner about the therapy. Just a couple hours a week in a recliner watching a show while an IV delivers the detox fluid that could add years to your life.

Moggy said...

@ Anon Feb. 14th..thank you for your suggestion. I only need enough time to see that Mr. Puppy is cared for in his old age, he'll be 17 years old the end of April. Once he crosses the Rainbow Bridge, I'd like to go home.

airbil said...

Best wishes to you Moggy, and your good pal Puppy !
Never say never though, other than in, "ya never know."
I feel chocolate ice cream blessings headed your way;)

Moggy said...

@ AlaBill..My kind of manna from heaven, LOL! Thanks!